You're Mine

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Chapter 50


Pft, who did Maria think she was? Stealing my man.. she’s not gonna get away with this so easily. For I have my ways to make her leave him, if not.. I guess it calls for drastic measures. Getting rid of her.

“Karina, have you seen Jason?” Kaylee asked.

“Not at all, I’ve never associated with him before. Even when him and that scum were together,” I replied scoffing.

“Scum? You mean, Maria?” she questioned.

“Yes, her. Who else?” I replied rhetorically.

“I can agree with you there, when I talked to her a second time she encouraged me to confess to Jason. Then the next thing I knew— they were dating!” Kaylee replied.

“Well, she has a new boyfriend now. Who was originally mine to begin with.” I replied.

“Really, who?” she asked looking at me.

“Hunter Evans, we weren’t officially together.. but I feel that if Maria hadn’t come along and grabbed his attention Hunter and I would be together by now.” I replied sighing.

“Ah, that sucks..” Kaylee replied, her attention then turned towards Jason passing by her. “Well, it was nice talking to you. If you need anything, let me know!” she added before walking over to Jason.

Honestly, Kaylee seemed like a lovesick puppy when it came to Jason. I wonder how long she’s liked him now.. I shrugged it off and walked around the halls, till I saw her. It was break, and Maria was standing outside a classroom looking like she was waiting for someone.

“Waiting for someone?” I asked walking over to her with a smile.

“Mhmm.” she hummed looking around.

“You know, I heard you and Hunter were official. Is that true?” I asked.

“Yes, it is.” she replied, now looking at me.

“Oh, that’s nice. Congrats,” I replied non enthusiastically. “But, I really think you should be careful around him. Before he moved to this school, he had this.. reputation.” I added dramatically.

She stayed quiet for a second before responding with, “What reputation?”

Even though this was a lie, I needed her to be scared of being with him.

“Oh, you didn’t know?” I asked gasping. “Before he moved here, he had this reputation of sleeping with girls and kicking ’em to the curb afterwards. Who knows, maybe you might be one. But it’s still too soon,” I chuckled.

“Were you one of the girls?” Maria asked.

“Me? Of course not, I was like his best friend. Why would he ever do something like that to someone he’s close to?” I asked. “If he did do that to me.. then I guess he never cared about me. But he didn’t,” I replied with a smile.

After chuckling at the last part, I heard footsteps of someone walking over and now standing beside me as I looked over to see Hunter with his arms crossed and a serious expression.

“Karina, is there a problem here?” he asked.

Ugh, way to be obvious. Sucking all the fun.

“Not at all Hunty~ I was just telling Maria a little fact about you, that’s all~” I responded flirtatiously with a smile.

“What did you tell her?” Hunter asked looking at me, then her who was looking down at the ground somewhat sad.

“I dunno, why don’t you ask your little lover girl? That is if she is comfortable saying so.” I replied with a smile. “Buh bye~!” I added turning my back towards the two and walking away with an evil smirk.

If me telling Maria that Hunter usually sleeps around with girls and kicking ’em out after sleeping with them doesn’t make her nervous.. I guess I’ll have to start phase 2 of separating them. If all else fails.. well, I guess you’ll just have to find out, won’t you?

As I walk down the halls, I spot Jason walking around with Kaylee as I smiled and went up to him enthusiastically saying, “Jason~! Haven’t you heard? Maria and Hunter are officially an item. How does that make you feel?” I asked.

“I mean, I’m not too happy about it. But, as long as she’s happy how I feel doesn’t really matter.” Jason replied shrugging.

“Eh? You don’t want to take her back— take her away from Hunter?” I questioned, considering I didn’t expect that response from him.

“I do want her back, but I’m not gonna do it by force. And why take her away from someone who possibly makes her happy?” he replied.

“I’m gonna go on a whim here and guess because Karina likes Hunter.” Kay replied practically joining in the conversation.

“Even if she did, it’s not my problem.” he replied chuckling softly before turning on his heels and walking away.

“Don’t mind Jason,” Kay chuckled softly as she watched him walk away. “I can help you destroy Hunter and Maria’s relationship.” she added with a bright smile.

