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Chapter 44

Right down that hall, I saw two people smooching. Their lips were definitely locked onto one another. One being Jason, and the other being—

“Of all people, I’m the most surprised you’re with him.” I said with arms crossed looking at Jason and none other than Maria’s ‘best friend’ Quinn.

“Oh, Hunter. Heyyyy..” Quinn replied trying to play it cool.

“First, what the fuck?” I replied. “Second, you knew they broke up and yet here you are making out with her ex. Don’t you have Jack?” I asked, an eyebrow raised.

“I’ve never had him, we never made things official..” Quinn replied.

“Say, why don’t you forget what you just saw and get back to whatever you were doing?” Jason asked.

“Say, why don’t you shut the fuck up when I’m not talking to you.” I replied.

“You’re technically talking to me right now,” Jason replied.

“I’m telling Maria about you Quinn,” I said.

“Nooo, bad idea. Are you trying to make me lose my best friend?” she scoffed.

“You did it on your own.” I replied.

“If you tell her, it’s gonna hurt her. And you don’t want to hurt her, do you?” she asked.

“I’m telling her because I don’t want her to be hurt by you later on, she deserves a better friend than you.” I replied before turning my back to walk away.

“You know, I bet I can easily get her back.” Jason mentioned, which made me turn back around towards them.

“I’m gonna make sure you don’t. You don’t deserve her, in a matter of fact.. you and Quinn deserve each other.” I replied. “Hope you two are happy together,” I added before going the other way.

I was gonna continue running around, looking for Maria, but then it just now came to me that I could’ve just called her, and so I did.

“Hello?” I said through the phone as she answered.

“Hi..” she replied in a soft tone.

“Where are you? Do you want to go home?” I asked frantically.

“I’m.. in the bathroom. And no, it’s fine. I’m fine.” she replied. “I just need some time, I’m gonna go.. bye..” she added her tone still not changing as she hung up.

So, she’s in the girl’s bathroom. No other girl could possibly be in there besides her, right?

I was now standing in front of the girl’s bathroom as I looked around, then peeked inside to see if anyone else was inside.

“Ugh, I’m wasting time.” I thought as I just walked inside the girl’s bathroom.

“Maria!” I called out.

“Hunter?” she responded in an almost inaudible tone from inside a stall.

Okay, I lowkey feel like a perv…….

“What are you doing in the girl’s bathroom?” she asked.

“I- uh, I came here for you. To see if you wanted to talk about anything. To be here for you.” I replied.

“Why?” she questioned.

“You walked off on your own and seemed upset about something, I wanted to make sure you were okay.” I replied. “Are you okay?” I asked.


“You know you can talk to me, I’m always here for you.” I stated, now leaning against the bathroom wall with my arms crossed.

“I know, thank you.” she replied.

After school, I took Maria out to get some ice cream. She was sad earlier, so why not?

“Would you like green tea also?” I asked.

She nodded, “Yes please.”

“I’ll be back,” I responded with a small smile heading to the front ordering our ice creams.

Once I got them, I put the spoon in and walked back over to the table where Maria and I sat.

“Here you go.” I said setting the bowl of ice cream down in front of her.

“Thank you,” she replied with a small smile taking the spoon and eating it.

“No problem.” I replied sitting down eating my ice cream as well.

We were both silent, of course focusing on finishing our ice cream. We took our time, gotta savor the test you know.

“Maria, I need to tell you something.” I said, looking over at her.

“What’s up?” she asked, now looking at me.

I stayed silent for a bit, not sure how I’m exactly suppose to say what I’m suppose to say about Quinn. Do I just go right to it, or…?

“I don’t think Quinn is a very good friend.” I replied, right to it I guess..

“Why do you say that? Haven’t you guys been friends for awhile now?” she asked.

“Because, I.. saw her with Jason.” I replied.

“Oh, did she say or do something?” she asked.

“She was doing something, but it wasn’t exactly something a good friend would do.” I replied sternly, my hands in front of me.

“What did she do?” she asked, her head slightly tilted as her remained on me.

“I saw her and Jason.. kissing.” I replied hesitantly, as to how she would react to hearing all this.

She looked down at the table in a disappointed manner, wait, no. She looked more.. hurt.

“The girl who was close to me, worried, and cared for me.. betrayed me?” she asked, sadly.

