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Chapter 39


Today was Sunday, also the day Hunter was suppose to be going out on his date with Rose. It was the weekend, and I had no plans. So I decided to call Jason and ask if he wanted to hangout at my house and just Netflix and chill.

I took out my phone and dialed Jason, it wasn’t long before he had answered.

“Hello?” Jason answered the phone.

“Hey, babe. Are you by any chance busy today?” I asked.

“Not at all, why, what’s up?” he asked.

“I was gonna ask if you’d like to come over and watch some Netflix with me,” I replied.

“Netflix? Sure, I’ll bring us some popcorn.” he replied followed by a chuckle.

“Okay, thank you.” I replied.

“I’ll be there in 15,” he replied.

“Okay, bye! I’ll see you later!” I replied with a small smile.

“See you later, I love you.” he replied.

“I love you too.” I replied chuckling a bit.

( Author: Since Hunter’s not in this, I’ll say it for him. I LOVE YOU? ALREADY??? )

Before Jason got here, I set everything up. And by set everything up, I meant connecting my laptop to the television. 15 minutes later, I heard the doorbell and walked over to the front door.

“Hey, I got the popcorn.” Jason chuckled.

“Hey, come on in,” I replied opening the door wide open for him to step in.

He walked in as I closed and locked the door behind him.

“So, what movie are we gonna watch?” he asked.

“Well, it’s not exactly a movie. More like a show,” I replied.

“What show?” he asked with a small smile.

“We’re gonna watch Glee!” I replied excitedly. “More like we’re gonna go on a Glee Marathon.”

“I’m up for that, I’ll go to the kitchen and the pop the popcorn.” he replied.

Hours passed, and it was already nighttime. And by the time it was nighttime Jason had went home.

2 months time skip


2 months have passed since Rose and I started talking, yes 2 months! Today was Saturday and I had made plans to hangout with Maria today. I also thought it was about time that I made my move, which was to ask Rose if she’d like to be my girlfriend. Things were going great between the two of us, and why not make it even better by making it official?

I called Maria parked outside her house, “Hello?” she answered.

“Maria, hurry up!” I yelled through the phone.

“Don’t freaking rush me! It takes time to look nice!” she yelled back through the phone.

“Well, I don’t have time to wait for you so I guess I’ll be heading out now,” I replied.

“Okay, okay! I’m heading out now,” she replied as I looked over to the front door only to see her rushing to the car.

“About time.” I replied chuckling a bit.

“About time,” she mimicked. “I still look like a hot mess.” she added brushing her hair.

“You got the mess part right.” I chuckled before starting to drive.

“Where are we going today?” she asked.

“Wherever the road takes us,” I replied.

“So possibly… at the bottom of the ocean?” she replied.

“If that’s where the road takes us.” I laughed.

After that discussion, we were both dead silent.

“Anyways,” I said breaking the silence. “I’m thinking about making it official with Rose.”

I felt her eyes on me as I drove.

“Really? When?” she asked happily.

“The next time I see her,” I replied with a charming smile.

“Do it. I’ve seen the way you look at each other.” she replied as I glanced over at her to see her smiling.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Mhm. If she makes you happy, I don’t see why not.” she replied, probably still smiling.

In all honesty, we really weren’t going anywhere special. We were just going somewhere where we can watch the sunset.

We stopped at a small lake, and we just sat there in the car.

“I didn’t really make much of a plan today, besides watching the sunset. I hope that’s fine with you,” I mentioned looking over at her.

She chuckled and smiled, “It is, just thank you for taking the time to be with me.” she replied.

“What are friends for?” I asked chuckling. “What about Jason? Doesn’t he hangout with you sometimes?” I asked.

“He does, sometimes. But he’s always seemingly busy with school work,” she replied. “But, it’s fine.” she added with a small smile.

After talking for a bit, we noticed the light slowly disappearing and looked in front of us to see the sunsetting. It was a beautiful cotton candy color.

“Wow, it looks so pretty.” she commented taking out her phone to take a picture.

“Yeah,” I laughed. “Pretty.”

When it turned dark, that’s when I started driving her home. Of course, I picked up some food on the way home because she was hungry.

“Thank you again, for today.” she said. “I’m sure Rose will enjoy doing all of this with you,” she added with a smile before stepping out the car along with her food.


It was Monday morning, the day most students dreaded. Oh, I’m not saying I’m one of those people that don’t dread it, because I do.

I’ve been so backed up with school work, and a few missing assignments that I haven’t had the time to take Maria out.

“Jason!” I heard Maria call out happily behind me as she hugged from the back, she was so tiny. In my perspective at least.

“Hey there cutie,” I laughed turning around to hug her as well.

“When can we go out again? I miss you.” she replied still hugging me.

“How about this Sunday?” I asked.

“Sure!” she replied happily.

“Hey, Jason! Don’t forget, my house later. We need to finish up some homework for Pre-Cal.” Kaylee said with a smile.

“Yeah, got it.” I replied.

“Why can’t you guys just do homework here at school?” Maria asked.

“Because, it’s too noisy here. And I wanna be with you during break and lunch.” I replied. “Anyways, how was your weekend?” I asked.

“It was good, I hung out with Hunter again.” she replied.

“What did you guys do?” I asked.

“Went out for a drive, then watched the sunset.” she replied.

Why is it that he always takes her out to do these things couples are suppose to do? I know, I’ve been busy. But that doesn’t mean he gets to be with my girl whenever I’m not around.

I sighed softly, knowing Maria would be upset by this considering how close they are.

“Babe, I don’t want you hanging around Hunter anymore.” I said looking down at her, as she let me go and looked at me with surprise.

“But, why?” she asked.

“I just don’t trust him around you,” I replied.

“We’re friends, and he likes someone else.” she replied.

He likes someone else? Yeah, right.

“I’m sorry, but I really don’t want you hanging around him or talking to him.” I said. “It’s either me or him, choose.” I stated looking at her.

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