“Why would you help me?” I questioned.

“Because, she got Jason stuck on her. Therefore, I don’t like her nor want to see her happy at all.” she replied shrugging.

“For you to wish unhappiness to a person you dislike, what a bad person you are..” I replied pursing my lips together. “Though, I’m fine with that for now. Because all I know is.. I want Hunter to be mine and only mine.” I added.


Honestly, all I could think about was the possible things Karina would do to separate me and Maria. I couldn’t just let this happen, I just got her to be mine.

“What did Karina tell you?” I asked Maria, she stayed quiet looking down at the ground.

“She told me you were the type of guy to sleep with a girl, and once you’re done with them you kick ’em to the curb.” she replied quietly.

I sighed, “Maria, what she said was not true.” I replied as she looked up at me. “Whatever she tells you about me that’s bad, don’t believe it.” I added.

“O-Okay.. I’m sorry I thought it was true to begin with,” she replied, the tone of her voice still soft as she looked down disappointedly.

I didn’t really do anything but step forward and give her a hug as she just laid her head on my chest hugging me back.

“There’s no need to apologize, you’re getting into another relationship after awhile and you’re just worried.” I replied sighing softly.

Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you… ever.

“Awwwww!” we both heard a familiar voice say as we turned our heads towards the person.

It was Rose, and she was taking pictures of us hugging. Talk about paparazzi. I bet if Kyle was with her, he’d be taking pictures too.

“Rose, you ruined the moment.” I told her straight up as she just chuckled softly.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t hold in my awe’s. You guys are just so cute together, like a perfect match.” she replied. “Also, I got some nice pictures of you two~!” she added enthusiastically.

I moved a bit towards Rose and whispered, “Send me the pictures.” as she laughed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be sure to send it to both of you guys. Maybe in a group chat.” she replied.

“Aye yoooo.” Cole greeted walking towards us with Jack and Kyle.

“Do you guys have any plans over the weekend?” Jack asked.

“I don’t,” Kyle replied as Cole and Rose said they didn’t either.

“I mean, I was about to make a plan with Maria but I can move it to another day or a day earlier so we can hangout with you guys.” I replied.

“Hm? Where were we gonna go?” she asked looking up at me.

“It’s a surprise, so my mouth is sealed.” I replied chuckling. “What’s going on during the weekend anyways?” I asked check.

“Our friend Mason is having a party at his house since his parents are gonna be away for the weekend. And he told me to invite a few friends,” Jack replied.

“What? Mason invited you?!” I asked, shocked I didn’t get a direct invite considering the three of us were once the three musketeers.

“Yeah, he texted me.” Jack replied chuckling.

“How come I didn’t get a text invite?” I asked.

“He said he had to invite other people so he told me to tell you about it. And to bring a few friends if we wanted.” he replied.

“A party? I’m down.” Cole replied.

“I’m in too,” Kyle replied.

“Same, I’ve never been to a party before.” Rose replied with a smile.

“You should’ve seen Maria at her first high school party.” I replied chuckling.

“I was a little woozy after a few drinks, but let’s not mention it…” Maria replied embarrassed.

Everyone chuckled at Maria’s response.

“Knowing Maria, it wasn’t just a little.” Ky replied looking away pursing his lips as she shot a glare at him.

“So, you’re all going?” Jack asked as we all nodded in agreement.

“Plus, Mason throws the best parties.” he mentioned, and honestly he really does. Whenever he throws a party, he goes all out.

“Maaan, what if he invites hot girls from his school? I hung out with him once, and this hot girl from his school talked to us.” Cole replied. “I think it’s gonna be fun mingling with them,” Cole added with a smirk.

“That smirk means he’s gonna get at them.” Jack replied laughing, as I did as well. We just know Cole this well.

“When is it?” I asked.

“It’s gonna be this Saturday, it starts at 6 and ends at 12.” Jack replied.

“Rose and I need to go shopping then,” Maria chuckled.

“Why? You look good in anything.” I replied.

“Shopping? Let’s go! I love shopping!” Rose replied enthusiastically.