I just nodded my head slowly while I kept my eyes on her, if she were to cry right here and now I’d be there to make sure no one here sees.

“Thank you for telling me Hunter,” she said in a soft yet sad tone.

“I’m sorry, I know it’s a lot to take in..” I replied sympathetically.

After we had both finished our ice cream, I took Maria home. She didn’t cry, if anything she just looked hurt. I mean, who wouldn’t if someone once was so close to you did that?

// S a t u r d a y \

Today was Saturday, 8am. Maria is now over the fact that Quinn betrayed her, during school the two hardly talked. And Quinn started being with Jason more often, I wonder how Jack’s feeling about all of that. Anyways, I had plan to make last minute plans with Maria, as always.

“Mari, get dressed! And make sure you wear something you can walk in comfortably,” I texted her, getting ready myself.

“Why? Where are we going?” she texted back.

“That’s a surprise for when we get there! xD” I texted back.

I just wore dark gray sweats, a white t-shirt, and running shoes I barely wore. Then, I checked my phone again to see another text from Maria.

“Fine, fine. Btw, I’m ready to go!” she texted.

I grabbed my phone, a drawstring bag, some water, and my keys heading out the front door and checking to make sure it was locked.

“I’m on the way,” I texted, now in the car as I set my phone down in the cup holder then began driving to Maria’s house.

Honestly, didn’t take long. But once I was outside, I honked and that’s when she headed outside and over to the car and I unlocked it.

“Morning~!” Maria greeted opening the door.

“Morning, did you eat breakfast?” I asked.

“I ate a little bit of cereal,” she replied. “How bout you? Did you eat?” she asked looking over at me.

“Nope, so we’re gonna stop by and get some breakfast then head out.” I replied.

When she put her seatbelt on, I started driving to Mcdonald’s, yes Mickey D’s. We ordered the usual, Maria paid for a bit more this time.

But yeah, after we got our food.. we headed outtttttt! I had planned to take her hiking to Alamere Falls.

It was gonna be a long car ride for us, but I didn’t mind. More listening to Maria’s jam out session in the car!

“Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake? You know I love to go there!” she sang loudly which honestly made me laugh because why else? She was singing so loud.

“You’ve been to Cheesecake?” I asked chuckling softly.

“Nopeeeee.” she replied smugly.

“Wow. You don’t go out much, do you?” I asked followed by a chuckle.

“What can I say? I love my bed, I love sleeping.” she replied chuckling.

“Where else haven’t you been to? Or what haven’t gone to? Whether it’s at all or for a long time now,” I replied, my hands steadily gripping the steering wheel while my eyes were focused on the road ahead.

She hummed, probably trying to think of a place or something she hasn’t gone to in awhile.

“I haven’t been to a fair for awhile now.” she replied and I couldn’t help but glance at her only to see her smiling at me.

“Done. I’ll take you to both,” I replied with a smile.

“Really?!” she asked sounding both so happy and excited, which made me chuckle.

“Yes, really. You’re not gonna be missing out on anything, trust me.” I chuckled.

The whole car ride to Alamere Falls consisted of jam out sessions and Maria getting sleepy and falling asleep in the car. Still cute…

When we made it, I looked over to my side to see she was snuggled up in the passenger’s seat still asleep. As much as I didn’t want to wake her up, I had too. I feel like she’d enjoy this hike, and since she hardly goes out this might be her first time going on one.

“Maria, wake up! We’re here!” I shouted and shook her lightly.

I’ve never seen her mad before, so…

“Ugh. I’m up, I’m up.” she groaned sitting up properly and stretching her arms. She then looked outside the window. “Where are we?” she asked a bit confused.

“We’re gonna go hiking. Ever gone hiking before?” I asked.

“Nope! But, I love experiencing new things. So, let’s goooo!” she replied excitedly unlocking her car door herself as she stepped out waiting for me.

I chuckled and stepped out with the bag then locked the door walking over to her. It was apparently 16 miles, but I knew we could do it.

“Wow! This trail looks so nice,” she commented looking around as she walked ahead of me with a big smile.

“You look nice.” I commented, practically letting that accidentally slip out of my mouth.

“Hm?” she hummed looking back at me with the same, cute ass smile.

Wait, I didn’t say that in my head?!

