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Chapter 48


“Maria! Wanna have a girls night out?” Rose asked with a smile.

“Well, that depends. When, where, and who else is going?” I replied.

“This Friday, my house, and it’s just us. It’s like.. a sleepover! Or slumber party, whichever you prefer to call it.” she replied happily.

“Sure, why not?” I replied chuckling a bit.

“Hey, girls!” Kyle greeted walking with Hunter.

“What did we miss?” Hunter asked.

“Nothing really, Maria and I were planning to have a sleepover at my house Friday after school.” Rose replied with a smile.

“It’s nice to see you two getting along,” Hunter replied. “Although, do you think I can take her the following morning?” he asked.

“Of course, she’s only sleeping over for the night.” Rose chuckled.

“Where do you plan to take me?” I asked looking over at Hunter with a curious smile.

“I’m guessing you haven’t gone to a beach before?” he replied.

“Actually, she has. Back then my family and hers were having a road trip and we stopped at a beach to just relax.” Kyle replied.

“So I take it, you’ve seen Maria in a bikini?” Rose asked, which caused my cheeks to turn a light red.

“Of course not. It was just a road trip, we were wearing our casual clothes.” I replied, clearing up the misunderstanding of me wearing a bikini at the beach.

“Well, the girls are having a girls night out. Why don’t we have a guys night out to then?” Kyle suggested.

“I don’t see why not. Except we’re not doing those girly sleepovers.” Hunter replied. “How about we go drinking Friday night?” he asked.

“Drinking? Wow, it’s honestly been awhile since I’ve got drunk.” Ky replied chuckling.

“Well, okay then.. you guys have fun with your little drinking Friday night.” Rose replied.

// F r i d a y \

“Are you ready to partyyyyy?!” Rose asked excitedly as we were on our way to her house.

“Heck yeah!” I chuckled throwing my hands up in the air, her older brother was driving.

“Don’t have too much fun you wild kids,” her brother commented followed by a chuckle.

“No promises!” Rose replied happily which just caused her brother to let out a soft laugh.

Once we made it to her house, we went straight up to her room and set things up for the sleepover! Honestly, I’ve never been to a sleepover before, sad isn’t it? This is my very first sleepover.

“So, what are we gonna do first?” I asked with a small smile.

“We are going to watch romantic comedies~!” she replied cheerfully getting a few movies out.

“Omg, I’ve seen all of those movies before. They’re all so cute!” I replied. “Well, what’re you waiting for? Put one in!” I added excitedly.

“I’ll go prepare the movie, do you think you can head downstairs and ask my brother where the popcorn is and possibly pop some?” she asked.

“Sure thing, I’ll be right back!” I replied before heading downstairs to see her brother in the living room playing video games.

A few moments later, her brother went into the kitchen on the phone talking with someone while he took out blueberries and started eating them. Though, he hadn’t noticed me yet. And I still haven’t found the popcorn, nor did I want to ask him..

“No, you can’t come over right now.” he said through the phone. “Because, my sister’s friend is here for the night and I know how you—” he paused and looked over at me as I walked over.

“Er, uh. I’ll call you back.” he said to the person hanging up, still looking at me. “What’s up?” he asked with his arms crossed.

“Rose asked me to ask you where the popcorn is so I could go pop some in the microwave.” I replied pursing my lips together.

He turned around, and reached on the top shelf taking out the little popcorn in a bowl thing and removing it from the plastic.

“I’ll heat it up for you, you might burn the popcorn.” he mentioned putting it in the microwave for 1 minute and 50 seconds.

I nodded, “Okay. Thank you.” I replied.

“No problem.” he replied.

From there, we were both silent until he decided to break the silence.

“I’m Beck by the way.” he replied while introducing himself.

“Nice to meet you Beck, I’m Maria.” I replied.

“What a name,” he commented with a smile.


“Ready? On 3.” Hunter said. “1.. 2.. 3!” he added as we all gulped our shots.

I was at the bar with Hunter & Cole.

“More please.” Cole told the bartender.

“Yeah, for me too. How about you Hunter?” I asked looking over at him.

“Nah, I’m driving. I gotta stay sober.” he replied.

“Suit yourself, more shots for us!” Cole replied as we got our shot glasses back and gulped down our shots.

The two of us basically got as many shots as we needed to get drunk, try.. about 10 shots.

“I’m gonna go find some girl to dance with,” Cole stated drunkly walking over to the dance floor looking around, I stayed with Hunter.

