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Chapter 53

“Leave me be girls, I’d rather talk with Maria alone about it all.” I said with my arms crossed as the two walked away.

I walked down the halls and went back to the same spot I saw Maria waiting for Hunter again. I bet she’s still there waiting.. and she was, by herself still also.

“Heyyy, Maria!” I greeted giving her a fake smile as I walked over to her.

“Karina.” she replied giving me a stern look.

“Oh, come on! Why that face?” I questioned.

“You lied to me about Hunter, why?” she questioned with her arms crossed.

“Okay, so some parts might’ve been a lie.” I replied shrugging it off. “And I did it because I thought that would make you leave Hunter.” I added with a small smile.

“What? Why would you try to make me leave Hunter?” Maria questioned again.

Gosh. This girl is really slow, isn’t she? I just don’t see what Hunter sees in her. She’s completely stupid and not even pretty.

“Ugh. How slow can you be?” I replied with an annoyed tone. “I’m in love with Hunter, and I want you to back off.” I added.

“Okay.. and if I refuse too?” she asked.

“If you refuse to, I’m gonna make your life a living hell.” I replied with a smile. “So, what do you say? Deal or no deal?” I asked.

“No deal, you can’t have him.” she replied.

“And why can’t I? It’s a good trade, your life stays happy and not miserable, and I can have Hunter. Plus, I’m sure he’d leave you after 2 months.” I laughed. “You know, get bored of you~” I added with a smile.

“Why, you ask? Because he’s mine. And I’m his.” she replied boldly. “And I’m willing to accept that risk,” she added.

I looked around and at the corner of the hallway, I saw Hunter. I had to make this quick if I didn’t want him to know I talked to Maria. The hallway was filled with students trying to get to some place. Therefore, I turned my attention back to her.

“I’ll give you 3 days to end things with him. And if you haven’t yet, then prepare for your life being a living hell.” I replied smiling. “Bye bye~!” I added cheerfully walking away.


As Karina walked away, I had a glum expression as she threatened to make my life a living hell if I didn’t end things with Hunter. But she was only bluffing, right?

“Hey, Princess.” Hunter greeted with a smile which faded away quickly when he saw the expression displayed on my face. “Are you okay? You look a bit upset about something.” he added looking down at me.

“Huh?” I replied looking up at him. “Oh, um-- I’m okay. Just thinking about things.” I added followed by a chuckle.

But he still continued examining me.

“Oh yeah, what are you thinking about?” he questioned, as if trying to get me to say whatever was wrong.

I stayed quiet, not wanting to tell him just yet and not wanting to lie to him either. But wait, I already lied when I said I was okay.. then again, who doesn’t lie about being okay when their really not?

After staying quiet for a long time, he just said, “It’s okay. You don’t have to tell me now, you can tell me when you’re ready.”

“Thank you.” I replied, our gazes still looked onto each other. The whole time I was looking into his eyes, all I could see was worry.

But, Karina has to be bluffing. I don’t want to tell him any false information, considering she hasn’t tried anything yet. Except the lie.

• After School •

I was walking with Hunter to his car, it’s been like that lately. Him giving me rides to and from school even if my house is just nearby.

“Are you busy on Wednesday?” Hunter asked, glancing at me a bit then away.

“Besides school, nope.” I replied chuckling. “Why, what’s up?” I questioned looking at him with a smile then away.

“I wanna take you out to dinner, and out on a first date.” he replied.

“Dinner? But, it’s a school night.. and I don’t think my Mom will let me.” I replied.

“I’ll ask her if it’s fine with her, and if it’s not then we can reschedule it to Friday night.” he replied with a small smile.

He unlocked his car, walked in front of the passenger’s seat and opened the door as I stepped in then he closed it and walked over to the driver’s seat.

“So, I was never asked about going on a first date yet...” I mentioned looking at the window, waiting for him to ask as he laughed.

“Will you go out on a date with me?” he replied chuckling a bit before smiling and looking over at me before starting the car.

“I don’t know, you’ll have to persuade me.” I teased, now looking at him with a playful smile.

“There’s gonna be food and a strawberry milkshake you like so much.” he replied with a brow raised, knowing I’d say yes.

“Well then.. you had me at food and strawberry milkshake, so yes.” I replied laughing softly as he did too.

By the time we got to my house, he asked my Mom right away if it was okay for him to take me to dinner on Wednesday.

“It’s fine with me, as long as you have her home before midnight.” Mom said with a smile.

“Don’t worry, I’ll have her home before midnight.” Hunter replied with a nod and small smile.