“Oh, uh— nothing.” I replied looking away.

“You know what, I want a picture with this trail. Can you take it for me?” she asked holding her phone out to me.

“I’ll take it on mines and send it to you instead,” I replied.

“Okay, thank you~!” she said cheerfully.

The two of us stopped walking as she did several poses. From looking away, to smiling at the camera, to looking up, then her signature silly yet, cute poses. I’m keeping these photos.

“Okay, done.” I chuckled as she ran over.

“Can I see them?” she asked.

“You can see them later when I send it to you.” I chuckled hiding my phone screen from her.

“But what if I look ugly?!” she whined.

“You don’t, trust me.” I replied with a smile as I looked down at her.

During our hike, we encountered a deer near the trail.

“It’s a deer!” she said excitedly with a smile.

“I think your excitement might scare it away,” I chuckled softly.

“Sorry, it’s just— it’s my first time seeing one up close. They look so cute!” she replied.

They look as cute as her being excited to see one up close.

Anyways, we continued moving forward. Eventually, we had to climb down to the beach. Of course, I was the first one too climb down so if Maria were to fall I’d break her fall.

Maria sat there, trying to make her feet teach the ground while I just waited for her. With the last step, she hopped down.

“Stand in front of the water, but not to close.” I replied as she walked towards the water and did so. many. poses.

“Let’s take a picture with the waterfall!” she mentioned running over to it.

Honestly, when she ran over I just took pictures of her in front of it.

“Hunterrrr! I want pictures with you too!” Maria complained.

“But who’s gonna—” I was cut off by a female.

“I can take a picture of you two.” she offered with a small smile.

“Really? Thank you,” I replied handing her my phone as I ran over to Maria.

First it was side by side, then….

“Lean down,” Maria said, and so I did.

Why did she make me lean down? So she can hop on my back! It made me laugh, and she was honestly light. When we took pictures with her on my own back, she stuck a hand out and did a peace sign.

After pictures, I got my phone back.

“Thank you.” I said to the female who offered to take our pictures.

“Thank you!!” Maria chirped happily.

“No problem! You two honestly look like the cutest couple!” the female replied with a smile.

“Oh, we’re not—” I cut myself off only to see Maria’s cheeks turning pink.

Embarrassed maybe?

“We’re not a couple.” I finished.

“Oh? That’s too bad, you guys would look so cute together,” the female chuckled before walking away with the same smile.

“So, Mari. Shall we head back now?” I asked.

“Mhmm~!” she replied.

I was the first to climb back up, only to help her get back up. But, once I was back up..

“Alright, bye Maria!” I teased pretending like I was about to walk away.

“Hunter!” Maria whined which made me chuckle.

“I’m joking, here. Come on,” I replied holding a hand out to her as she took it and I pulled her up carefully.

It said 16 miles, but it didn’t even feel like 16 miles. The hike felt shorter. Though, after the hike we were back in the car.

“So, do you want some water?” I asked followed by a soft chuckle, because neither of us even drank some water during the hike.

“You had water?” she asked.

“Why do you think I was carrying a bag during the hike?” I asked looking at her.

“Good point. Water please! I am very parched,” she replied.

I just looked her in the face, then she gave me and odd look before looking away.

“You don’t look parched.” I replied.

“Well, I am.” she replied as I shrugged and handed her some water.

She literally gulped down most of the water.

“Someone’s thirsty…” I teased drinking my bottled water at a slow pace.

She didn’t say anything, she just punched my shoulder lightly which made me chuckle. Though, she still continued to drink her water.

Out of instinct, I hit the bottom of her water bottle which resulted in her spilling a little bit of water on herself and me laughing and her just being surprised but laughing along in the end.

“I got you next time,” Maria chuckled.

“That’s if there will be a next time.” I replied with a small smile.

“We hangout a lot, trust me. There will be a next time.” she replied.

“If you say so.” I replied followed by a chuckle.

After hanging out for a bit in the car and talking, I then began to drive her home. The two of us were just dead silent, and she was definitely still awake.

We’ve been friends for a long time now, we hang out and talk a lot. I think it’s time I told her..

“Maria.” I said glancing over at her then back at the road.

“Yeah?” she asked, I could feel her eyes on me.

“I think it’s time for me to tell you.”

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