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Chapter 34


I just had to let Hunter know his place with Maria, where he stood with her, maybe then he would move on from her.

“You must be Rose, I’m Jason. Maria’s boyfriend,” I introduced myself to the new girl.

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Maria’s Boyfriend.” Rose replied in a soft tone.

“Well, I’m gonna just take Maria real quick and—” I was cut off by Quinn.

“Hey, just because you two are dating now doesn’t mean you can steal her away whenever you like!” Quinn said, her arms crossed.

“Alright, alright.” I replied.


“Is everyone available Friday?” I asked.

“Why?” Cole asked.

“Because, I want to make plans with you guys.” I replied.

“I’m available.” Maria replied.

“Me too,” Cole replied.

“Me three.” Hunter replied.

“Me four.” Jack replied.

“Rose, you wanna come with us?” I asked looking over at her with a friendly smile.

“Huh? I can go with— you guys?” she asked a bit surprised.

“Well, of course. You’re our friend.” Maria replied.

“Oh, okay. I don’t see why not then.” she replied.

“Maria stealer, are you coming too?” I asked, Maria chuckling a bit at the name.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t. I’ve made plans to complete a project with friend,” he replied.

“The project for English?” I asked.

“Yes, that project.” Jason replied, I just eyed him a bit before speaking.

“Make sure to keep it PG, because the second I find out it’s not, you’ll be gone within seconds.” I replied with a devilish smile.

I bet you’re all wondering why I’m acting like this, it’s because his partner in the project is Kaylee. I have the same class with them, and I’ve known them long enough to know that Kaylee’s had a crush on him for awhile now.

“You know, I don’t understand you sometimes.” Jason replied.

And Jason isn’t aware of it also, just like how Maria isn’t aware of Hunter liking her. How am I the only one who notices these things?


Today was only my first day here, and yet I already made a lot of new friends already. Though, I was still shy around them. Because I just met them.

“What are they talking about?” I asked Hunter.

“No idea honestly, Quinn says the most randomest things sometimes.” he replied.

The bell rang.

“Can you show me to my History class?” I asked, looking at the group then Hunter.

“Yeah, sure.” Hunter replied. “Hey, guys I’m gonna go show Rose to her next class. We’ll see you guys later,” he announced to the group.

The two of us walked down the halls together, when we passed a girl with black hair and dark brown eyes, I couldn’t help but feel like she was eyeing me.

“Who’s that girl?” I asked, gesturing towards the girl from earlier.

Hunter looked back, then forward again.

“One of my old friends from before, you haven’t met her yet, but she’s kind of part of the group also. Her name’s Karina,” he replied.

// A f t e r s c h o o l \

I saw them again, they had rides and a car but they waited for me to get picked up.

“You guys don’t have to wait with me.” I mentioned to them.

“Are you sure? We can—” Maria was cut off by Hunter.

“Yeah, it’s fine. I’ll wait with her,” he said, then looked over at me as if telling me to agree.

“Huh? Oh, yeah he can wait with me. I guess..” I replied mumbling the last part.

“Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’m fine with that.” Cole replied. “See you guys tomorrow!” he added before walking over to his car in the parking lot.

After he left, everyone else said bye to Hunter and I, which was kinda awkward because it was just the two of us now.

“Who’s picking you up?” Hunter asked, now leaning his back against the school wall.

“My Mom,” I replied, but I wasn’t as quiet as this morning.

“Hey, you’re not talking so quietly anymore.” he replied, followed by a chuckle.

“I guess I’m comfortable around you,” I replied shrugging a bit.

“That’s good to know.” he replied. “Are you comfortable around the others?” he asked.

“Hm.. uh, I guess I’m starting to get comfortable talking with Maria too.” I replied.

“She’s annoyingly talkative, isn’t she?” he asked teasingly.

“I think she’s a very cheerful person.” I replied.

“Yeah, she’s that too.” he replied, chuckling a bit but smiling in the end.

Seconds later, my car pulled up front.

“Ah, that’s my Mom. Thank you for waiting with me,” I said with a small smile and walked over to the passenger’s seat. Once I was inside and buckled up, I waved at him as he waved back before walking over to the parking lot.

“How was your first day of school?” Mom asked keeping her eyes om the road.

“It was good, I made a lot of new friends already.” I replied with a smile.

“Was one of them that guy?” she asked.

“Mhm, his name is Hunter.” I replied with a smile. “Also, I was invited to go out with them Friday, can I go?” I asked looking over at her.

“I don’t see why not, go get to know your new friends.” she replied, chuckling softly.

// F r i d a y \

“Do you by any choice know where we’re gonna possibly go today?” I asked Hunter.

“Sorry, can’t tell you. It’s suppose to be a surprise,” he replied with a half smile.

“So, you know, but you just can’t tell me?” I asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Pretty much,” he chuckled.

“Who said you’re not suppose too?” I asked.

“Quinn.” he replied.

“Hm, fine. I’ll just ask Maria!” I replied looking away from him with my arms crossed.

“You could, buuuut. She doesn’t know where we’re going either.” he replied.

“I’ll ask Cole,” I replied with a playful smile.

“Like he’d spoil the surprise.” he replied shooting me back a playful smile.

I’ve gotten closer with everyone the past few days I was here, and I feel like I’ve gotten especially close to Hunter.

The bell rang.

“Gotta go,” I said getting ready to head to class.

“Alright, see you later. By the way, you’re riding with me.” Hunter mentioned before walking to his class.

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