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Chapter 5

I know I had a few days to think about being Hunter’s date to the party, but I just decided to answer it on the spot while it was being asked.

“I’m sorry Hunter, but no.” I replied.

“Aw, well. That’s kinda disappointing.. But okay, if that’s what you want then I’ll respect it.” he replied with a smile.

Friday After School

I waited at the front of the school waiting for my friend Quinn, and while I was waiting I was practically almost tackled to the ground by an excited Quinn.

“Mariaaa~!! Ready to go shopping?!” Quinn exclaimed excitedly.

I chuckled softly before responding with a, “Yes, of course I’m ready.”

We then started to walk towards the parking lot, speaking of parking lot.. Did you guys know Quinn has a car?! I sure didn’t! It was just a simple black 2007 Volkswagen Beetle convertible. Yes, I know my cars.

“Cute car.” I commented.

“Thanks, my Mom bought it for me as my 18th birthday present!” Quinn said with a smile as she unlocked her car and we both went in.

She had an aux cord and played music from her phone, which was exactly like my playlist!

“Baby, I like your style” I sang.

“Grips on your waist, front way back way” Quinn sang along.

“You know that I don’t play, streets not safe but I never run away even when I’m away” we both sang back and forth.

It didn’t take that long to make it to the mall, only like 20 minutes. And that whole 20 minutes we just kept singing along horribly to songs while Quinn drove.

The first place we stopped by was H&M, a lot of clothes and dress shopping there. Quinn was helping me choose what to wear to the party, and the clothes / dresses she chose was a little bit of out my comfort zone.

She wanted me to wear a white cropped strapless top followed by a royal blue flowy skirt that has a gold-ish belt with it. Oh yeah, and tan heels.

“I don’t know Quinn, wearing these to the party is kind of— out of my comfort zone.” I said. “I don’t think I’ll look good in it.” I added.

“Aw, don’t be silly Mari! You’ll look great, come on. Just try it on,” she replied. “For me?” she asked with a hopeful smile.

That hopeful smile. The same smile that got me going to this party in the first place.

“Ugh, fine…” I replied as she cheered happily and handed me the clothes as I went to the fitting room.

They actually looked really nice together though it was no surprise. It was Quinn after all, her taste in fashion was just amazing! And not only that, but the clothes fit me perfectly. After trying them on I changed back into my regular clothes and walked out, seeing a smile on Quinn’s face waiting for what I’d say about the clothes she picked out.

“It’s not bad.” I commented with a chuckle.

“Oh, shut up! You love it!” Quinn replied already knowing that I did.

“Okay, you’re right I do.” I replied with a small smile.

After me and Quinn had finished buying our dresses / outfits to the party tomorrow, she dropped me off.

The party tomorrow started at 8pm till whenever, it would have definitely been a long night.

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