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Chapter 35

// A f t e r s c h o o l \

Once school ended, the 7 of us met up at the front of the school. Quinn said we still had decide to on who to ride with who.

“Alright, for sure Maria’s riding with me and Jack.” Quinn stated.

“Jack and I.” Cole corrected.

“Shut up,” Quinn replied.

“I’m riding with Hunter~!” Karina said cheerfully clinging onto him.

“Quinn, you wanna take her with you, Jack, and Maria?” Hunter asked detaching her from him.

“Who’s riding with you?” she asked.

“Rose.” he replied.

“Eh? I don’t remember agreeing to that,” I replied with my arms crossed.

“Alright then, who’re you gonna ride with?” Hunter asked me with a playful smile.

“I’m riding with Jack & Quinn!” Cole said.

“You’re lazy to drive, aren’t you?” Jack asked.

“Yes, that’s why I asked for a ride with you two this morning.” he replied.

“Well, my car is gonna be full.” Jack mentioned.

“Your only options are the four musketeers, or me.” Hunter said looking over at me.

“There’s only suppose to be three musketeers.” Cole responded.

“Well, there’s four of you in a car so it’s four musketeers for now.” he replied.

“If you don’t want to ride with Hunter, Karina will ride with him instead.” Quinn mentioned.

“So, who’s it gonna be?” he asked, his eyes still on me waiting for a decision.


In the end, Rose chose to ride with me. And since I didn’t want Karina with us, I mean— me. She rode with Quinn and others. Honestly, I would’ve been fine if Maria rode with us but Quinn wanted to ride with her ‘bestie’.

“Where are we going anyway?” she asked.

“I’m pretty sure I told you I’m not suppose to tell.” I replied.

“Well, Quinn’s not here. So it’s safe to tell me now,” Rose replied looking at me with a smile.

“Nah, I’d still rather keep it a surprise.” I replied followed by a soft chuckle.

“Fine.” she replied stubbornly. “By the way, what’s the deal with Karina?” she asked. “When I chose to ride with you, she gave me a look.” she mentioned.

“The story between us is kinda long.” I replied.

I can feel her glance at me, “You can shorten it.” she replied with a smile. “Or tell me the whole story, I love stories.” she added.

“Long story short, she liked me. I liked her, I moved and months later got over her, and started liking someone else. She moved here because she still liked me, and wanted to be with me but like I said, I like someone else.” I replied, shortening the story as much as possible.

“Wow, that’s a very interesting story.” she replied sarcastically.

“Oh, shut up.” I replied chuckling a bit.

“But, what interests me is the girl you like. Care to tell me?” she asked as I glanced over at her only to see her with a curious smile.

“Maybe another time.” I replied.

Many minutes later, we arrived at our destination, Pier 39. We all parked far from each other, so we agreed to meet at the front.

“Whoa, this is Pier 39?” Rose asked.

“No, it’s the fall festival.” I replied sarcastically.

“Fall fest? But it’s spri— ohhh.” she replied.

“You catch sarcasm so slow,” I chuckled.

We arrived at the front, everyone was there already waiting for Rose and I.

“Where should we go first?” Jack asked.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I want a picture with the heart!” Maria replied.

“We can go there first,” Quinn chuckled.

Once we arrived at the heart, no surprise Maria was the first to take pictures. She sat down and hugged the heart, and afterwards did silly poses like sticking her tongue out and doing the peace sign while Quinn took the pictures.

I didn’t even realize a pair of eyes was on me as I looked at Maria striking silly poses.

“You look so cute bestie!♡” Quinn chuckled.

“Thank you!” Maria replied with a chuckle.

After her, others took pictures then group pictures and, yeah.. just a lot of pictures.

Later on, we walked around the pier as a group. Maria saw stairs that looked like a piano, the first thing she did? Ran up and down the stairs like a little kid. It was so funny and cute.

“Whoa, this is so cool!” Maria said moving from one step to another while being careful as people were passing by.

“Come on Mari, we’re gonna go to the mirror maze,” Quinn chuckled.

// M i r r o r M a z e \

“Alright, I volunteer Cole to lead us!” Quinn said raising her hand.

“Eh? Why me?” he asked. “You must really wanna get lost,” he replied.

“What do you mean? You’re very good with directions.” Jack replied sarcastically.

“Aw, thanks— wait. Hey!” Cole replied.

Cole lead us around the maze, it was going great until.. thud! He ran into a mirror and fell to the ground. That’s what he gets for walking around the maze so confidently.

“Aw, fuck.. that hurt.” Cole said rubbing his forehead, still on the ground.

The rest of us were just laughing at how fast it happened that we forgot to ask if he was okay.

“Yeah, I’m fine thanks for asking guys.” he added, slowly standing himself back up again.

“Oh, right. Are you okay?” Jack asked.

“Too late for that.” he replied.

Maria was still standing there, her mouth covered as she laughed silently.

“Glad I can make you laugh while your boyfriend isn’t here,” Cole said to Maria followed by a playful wink.

All she simply did was punch his shoulder without saying word.

“Ouch, damn. I was just joking,” he said rubbing his shoulder.

After the mirror maze, we walked around a bit and ate food later on.

“Having fun so far?” I asked Rose.

“Yeah, I think the most fun though was the mirror maze.” Rose replied laughing a bit.

While we were sitting down, I think Maria was FaceTiming Jason. Guess he took a short break from the project to talk to her.

Maria was all smiles and laughter, and then all of a sudden, she asked him through the call, “Who was that?”

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