“I guess if you two really want to go shop for clothes for the party, I can drive you.” I replied.

“Thank you Hunty~♡” Mari replied teasingly.

“Hunty? Don’t you mean babe?” Kyle asked as she quickly looked at him.

“Too soon for that..” she responded in a low tone slowly looking away.

“Whatever you say, Princess.” I replied chuckling with a smile as she covered her face.

She’s probably blushing really bad at that nickname, that’s why she’s covering her face. Am I right, or am I right?

“Seeeeee, Hunter gave you a nickname already and you’re just sticking with Hunty which sounds like honey boo boo.” Kyle replied. “Maybe you could call him Hun for short,” he added with a wink before chuckling.

“Okay, okay. Let’s not tease her with possible nicknames she could call me,” I laughed.

“Yes, let’s please not.” she replied pursing her lips as she looked over at us.

“When do you want to go shopping?” I asked.

“I don’t really know, do you think we can possibly go after school?” she asked.

“If you guys want too, I don’t see why not.” I replied chuckling softly.

“I’ll take Rose to the mall and we can meet you two there.” Jack said joining in. “Of course, only if it’s okay for me to go and if she wants to ride with me.” he added rubbing the back of his neck as he looked back at Rose.

“Honestly, you don’t have to ask if it’s okay to go.” Maria replied looking at him.

“I’m cool with riding with Jack, though.. I’m only letting Maria choose my outfits.” she replied. “I don’t really trust your guys’ taste.” she added.

“What? Because we’re guys all of a sudden we don’t know what would like good on a girl?” Jack questioned.

“Eh, well.. yes?..” she replied awkwardly.

“Okay, tell you what. I choose one outfit for you to wear, and if you don’t like that, then I have no taste in what girls would wear. Deal?” Jack asked looking at Rose holding a hand out to her for her to shake.

“Ha, fine. Deal!” Rose replied quickly with a smirk as she shook his hand.

“Can I choose your outfit too?” I asked Maria, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

“I trust your taste, so I don’t see why not.” she replied with a bright smile.

We still had a few more periods to go before school officially ended. And when it was over, to the mall we went! Rose was with Maria looking for outfits while I was with Jack looking for outfits for the girls.

“Huh, I think Maria would like this.” I stated holding up a gray flannel.

“That looks nice, just need to find a shirt that would go with it.” Jack replied looking at it for a second before getting back to looking for an outfit for Rose.

I looked and looked, then I found a red shirt I thought would go nicely with it. I don’t know if she had black shorts at her house, so I grabbed a pair just in case so she could style the full outfit. After about 15 minutes, they came back to us and we handed them what we found.

“Aw, this flannel and shirt looks so cute!” Maria said with a smile before taking the outfit.

“I thought they would suit you,” I replied with a small smile as she returned it.

Jack went with a more basic style for Rose. A black and white striped shirt with dark blue jeans, which honestly didn’t look bad.

“Thank you~” Rose said with a smile taking the outfit as she walked into the dressing room.

“No problem.” Jack replied with a smile.

Now, Jack and I just sat there waiting for them to finish trying out the outfits they picked out, and then the outfits we picked out. Maria was the first to step out, except she came out modeling the outfit. As did Rose.

“In all honesty, I can’t get enough of this outfit.” Maria replied happily. Looks like I know my girls style.

“I’m glad you like it.” I replied with a smile.

“This outfit is simple, yet cute.” Rose commented with a smile. “Looks like I’ve underestimated you,” she added chuckling.

“Looks like you have.” Jack replied chuckling as well then tried to give her a professional look as we all just laughed.

Basically, that’s it for the mall. The girls changed back into their clothes and ended up buying their outfits. I mean, we did offer to pay but they just wouldn’t let us. Maria only bought the flannel and top because she had shorts at home, and Rose did the same as well. I dropped off Maria while Jack dropped off Rose after we ate at the mall.

Once I got home and opened up the door, I heard chatter in the kitchen. It was my Mom talking with someone who sounded familiar to me. But, I had to confirm my suspicions. So after I locked the front door, I headed to the kitchen to see my Mom and…

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