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Chapter 52

After the party, I was still kind of drunk sooo.. Hunter took me to his house, again.

“Are you good?” Hunter questioned while I leaned in back in the passenger’s seat with a hand over my forehead.

“No. I have a headache.” I replied groaning.

“It’s because you always drink too much,” he replied sighing softly. “You need to cut down on drinks at parties.” he added.

“Nuuu. I need drinks so I can have fun, loosen up.” I replied looking at him with a small smile.

“Will it be worth it in the morning? Your headache’s only gonna get worse.” he replies.

“Hmmm...” I replied putting a finger on my cheek thinking. “I’ll get back to you on that another day.” I added followed by a soft chuckle.

We were almost at his house, but I fell asleep anyways since all that dancing tired me out.


By the time we arrived at my house, I looked to my right only to see a knocked out Maria. She was snoring loud too which made me laugh because it was somehow cute and funny.

“Maria, we’re here.” I said shaking her slightly, but nope she didn’t wake up, a heavy sleeper.

Instead, I got out the car and carried her out of the car and locking it afterwards as I walked to the front door and rung the doorbell. Mom should’ve been home by now.

Soon the door opened and it was just who I thought it was, my Mom.

“She’s sleeping over again?” Mom asked.

“Yeah, she’s drunk.. again.” I replied.

“Oh dear, come on in and get her to bed right away.” Mom replied opening the door wide as I stepped inside. “By the way, Ken’s upstairs playing video games in your room.” she added.

“Alright, thanks for letting me know.” I replied with a nod before heading upstairs to my room.

As I stood in front of the door, all I heard was a lot of shooting. When I opened the door and entered the room, she paused the game and looked at me, then the girl in my arms.

“Whoa. I had no idea you were the bringing home girls kind of type..” Ken said looking at me surprised. “I guess, I’ll leave you two to your business...” she added awkwardly getting up from my bed and walking towards the door.

“I’m not. This is my girlfriend, and she’s drunk. We just came back from a party, and I can’t take her to her house because she’ll get in trouble if she’s seen like this.” I replied.

She stopped when I mentioned girlfriend. “This is your girlfriend?! Can I talk to her? I wanna know what she’s like!” Ken bursted out with excitement.

“Maybe in the morning, right now she’s tired.. and pretty much asleep.” I replied. “Though, can you do me a favor and go downstairs and get me a glass of water for her?” I added.

“Sure thing!” she replied happily exiting the door then coming back few seconds later. “Also, I forgot to mention. She’s really pretty! Okay, be back!” she added leaving again.

When Ken left, I walked over to the bed and laid her down and walked away a bit she moved a little groaning in agony.

“Hunterrrr.” she groaned as I looked back at her and walked over to her again.

“Yes?” I replied looking down at her.

“Come here, kneel to my height.” she replied, which made me wonder why I had to do so.. but I kneeled down on the floor anyways and placed my arms on the bed and my chin over my arms as I looked at her. She was laying on her side looking at me.

“You good?” I asked as she shook her head. “What do you need?” I asked again.

“Can I get a kiss?” she asked tiredly.

“I would give you one, but I’d like to know why first.” I replied looking into her tired eyes.

“Becauseee.. I wanna know what it feels like.” she replied. “So can I get one?” she asked a bit drunkly while smiling.

“A kiss? Okay.” I replied getting up, she puckered her lips but I just kissed her forehead.

“Hey! I meant on da lips!” she replied pointing at her lips while pouting.

“I wanna make your first kiss special, so no.” I replied looking down at her with my arms crossed as she just turned away facing the wall. “Come on, don’t act like that.” I added.

Minutes later, Kennedy arrived with the glass of water and handed it to me.

“What took you so long?” I asked.

“Oh, uhh.. I went downstairs and saw some cookies so I might’ve ate some before getting the water..” she replied looking away.

“Ah, okay. Thank you,” I replied.

“Also, Mom said to tell you that dinner is ready and to eat whenever you want too.” she replied.

“Alright, thank you. I’ll be down in a bit.” I replied as she walked out the room.

I kneeled down and looked at Maria’s back, only because she was facing the wall.

“If you’re still awake, I suggest you drink some water before going back to sleep.” I said.

No reply.

“I guess you’re asleep, goodnight and sweet dreams Princess.” I added before heading downstairs to eat dinner.

Kennedy was sleeping over the weekend, as part of the deal Mom and Dad made. Though, she slept on the couch downstairs. After eating dinner, I went back to my room only to notice the glass of water was empty. She was probably pretending to be asleep. As usual, I set up where I was gonna sleep on the floor beside my bed and there I tried to sleep.

// Next Morning \\

“Goood morning~!” Maria said loudly looking down at me with a big smile.

“How can you be so cheerful with such a headache? I bet your head’s killing you right now..” I replied.

“I took some medicine earlier, so my head doesn’t hurt that bad.” she replied.

“Around what time?” I questioned sitting up as I looked at her.

“Around.. I think 9am.” she replied.

“What time is it now?” I asked.

