You're Mine

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Chapter 49

“How do I know you’re just not saying all this?” Maria asked, her eyes still on me as worry showed in her eyes.

“Why would I lie to you?” I questioned. “Maria, I’m telling you right now.. I’m in love with you. And I would never do anything to hurt you.” I replied my eyes looking into hers. “I’ve never been good with timing, I don’t even know if this is a good time. But.. Maria Anne, will you be my girlfriend?” I asked.

She looked at me first, before looking down at her food. “I-I don’t know,” she replied softly.

“What don’t you know?” I questioned looking at her as my expression softened.

“I don’t know if I can risk getting hurt.” she replied pursing her lips together.

“What’s life without a few risks?” I asked with a nervous smile. “Just give me a chance, I swear I wouldn’t hurt you. I would never ever do anything to hurt someone who means the world to me.” I replied in a soft tone.

Maria’s lips stayed pursed as her eyes still remained on her food, probably still thinking about her decision. If she were to say no, I’d understand.. but if she were to say yes, I’d finally be with the girl I’m in love with.

“I- can I think about it?” she asked now looking up at me. “I’ll give you my answer on Monday,” she added still looking at me.

“Yes, and okay.” I replied, throughout lunch it was kind of quiet.

I think she was still thinking about it even while eating, but even so I didn’t have dinner with her. Which was okay, I know my sudden confession to her was a lot to take in and she really needed to think about it so I just took her home once we finished eating lunch. We were now already in front of her house.

“Thank you for today.” Maria said with a smile before opening her door and stepping out. But when she was about to stand up and walk towards her house, she stepped back inside and leaned over to give me a kiss on the cheek before scurrying to her front door.

“No problem,” I replied chuckling a bit as I watched to make sure she was inside.

Okay, you guys.. a kiss on the cheek means something, right?! I mean, I know she admitted to liking me as well. But, still. Wow.. Maria and I as a couple.. what would our ship name be? Any ideas?


Once I was inside the house, I shut the door and slid to the ground. Why did I do that? Why did I kiss his cheek?! What was I thinking? I know I admitted to realizing I liked him, but WHY did I have to make such a bold move!

I groaned while remaining on the floor as I felt my phone vibrate, it was Kyle calling.

“Hello?” I answered in a low voice.

“Hey! How was today?” he asked.

“It was good, I hung out with Hunter today.” I replied. “We had a fun time at the beach.”

“That’s nice, sooo.. did he say anything?” he asked, obviously knowing something.

“Yes, yes he did.” I replied.

“What did he say?” Kyle questioned.

“How about I tell both you and Rose tomorrow?” I asked.

“What are we gonna do?” he asked.

“Maybe grab some breakfast?” I replied in a form of a question.

“Okay, yeah. I can do that, I’ll ask Mom if I can borrow her car and pick you guys up. Just text me your address. Also, what time?” he asked.

“Okie dokie! And maybe around 10am?” I replied.

“Sounds good to me!” he replied.

“Yup! Well, I’m gonna go sleep now. Goodnight!” I replied.

“Goodnight.” he replied, before hanging up.

I headed up to my room and changed into pajamas, afterwards I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth then put my hair into a ponytail as I laid in bed texting Rose.

“Hey, are you busy tomorrow?” I texted.

“Nope, why? What’s up?” she texted back.

“Do you wanna come with Kyle and I to grab some breakfast? He said he’ll pick us up.” I texted back.

“Breakfast? I’m in! What time?” she texted.

“10am tomorrow, I need to tell you two something important. And I don’t want to tell you guys separately.” I texted back.

“10am it is then! Just text me when you guys are otw tomorrow.” she texted.

“Will do, goodnight!” I texted.

“Goooodnight~!” she texted back, just reading that I can tell she was being cheerful.

Let’s skip to the next day.. okay, the following morning I woke up around 9:30am and took a quick hot shower and just got dressed into my casual clothes. Oh yeah, and texted Kyle my address to pick me up.

“Otw! Make sure you’re ready, or else I’m gonna leave you!” Kyle texted.

“Ready! And pffft, you don’t know where Rose lives so I guess you’d be going to get breakfast alone! 😂” I texted back.

10 minutes later, he called telling me he was outside. But when I went out, he wasn’t there.

“Where are you?” I asked through the phone.

A car appeared behind me and honked as I turned around to see Ky in the driver’s seat with an obnoxious smile on his face.

“Oh, you know. Here.” Ky replied as I rolled my eyes hanging up and walking over to the car as he unlocked it.

Once I put my hand on the handle and pulled he locked it and looked over at me laughing. Swear, Kyle plays to damn much. But what can I say? That’s what got us close in the first place. He unlocked it again, and this time I managed to open it before he locked it again.

“Ah, damnit!” Ky said as I entered and sat down in the passenger’s seat.

“Too slow.” I replied sticking my tongue out at him as he did the same before I told him the directions to Rose’s house.

When we made it to her house, I called her and watched her leave her house as she got into the car. Kyle would’ve done the same thing he did to me to her, but he didn’t exactly know her so he didn’t. Or wasn’t exactly close to her.

“They tell me I should fix my grill, ‘cause I got money now. I ain’t gon’ sit around and front like I ain’t thought about it,” Kyle sang.

“A perfect smile is more appealing but it’s funny how my shit is crooked— look at how far I done got without it!” he sang again.

Eventually; I joined in as did Rose, but you guys don’t need to know which parts was sung. Anyways, we arrived at iHop 10 minutes later! We ordered pancakes, and after that I told them what I got them there together for.

“What? He confessed?!” Kyle asked, looking at the edge of his seat.

“And asked you out?!” Rose asked, reacting the same way as Kyle.

“What did you say?!” Rose and Kyle said in unison leaning towards me waiting for a reply.