“You knowwww, you and Maria would look soooo good together.” I commented drunkly pointing at him. “You better ask her out soon or else you’ll regret ittttt.” I added.

“Thanks, we’ll see. And dude, you had way too many shots.” Hunter laughed.

“Don’t dude me, you didn’t have much shots DUDE!” I replied saying the last word loudly.

“Well, I didn’t take much shots because I’m driving. And I don’t wanna take anyone’s life due to drunk driving.” he replied.

“Cole looks like he’s having soo much fun.” I replied as we both looked over at him, he had two girls dancing with him.

“Guess so.” Hunter replied, looking away from the two.

“You’re thinking about Maaria again, aren’t cha?” I asked with an annoying smile.

“No,” he said sarcastically.

“Yesssss. You know what, I’ll help you! I’ll go with you guys, and you know help set the mood for you two.” I replied.

“Really? You’d actually do that just to help me?” Hunter asked, his arms crossed as he looked at him.

“I do believe you’d make her really happy, and that’s all I could ever want for my beloved childhood friend.” I replied. “If I may ask, why do you like her so much?” I questioned.

“It’s been way to long for me to say I like her, the question is suppose to be, “Why do I love her so much?” and the answer is, because she’s kind, beautiful, smart, and not afraid to speak up. You know, the first day she came she called me a fuckboy,” he replied chuckling.

“Ha, that definitely sounds like Maria!” I laughed when he mentioned her calling Hunter a fuckboy her first day at school. “She has the nerve to say so,” I added.

We stayed at the bar for about 4 hours, and as those hours passed I sobered up. As did Cole, yet he was still dancing with a bunch of random girls.

“Aye, Cole! It’s time for us to go!” Hunter called out to him.

“Looks like he’s having too much fun with those girls.” I replied.

“It’s Cole, he flirts with every cute girl he sees.” Hunter replied sighing.

“Oh? Then you better keep an eye out on Maria while he’s around,” I replied smirking simply because he would be at unease at the thought of it.

“I’m not to worried about that.” he replied pursing his lips together.

Cole then walked over to us with a big smile.

“Hey, I thought we were leaving. But you guys are still talking so—” Cole was cut off by Hunter.

“Yeah, not a good excuse to go back to dancing with your girls over there.” he replied with a raised eyebrow.

“Darn it. Fine, let’s go.” he replied sighing walking towards the exit as we followed from behind him.

Once all of us got into the car, Cole and I started talking about Maria with Hunter.

“So, Maria. When do you plan on making it official with her?” Cole asked.

“He plans to make it official tomorrow,” I replied with a normal tone.

“Correction. I said I’d tell her how I feel towards her tomorrow, not make it official.” Hunter replied keeping his eyes on the road.

“But what if she likes you back? What’s a better time to ask her out the minute she possibly says she feels the same?” I questioned.

“I guess, if she does feel the same.. I’ll ask her out.” he replied.

“Can I come with you guys?” I asked.

“Why?” he questioned.

“I said I’d help you, you know. Set the mood as the drunk me said earlier.” I laughed.

“Yeah, I don’t think so.” he replied.

“Pfft, if you say so.” I replied shrugging.

Hunter dropped off Cole first, then me. Cole was too lazy to drive his own car, and I didn’t have a car.. yet. But, tomorrow was the big day! Honestly, I’m just hoping it goes well for the two of them.


After dropping off Cole & Kyle, once I got home the first person I called was Maria. I wanted to see how the sleepover was going, you know.

But, she didn’t answer. It went straight to voicemail so I just texted her instead.

“Hey, just wanted to see how the sleepover’s going. Are you having fun?” I texted and sent before heading into the kitchen to eat dinner.

I just ate a microwavable burger, and then salad afterwards. That’s when my phone vibrated and I looked to see it was her texting me back.

“Fun so far! We just finished watching 2 movies, I think after the 3rd one we’re off to bed.. unless we fall asleep during the movie! xD” she texted back as I smiled.

“It’s nice to know you’re having fun :)” I texted.

“How was the guys night out?” she texted back.

“Cole & Kyle got really drunk, we stayed for a few hours. As usual, Cole was with a bunch of girls on the dance floor.” I texted. “Also, I’m picking you up tomorrow morning so we can go to the beach.” I double texted.

“That’s not surprising xD and okie dokie~! I brought my things for tomorrow here, so I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” she texted.

“Yeah, see you tomorrow Mari! Goodnight.” I texted back.

“Goooooodnight~!” she texted back, just reading that text I already knew she was happy.

