You're Mine

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Chapter 36


I couldn’t go out with my babygirl and friends today so I decided to FaceTime her, hoping she would be taking a break from walking.

“Hiiii~!” Maria answered cheerfully smiling.

“Hey, how’s Pier 39?” I asked with a half smile.

“A lot of walking, but it’s fun!” she replied. “Oh yeah, when we were in the mirror maze Cole ran into a mirror.” she added chuckling.

Damn was her smile and laugh the most adorable thing ever…

“Jason! Are you ready to continue the—” Kaylee was cut off by Maria.

“Who was that?” Maria asked.

“It was just my friend, Kaylee. We’re—” I was cut off by Kaylee running next to me and snatching the phone.

“Oh, hi Maria!” she greeted with a smile. “Don’t worry about Jason, we’re just hanging out. You know, something friends do.” she added.

“Kay, give me back my phone.” I said walking over to her trying to get my phone back, but she kept running away.

“You’re no fun, Jas!” Kaylee pouted while still holding my phone.

“I want to talk to Jason.” I could Maria say through the call.

“Eh, about that. His phone is about to die, so he won’t have the time too.” she replied. “He’s also veryyyyy busy. So buhbai~!” she added.

“Kay, give me the my pho—” I was cut off by hearing the phone hang up.

“Here you go~!” she replied tossing my phone back to me.

I tried turning it back on, but all that was shown was a black screen along with the dead battery and a charger below it.

I sighed before speaking, “What the hell was that about?!” I asked angrily.

“Just messing with Maria,” she replied grinning while sitting on the couch.

“Well thanks to you, you just might have ruined my relationship.” I replied sighing.

“Consider this as a test to see if she trusts you.” Kay replied, the grin still etched on her face. “Now can we please finish this project?”


I was just FaceTiming Jason, talking about what we were doing at the pier. Then all of a sudden, I heard a female voice.

“Who was that?” I asked.

“It was just my friend, Kaylee. We’re—” he was cut off by Kaylee snatching the phone.

Once the phone was snatched, Kaylee was talking to me. I told her I wanted to talk to Jason, then she mentioned his phone about to die and not having the time to talk at the moment before hanging up on me.

“Maria, are you ready to go?” Quinn asked, the others standing waiting for me.

I can’t let what happened earlier get to me, I need to enjoy this time with my friends. Maybe I’ll call him back later when I get home, maybe he might have an explanation.

“Mhm, I’m ready to go.” I replied standing up walking over to them. “Where are we heading next?” I asked, trying to be the same ole’ cheerful me.

“We’re gonna go look at the sea lions then watch the street performers,” Rose replied.

I walked along with them, I tried to enjoy everything. From looking at the sea lions, to the amazing street performances. But, I was still bothered by earlier no matter how much I tried not to worry or think about it.

Hours had passed, and before leaving the pier we ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Like I said, I tried acting like my cheerful self but Hunter was eyeing me the whole time. For why though?

After eating, we all walked together to the parking lot, Hunter was walking beside me.

“What’s up?” Hunter asked, not looking at me but still looking forward as he walked.

“Nothing really, just walking to the car.” I replied chuckling a bit.

“No, I mean what happened with that call.” he replied, looking at me for a second then forward again.

“Oh, nothing. Nothing at all.” I replied.

Hunter shrugged, “If you say so.” he replied. “Rose, come on! We’re this way,” he added walking in a different direction.

It was a long drive, I was the first to be dropped off since my house was practically on the way to the others houses.

“Bye Maria!” Quinn yelled cheerfully through the window which made me chuckle.

“Bye, thank you guys for today!” I yelled back before heading inside my house and locking the front door behind me before falling down onto the couch tiredly.

“Oh, you’re home sweetie. How was hanging out with your friends?” Mom asked.

“It was fun,” I replied, leaving out the part of the phone call with Jason.

“Well sweetie, if you hadn’t eaten yet there’s food in the fridge. I’m gonna go sleep now, goodnight!” Mom replied.

“Okay, thank you Mom. Goodnight!” I replied.

I was laying on the couch, debating whether or not to call him; or wait for him to call him.

All of a sudden, the door bell rang.

‘Who could be coming here this late?’ I thought to myself before sighing and walking over to the door checking through the peek hole.

It was Hunter, what was he doing here?

I opened the door, and looked at him with a raised eyebrow. “What are you doing here?” I asked as he just opened the door stepping inside with his hands in his pockets.

“What’s wrong?” he asked as I closed and locked the front door walking over to him.

“What do you mean? Nothing’s wrong.” I replied, obviously lying to both him and I.

“I’ll ask you again, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“Okay.. and I’ll tell you again. Nothing’s wrong.” I replied looking over at him with my arms crossed.

“I’m not leaving till you tell me what’s wrong,” he replied.

“Well, you really have no reason to be here. Because I already told you, nothing’s wrong.” I replied before walking over to the couch and sitting down.

Hunter groaned before walking over to the couch and sitting beside me at the other end.

“Why do you lie to me? I thought we were close.” he replied.

“Will you please just leave me alone?” I asked not looking at him once.

“So something is wrong.” he replied.

“I told you, it’s nothing.” I replied.

“Look at me in the eye and tell me nothing’s wrong then.” he replied.

I remained silent, thinking he’d eventually give up and stop asking. He was silent as well. But he soon broke the silence.

I felt hands on my cheeks, he was trying to make me face him, and eventually I did.

Our eyes meeting, I looked into his as he looked into mines. He had a very serious expression on his face before saying, “Don’t lie to me. What’s wrong?”

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