You're Mine

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Chapter 33

// M o n d a y \

After a good Sunday with Maria, today was Monday. The most dreadful day, school starting up again…

“Hey, Hunter! Guess what!” Maria said excitedly.

“What?” I asked.

“There’s a apparently a new person coming to our school, today!” she replied happily.

“Why are you so excited?” I chuckled.

“Because! She’s the first new student that I’d be able to meet going to this school.” she replied.

The bell rang.

“Come on, let’s head to class. I don’t think your boyfriend would want you showing up to class late,” I replied.

“I know, I know.” she replied groaning a bit.

We headed to our seats in first period, and when we did the teacher entered seconds later.

“Attention all students, as most of you may know already, we have a new student here with us today.” the teacher announced. “I do hope you’ll all try to get along with her.” the teacher said. “Ms. Cadwell, if you will.” the teacher added looking over at the door.

Coming inside the classroom was a short girl with light brown hair with a hint of dark auburn in her hair and grey eyes.

She looked around the classroom shyly before speaking softly, “I’m Rose Cadwell,”

“Please take a seat next to Ms. Anne, she’ll raise her hand.” the teacher said.

Maria then looked at her with a friendly smile and raised her hand as the new girl, aka Rose walked over to the empty desk beside her.

// A f t e r C l a s s \

“Hunter, come meet Rose!” Maria said with a small smile.

I walked over to the two and looked at Rose, she looked like the shy type, but if I’m gonna be honest, she was kinda cute..

“Hey, I’m Hunter.” I said offering her a hand to shake, she had one hand free while the other was covering her mouth.

“I’m Rose,” she replied shyly shaking my hand.

“Hunter, do you think you can show her to her next class? I have to meet up with Jason,” Maria mentioned.

“Yeah, sure.” I replied, before Maria went out the classroom.

She was excited to meet the new student, but wanted to meet up with her boyfriend more, seriously???

“What class do you have next?” I asked.

// L u n c h t i m e \

I basically walked around the school with Rose, gave her a little tour. And once it was lunch, I took her to the group for them to meet her.

“Well, hello there cutie~ I’m Cole, and possibly your prince charming~” Cole said flirtatiously and winked.

“Cole, stop it you dumbass. I think you’re scaring her.” Quinn commented.

“Scaring who? I’m not scaring no one,” he replied with his arms crossed like a child.

“Don’t worry about those two, Rose. They bicker from time to time.” Jack said to her as she looked at him, then away and nodded.

“You don’t talk much, do you?” I asked.

“Only when I don’t know what to say,” Rose replied quietly.

“Waaa~ Rose reminds me of me when I first came here!” Maria said cheerfully.

“Eh? You weren’t shy, you were out there and annoying.” I replied.

“That’s not true, I was shy! Right guys?” she asked looking at everyone in the group.


“Definitely not.”

“I don’t think so.”


“You called me a f-ckboy your first day here.” I replied, chuckling a bit.

“That was because you seemed like one.” she replied slowly processing what to say.

“Because I called you attractive?” I asked. “Sorry, was that too honest?” I asked again.

“Yes,” she replied looking away with her arms crossed.

“Are they dating?” Rose whispered to Quinn, though both Maria and I were able to hear it.

“Definitely not, we’re just friends. And he just knows how to annoy the hell out of me, at times.” Maria replied.

“I didn’t annoy the hell out of you yesterday though, didn’t I?” I asked.

“Well, you—” Maria was cut off by Jason’s sudden appearance.

“What happened yesterday?” Jason asked, standing beside Maria, looking at her then me.

I guess Maria didn’t tell him we hung out yesterday, he shouldn’t be too bothered by it though, right?

“We hung out yesterday,” Maria replied, not hesitating to say it.

“Oh. That’s cool, I guess.” he replied.

“Really Jas? You’re not mad about them han—” Quinn was cut off.

“Why would I be? After all, they’re only just friends. Nothing more, nothing less.” Jason replied while looking at me.

When Jason mentioned Maria and I just being friends, I already had the idea that he was somehow telling me to know my place, where I stand with her. Just friends.

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