“Thank you for dropping me off!” I replied with a smile waving as he walked back to his car.

“I always do!” he yelled back chuckling, honestly it was easy to tell when he was laughing from afar because you’d be able to see the way his lips curve.

// W e d n e s d a y \\

Do you guys remember when he said he would take me to Cheesecake? Wellll, he took me there today on our first date! And let me just say.. the restaurant was BIG like.. the servings of food. What were you guys thinking?

“Yaaaay! Strawberry milkshake!” I said enthusiastically taking the straw and putting it into my milkshake while taking a sip.

“You’re so cute.” Hunter laughed. “I’m gonna take a picture of you.” he added taking out his phone, but I just continued taking sips from my drink.

Though he was still taking pictures.. so I picked my drink and stuck my tongue out and also tried to look really happy about my milkshake.

“Can I see the pictures?” I asked trying to take a peek at the pictures as he moved his phone away from me.

“You can see them when I post it on Instagram.” he replied with a smile.

I took out my phone and was about to go on Instagram until---

“I didn’t post them yet, after dinner our date isn’t complete yet.” he mentioned.

“Hm? Where are we gonna go after?” I asked.

“It’s night time, and I know a good view.. or sight that might amaze you. Of course, you’ve had to have seen them before.” he replied looking at me with a smile.

“Aww, that’s the only hint I can get?” I questioned pouting.

“Yes. Just wait till we get there,” he replied laughing a bit.

After talking for a bit and listening to his cheesy pick up lines...

“Do you have a name or can I just call you mine?” Hunter asked followed by a playful wink as I laughed softly at how cheesy that pick up line was.

Our food then arrived, we both ordered pasta. And it was veryyy delicious! I paid for part of the check, simply because I didn’t want him to pay.. again for everything like he usually tries to do. But this time, he didn’t stop me. Probably wouldn’t be able to stop me from paying anyway.

As we walked out the restaurant, he took out his phone and checked the time. “I think we’ll make it on time.” he mentioned while we continued walking to the car.

Hunter drove us to this place, we were outside of the place which made me confused.

“Where are we?” I questioned looking over at him, then back to the kind of tall wall in front of us.

“We’re in front of a fair ending soon, and I brought you here to see the--” he was cut off by a crackling noise and beautiful colors igniting the night sky.

“Wow, so pretty!” I replied with a bright smile while watching the fireworks light up the beautiful night sky.

“Eh, I know someone a lot prettier then these fireworks.” Hunter replied probably shrugging after answering.

I blinked a bit when I saw flash from beside me, he was taking pictures of me. And I guess the rest was without flash. But I didn’t mind him taking pictures of me at all.

Once we were sure the fireworks ended, he drove me back to my house. By now, it was already 10pm. I had a little jam out session in the car.. before casually falling asleep in the passenger’s seat of course.

I felt someone shaking me a bit and whispering, “Princess, wake up we’re here.”

And so I woke up and sat up properly yawning while looking outside the window to see my house then I looked at Hunter.

“Thank you for today, I had a great time.” I said tiredly with a smile.

“I’m glad you did,” he replied with a smile.

I stepped out the car and tiredly said, “Goodnight, drive safely and call me when you’re home. Okay?” before closing the car door, but before it was fully closed.

I heard him say, “Goodnight Princess.”

Heh, Princess.. am I really in a fairytale? Will I get a happily ever after? I don’t know.


Three days had passed already, and yes I counted the day I told her to end things with Hunter. But, did she? No. She was probably out with him today. If I wanna separate Maria and Hunter, I’ll need the help of someone who he’d never suspect...

And that’s where I found myself standing in front of someone’s house. I kept in touch with her, and I texted her telling her I needed to talk with her in person so here I was now.

I took out my phone and called her telling her I was already here, after a few minutes she had opened the door.

“Come in.” she said opening the door the fully as I stepped inside and she closed the door behind me. “What did you need to talk with me about?” the female questioned.

“I need your help breaking up Maria and Hunter. And I need to be someone they would never suspect.” I responded.

“Why are you asking me?” she questioned.

“Because, they’d never suspect you.” I replied.

“No, I mean why are you asking me to help you break up Maria & Hunter?” she asked again.

“Because! I had him first, he was suppose to be mines to begin with.” I replied. “Plus, you and I both know it’s me and Hunter that belongs together. I bet you’ve wanted us together before as well,” I added.

No response.

“So, will you help me?” I questioned with my arms crossed with a small grin displayed on my face awaiting her response.

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