“It’s 11am, so if you don’t get up you’re gonna miss breakfast!” she replied walking out the door as I slowly got up and headed downstairs as well.

“Morning big brother!” Ken greeted with a smile. “I met Maria just now, and I like her already! She’s really nice.” she added.

“Ah, that’s nice. I had a feeling you two would get along.” I replied walking over to them in the kitchen.

“Yup~! Also, I made pancakes for you guys for breakfast!” Ken replied enthusiastically gesturing towards the stack of pancakes on a plate with a smile.

“Wha? You can cook now?” I questioned grabbing four plates from the cabinet.

“Well.. I just learned how to cook pancakes, Mom taught me just now.” she replied.

“Mom was always a good cook.” I replied.

“Thank you guys,” Mom replied with a smile.

I handed the girls their plates, and by the time Maria got her pancakes you better bet she devoured it within 3 minutes.

“Maria’s a hungry one isn’t she?” Mom asked followed by a chuckle.

“That and she just really loves food.” I replied.

“Can we do something today? I don’t just wanna be home.” Ken mentioned.

“Sure, what would you like to do?” Mom asked.

“Maybe go to a museum? Or oooh! An art gallery! I love looking at beautiful art!” Ken replied cheerfully.

“I think I know just the place.” I replied looking at the two with a smile.

“Maria, would you like to come with us?” Mom asked with a smile.

“I don’t wanna intrude family time..” Maria replied looking over at her with a surprised look.

“You wouldn’t be intruding at all, and I think Kennedy would like for you to go with us as well.” Mom replied, the smile still remaining on her face.

“Well, if you insist on me going then I’d be happy to.” Maria replied with a smile.


We drove to an art gallery all the way in San Francisco. I think you guys have heard of it, it was called MOMA aka Museum of Modern Art. Of course, I drove us all the way there. By the time we entered, Kennedy scattered all over the place while we just followed her around.

“Oh my gosh, these art looks so beautiful!” Kennedy said cheerfully taking pictures.

“Not as beautiful as the art standing next to me,” I replied referring to Maria.

“Thank you, though I’m not as beautiful as any art in this building.” she replied with a soft chuckle.

“Come on, Maria and Hunter I’ll take a picture of you two then the two siblings.” Mom replied.

“Okay, thank you~!” Maria replied smiling as we got close and took a picture.

Then, Kennedy and I took a picture.

“I’ll take a picture of you three.” Maria said with a smile as my Mom handed her phone to her as she took a picture.

“Thank you.” Mom replied with a small smile taking her phone back from her as we just continued walking around.

While Maria was admiring the art, I was admiring her. Cheesy, I know no need to point it out if you guys were about too..

After looking around for a bit, we went out to eat lunch. My Mom and little sister seemed to love having Maria around, from time to time they’d ask her random questions to get to know her a bit better. We just ate pizza. Anyways, I’d go on and on about went on today but that’s too much. So let’s skip to when we dropped of Maria.

“Bye Mari~! See you next time hopefully!” Kennedy said waving with a smile.

“See you next time Ken!” Maria replied with a smile.

“Thank you for coming with us,” Mom replied with the same smile as Kennedy.

“Thank you for having me.” Maria replied with the same smile on her face.

I looked at her through the open window in the passenger’s seat. “I’m picking you up tomorrow for school, okay Princess?” I replied.

“Okay, see you tomorrow!” she replied now walking to the front door of her house.

When she was at her front door, she turned back and looked at me in the car.

“You know you don’t have to wait for me, right Hunter!” she yelled out, even though it was dark it wasn’t hard to tell she chuckled.

“I’m not driving away till you’re inside the house!” I yelled back at her, then I saw some light as she opened the door and headed inside. That’s when I drove us home.

When we got home, after an hour of Kennedy staying a bit Dad picked her up.


// M o n d a y \\

I was hoping telling Maria all that nonsense about Hunter would drive them apart, but I guess it didn’t work at all considering today they were still together and holding hands. In all honesty, it pissed me off.

“Kari, are you okay?” Friend A asked.

“No, that little bitch is still with my Hunter.” I replied, a hint of anger in the tone of my voice.

Also, I’m doing the Friend A and Friend B thing for now because you guys don’t need to know their names. Yet..

“I don’t get it, why don’t you just tell her straight up that you like Hunter? Maybe she’ll back off,” Friend B replied.

“Ugh. I highly doubt it,” I reply “Though, it’s worth a try. What if she doesn’t end things with him though?” I asked sighing.

“Then I guess you’ll have to give her a little threat. I mean, if she’s afraid she’ll have to back off eventually, right?” Friend B asked.

“Yeah, I agree with you.” Friend A replied. “Make it something like, ‘I’ll give you 3 days to end the things with Hunter. And if you don’t; then prepare for the worst year of your life.’ then end it with a smile.” Friend A added followed by a chuckle.

“Mhm! You need to show her what happens when she disobeys Karina Valentina.” Friend B replied with a smirk.

“Okay, I hear you girls. Maybe I’ll do just that.” I replied with a smirk followed by a chuckle.

Maria better surrender soon, for I have so many things planned if she chooses not to.

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