// S a t u r d a y \

Once it was morning, I took a quick shower and changed into basketball shorts. Yes, that was basically my swimsuit. I also wore a black shirt so I wouldn’t be going out to Rose’s house kinda… somewhat half naked. Though, at the same time she probably wouldn’t mind. Who knows honestly.

I looked over at my small desk where my phone was and saw it vibrating as I walked over to see who it was before answering, it was Rose.

“Hello?” I answered.

“I just called to tell you that Maria’s up, she’s getting ready right now. I believe she’s taking a shower right now.” she replied.

“Oh, okay. Thanks?” I replied.

“No problem, do you want me to take pictures of her in the shower?” she asked, laughing knowing my cheeks would heat up.

“W-What? Of course not! I respect her, therefore no!” I replied trying to sound as calm as possible, but it didn’t work.

“Eh, well. If you say so. Good luck today! Maria will text you when she’s out, goodbye.” she replied before hanging up.

I. Cannot. Believe. Rose. WHY would she mention taking pictures of her in the shower for me? That’s so wrong!

I was planning to go eat breakfast, but why not eat with her? Maybe, lunch and dinner also. Dinner could possibly be our first date.. if she says yes.

After what seemed like 20 minutes, I got a text from Maria reading, “Readyyyyy! :)”

“I’m on my way.” I texted back before heading downstairs, grabbing my keys and everything else needed for the beach before driving to Rose’s house to pick her up.

Honestly, didn’t take too long. Once I was outside her house, I honked and the two of them came out while Maria was walking over and Rose was waving bye to us. She was just wearing a tank top and shorts.

“Let’s grab breakfast real quick? We still have a lot of time till we hit the beach.” I said looking over here.

“Sure! I’ll pay for part of it, since you won’t let me pay for it all..” she replied sighing softly.

My hopefully soon to be girl doesn’t have to pay for anything, not a single thing. If she ever did, I’d feel so bad.

“Usually, I’d say no. But you just sighed, so I’m letting you pay for part of our breakfast only, okay?” I replied as she smiled and nodded.

We ate at Huckleberry’s, and it was sooo good. The waffles were so attractive looking, so attractive that Maria had to take a picture of it. But while she was doing that, I took a picture of her. She looked so happy.

“You took pictures of those waffles in so many angles,” I laughed as we ate.

“Hey, it was nice looking and I just had too. Plus, angles is always the most important when taking a picture.” she replied chuckling a bit.

“I guess so, but some things just look nice in every angle.” I replied with a smile, for I was referring to the pictures I took of her just now and from before.

For me, whenever I took pictures of Maria whether it was angled or not.. She still managed to look cute as fuck in them, though if she saw them I’m pretty sure she’d complain about the angles in them.

“Yeah, some things.” she replied chuckling. “But these waffles, they need a perfect angle for it to look super delicious!” she added happily.

After eating, we headed out to Baker Beach in San Francisco! I would go over what happened but you already know the usual car routine. So let’s skip to many minutes later.. we arrived! I brought a big blanket and laid it on the sand so we could both sit, right now it was high tide so we couldn’t exactly get into the water. Though, it was a nice sunny day today and there wasn’t many people here which made it even better because it was quiet.

Oh yeah, not to mention Maria was wearing a red striped bikini.. you know. In case you guys were wondering what she was wearing when we made it onto the beach.

“The tides are starting to be kinda calm now,” she mentioned softly looking out to the water.

“You wanna go in?” I asked looking over at her chuckling with my hands rested on the blanket.

“Hmmm.. race ya!” she yelled getting up quickly and running over to the water.

“That’s cheating!” I yelled and got up just as quick running over as well.

By then, she was already in the water splashing water at me while laughing as I did the same. Yeah, this looks pretty cliche. I know guys.

After about like 20 minutes, it looked like it was about to be high tides again so we got out and sat on the blanket once again. I took out my towel from bag and wrapped over my shoulders as I looked over at her shivering.

“You forgot to bring a towel, didn’t you?” I asked still looking over at her.

“Mhmm.. but— I did bring extra clothes!” she replied now looking at me as well.

“But if you don’t have a towel, your extra clothes will get wet.” I replied.

I reached out to my bag and grabbed another towel putting on top of her head.

“Here, go dry yourself up then you can change.” I mentioned as she nodded.

“Thank you,” she replied taking the towel from her head and standing up to dry herself.

And I just oh so happened to be looking, and she looked calm at first until she looked down at me still sitting down.