“I said asked if I could think about it, and I’d give him my reply on Monday. Aka, tomorrow..” I replied in a low tone looking down at the table.

The two looked at each other, before sighing and placing their eyes back on me.

“Honestly, Mari. I think you should trust your heart in this one.” Kyle said.

“Yeah, what he said. Your mind.. it might overthink things that were to happen. You might think more about the things at stake, then what’s in front of you right now.” Rose replied. “Question is, what’s your heart saying? Yes, or no?” she asked looking at me.

My mind is telling me I might get hurt, but my heart is telling me that whatever’s coming is gonna be worth it. But, which do I follow? My mind, or my heart? The dangerous or safe route?

// M o n d a y \

Today was Monday, I’m suppose to tell Hunter my decision. And.. I think I know my answer. He was gonna pick me up, but I told him he didn’t need too because Mom offered to drop me off. And I would be with her for that little time before she heads on out to work. When I made it to the front, there was Hunter waiting for me as I walked over to him with my lips pressed together.

“I’ve made me decision,” I said firmly slowly looking up at him, his eyes meeting mine.

“What is it?” he asked looking down at me, he seemed a bit anxious.

I then smiled, “Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend.” I replied as he smiled and I chuckled and hugged him as he hugged me back.

“You won’t regret it.” he replied, probably still smiling at the fact I said yes.

“Awwww!!” we heard murmurs from behind the wall as we stopped and looked over.

“You know, now would be a good time to come out.” I replied chuckling with my arms crossed.

Stepping out from behind the wall was, Rose, Kyle, Jack, and Cole. I bet Rose and Kyle told Jack and Cole about all of this.

“Congrats you two!” Kyle said happily walking over to give me a side hug as he looked over at Hunter. “You take good care of my bff, okay?” Kyle mentioned with a dead serious face.

“Of course,” Hunter replied laughing a bit.

“I’ve been waiting for you two to get together! You guys honestly look adorable together,” Rose commented squealing a bit and smiling.

“Good that you’ve finally maned up and told her how you felt.” Cole replied putting a hand on Hunter’s shoulder.

“Congrats you two, maybe Rose and I might be next.” Jack replied.

“Thank you guys.” I replied with a smile. “And what?! Really?!” I asked Jack excitedly.

“Hm?” Rose asked looking over at Jack.

“Nothing,” Jack replied to Rose chuckling.

“Oh, Jack said that—” Hunter was cut off by me elbowing his arm softly. “What was that for?” he asked looking down at me.

“Shh, let it be a surprise.” I replied putting a finger over my lips.

“Surprise party?” Rose questioned, looking around at all of us.

After a few minutes of talking with my our friends, the bell rang.

“I’ll walk with you to class,” Hunter said. “Bye guys!” he added waving our friends.

“Byee~! We’ll see you guys later!” I said to them as well with a smile as I waved.

In case you were wondering, we didn’t hold hands while he was walking me to my class.

“Thank you.” I said with a smile as we stood in front of my class.

“No problem, I’ll see you later, okay?” he replied looking down at me with a cute half smile as I chuckled softly.

“Don’t you have this class too?” I asked chuckling a bit as he looked away embarrassed.

“Y-Yeah, I guess I forgot.” he replied awkwardly. “Let’s get to our seats?” he asked as I nodded and we headed inside and took our seats, which was far but across each other.


In the middle of class, I might’ve stared at her a bit during class. Sometimes she’d glance at me then quickly look away, it was so cute. She was so beautiful, I couldn’t believe she was mine.

“Mr. Evans, do you understand the concept?” the teacher asked I looked over at the teacher.

“Oh, uh, yeah?” I replied the sound of my voice clearly not knowing.

The teacher just sighed, “Please pay attention, for we will have a quiz on this tomorrow.”

I tried paying attention, but this was still so seemingly difficult.. maybe I could study these things with Maria. Heh, study date. After 30 minutes of class, the bell rang as I put my stuff away and walked over to Maria who was still packing her stuff.

“You’re gonna walk me to my 2nd period class?” she asked looking back at me a bit before packing again.

“Yeah,” I replied with a smile.

“What if you’re late?” she asked, now throwing her bag over her shoulders as we walked out of the classroom.

“I don’t mind being late at all, plus I usually am.. so it’s okay.” I replied chuckling a bit.

While walking with her to her 2nd period class, I slowly intertwined my hand in hers. Gotta show off she’s mine, you know? I looked over at her, only to see her cheeks a light pink. Maria’s something else, by that I meant so cute.

“Now I’ll see you later.” I said chuckling softly.

“Yeah,” she replied chuckling as well before going into her class.

“Wow, you guys are a thing now?” a familiar female voice asked as I turned around only to see Karina walking over to me.

“Yeah, is that a problem?” I asked with my arms crossed and a raised eyebrow.

“For you guys, no. For me, obviously.” Karina replied rolling her eyes. “What about us Hunter?” she asked sadly.

“Karina, we never happened.” I replied.

“Well, we could’ve.” she replied shrugging.

“But we didn’t, Karina. Do this for both of our sakes; move on.” I replied.

“What do you like about her anyway? She isn’t even that pretty,” she replied.

“You’re right, she’s not pretty. She’s beautiful.” I replied before walking past her. “Also, Karina. That personality doesn’t really suit you.” I added, now a few inches away from her.

“Well, it’s gonna start suiting me soon. You better watch her back,” Karina chuckled which made me stop dead in my tracks.

“You wouldn’t dare to do anything to her.” I replied, if I remembered Karina, she was more like the all bark no bite kind of person.

“Are you sure about that?” she asked. “I guess we’ll have to see, won’t we?” she asked again followed by a chuckle before walking away.

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