Her cheeks heated up and she took the towel now hitting me with it, “Pervert!” she said frantically still hitting me with the towel.

“I-I didn’t mean to look,” I replied now standing up and drying myself as well.

“I’m gonna go to the restroom and change into my dry clothes..” she replied walking away.

“I’m gonna go change too, so might as well walk with you.” I replied following her.

She was carrying her bag, and I was carrying my backpack. Once I made it to the men’s bathroom and got into a stall I changed into dry boxers, shorts and the shirt I had removed earlier from before we went into the water.

Afterwards, I waited near tree close to the restrooms waiting for Maria to finish changing into her dry clothes. And when she came out, she was wearing shorts & a oversized gray
t-shirt which looked so adorable on her.

My phone vibrated, and it was Kyle calling as I answered, “Hello?”

“Hey! Did you confess yet?!” Kyle yelled through the phone as she walked over.

“No, not yet. Tonight.” I replied.

“Why tonight?! That’s too long!” he complained groaning as well.

“Look, I gotta go now. I’m about to take Maria out to lunch, so yeah.” I replied.

“Oh, okay. Have fun! Not too much fun!” he replied laughing before hanging up.

I put my phone back in my shorts pocket and looked over at her. “Anywhere you wanna eat for lunch?” I asked.

“Hmm.. I’ve never tried Tselogs before.” she replied now standing in front of me.

“Tselogs it is then, you do know it’s Filipino food right?” I asked.

“Mhmm. And I heard the lumpiang shanghai is good!” she replied happily with a smile.

When we were inside the car and I turned the radio on Fake Love by Drake started to play.

“I been down so long it look like up to me, they look up to me. I got fake people showin’ fake love to me.” Maria sang along with a little dance.

I swear, it was like whatever song played on the radio Maria knew the lyrics too it. Though, I always enjoy her little jam out sessions.

“That’s when they smile in my face, whole time they wanna take my place, whole time they wanna take my place, yeah I know they wanna take my place. I can tell love that love is fake~!” she sang along loudly.

Once we made it to Tselogs, easy. We ate, not much information needed. She got lumpiang shanghai & rice while I got pancit bihon and took some of her lumpia, good stuff man.

“Hunter, can I tell you something?” Maria asked looking over at me pursing her lips.

“Sure, anything.” I replied with a small smile.

“Promise me this won’t affect anything,” she replied holding her pinky out.

“I promise.” I replied chuckling pinky promising her.

“So, a few days back.. I had this dream that you confessed to me.” she replied. “That you said I was the girl you always liked, crazy isn’t it?” she asked chuckling softly eating her food.

“Um.. how would you have reacted? What would you say?” I asked nervously.

“Honestly.. I’m not sure how I would react. Or what I would say,” she replied. “I mean, I felt confused. Not towards you, but towards myself.” she added.

“Why towards yourself?” I questioned.

“Because, I felt both happy and sad.” she replied looking down at her food.

“Why happy?” I asked looking at her.

“I guess it took me so long to notice, but I guess I felt the same way..” she replied looking down shyly. “You’ve always been there for me during my highs and lows. You make me smile— and laugh a lot..” she added.

She felt the same? When— how long?

“Why sad?” I asked.

“Sad, because if we were to actually be together we’d be happy— at first. And then things slowly start to crumble down, and I would lose a lover and best friend all in one..” she replied.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked sincerely.

“I want you to tell me that, that dream was a lie. That it was just a dream, that it’s not true.” she replied looking at me now.

To lie, or to tell her the truth.. I choose truth. She needs to know.

“I’m sorry, I can’t say it’s a lie. Because it’s… true.” I replied sighing softly. “You’re the girl I like, or as I’ve mentioned to you before in love with… it’s always been you, and it always will be you.” I added breathing softly. “And for the fact that you would feel sad, you wouldn’t need to worry about it. I promise, I’d keep you as happy as possible. You wouldn’t lose a best friend and lover all in one. Honestly, you wouldn’t lose me at all.” I added chuckling nervously, considering I was telling her all this. I had to address her worries in me and her possibly being.. together.

“How do I know you’re just not saying all this?” Maria asked, her eyes still on me as worry showed in her eyes.

“Why would I lie to you?” I questioned. “Maria, I’m telling you right now.. I’m in love with you. And I would never do anything to hurt you.” I replied my eyes looking into hers. “I’ve never been good with timing, I don’t even know if this is a good time. But.. Maria Anne, will you be my girlfriend?” I asked.

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