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Chapter 54

“So, will you help me?” I questioned with my arms crossed with a small grin displayed on my face awaiting her response.

“Will I help you destroy Hunter and Maria’s relationship?” she questioned. “The answer is obviously no.” she replied.

“But-- Kennedy!” I complained stomping like a child who didn’t get what they want.

“But nothing, they’re happy. He’s happy; I don’t wanna mess with his happiness. Plus, Maria seems like a cool girl.” she replied.

“She isn’t! She’s nothing but a man stealer,” I replied turning my back towards with her with my arms crossed.

“Karina, you’re older than me and you’re acting like a child. This needs to stop, just leave them alone.” Ken replied.

“Hmph! If you won’t help me, then I guess I’ll have to do these things on my own!” I reply before heading towards the door exiting as she just closed and locked the door behind me.

Maria will most definitely be miserable. I will make her feel like shit every chance I get. She was the reason my opportunity to be with Hunter got away, she was the reason he didn’t want me anymore... and Kennedy took her side, not mines! For fucks sake, I’ve known her since she was little! This is all because of Maria...

And I’ll make sure she ends up hurting.


The following morning, Rose had school so I cooked my lil sis some breakfast. I heard footsteps coming from the stairs, but continued cooking like I didn’t hear them.

“Oh no.. you’re cooking me breakfast, this is not a good sign.” Rose said walking over to me in the kitchen.

“How is it bad? Can’t an older brother just care for his lil sis?” I questioned laughing.

“Yes and no. What do you want?” she asked.

“Come onnnnn. You can’t possibly think I want something.” I replied as I looked over at her only to see her looking at me with her arms crossed and a raised eyebrow.

“Okay, maybe I do want something.” I replied casually looking away before looking at her again.

“I knew it!” Rose exclaimed. “What do you want?” she questioned again.

So.. how would I say I wanna see Maria again without her thinking something suspicious?.. I can’t think of a way right now, so..

“Nothing. But, if you wanna go out anywhere you should let me know.” I replied.

“Really?! If there’s anywhere I wanna go, can I invite Maria?” she asked with a bright smile.

Heck yeah, score!

“Sure, I don’t see why not.” I replied shrugging casually. “Now hurry up and eat your breakfast, you’re gonna be late to school.” I added walking over to a cabinet to get my keys.

Even though I mentioned her possibly being late to school, she still took her time. By the time she was done 10 minutes later we arrived at her school, she wasn’t late though. The first bell didn’t even ring yet.

“Thanks for the ride bro!” Rose said while opening the door.

“No problem, call me when you need to get picked up or have any last minute plans. I need to know where my lil sis is at, at all times.” I replied looking over at her.

“Gotcha! Bye!” she replied leaving the passenger’s seat and shutting the door after.

A few minutes after she went in, I just happened to see Maria heading towards the entrance of her school. What did I do? I exited the car andddd...

“Hey, Maria!” I called out while waving as she looked back at me and waved back.

I then motioned for her to come over here as she did.

“Hey, what’re you doing at my school?” Maria questioned looking up at me with her lips pursed in a confused matter.

“Oh, I just dropped Rose off.” I replied. “I was about to leave, but then I just so happened to see you. So, I thought why not talk to mon amour for a bit?” I added chuckling.

When I glanced behind her, I saw Hunter just looking at the both of us. He looked.. jealous? After glancing over, my attention was back on Maria once again.

“Well, that’s nice.” she replied. “Also, please do not call me that. I am not your love; I have a boyfriend.” she added with hand motions.

“I know, I just wanted to see your reaction if I said something like that. And.. what you would say.” I replied laughing awkwardly before rubbing the back of my neck.

After Hunter had stood around for a few short minutes.. damnit, why couldn’t it be longer?! He decided to come up to us and get Maria.

“Ah, there you are Princess.” Hunter said walking over looking down at her, then me.

“Yeah, sorry.. Beck wanted to talk with me about something.” she replied.

“Anything, I guess.” I replied for her with a smile. “Two friends taking isn’t a problem, right?” I questioned him.

“Of course not,” Hunter replied. “I never said it was a problem in the first place, so I don’t know why you would bother bringing it up.” he added calmly.

This guy’s reallyyy trying to make sure his jealousy of Maria talking to other guys not show.. bet! I can break his calm composure one of these days.

“Oh you know, sometimes jealousy takes over and you just.. lose it.” I replied shrugging looking over at him then Maria. “I’m gonna go now, you have a good day Maria.” I added before getting back inside my car and driving on home.


“I’m sorry,” Maria apologized with her lips pursed as she looked down at the ground.

“What for?” I questioned surprised, because honestly.. I didn’t know what she was apologizing for.

“For talking with Beck, I know you find him annoying.” she replied.

“Honestly, I do find him annoying.” I replied bluntly, practically telling her straight up. “But, he’s your friend. And if he’s your friend, I’m not gonna tell you to stay away.” I added.

I’m not gonna be like Jason, I’m definitely not gonna make her choose between me and one of her friends. I don’t wanna be like him. Though, it’s not like she’ll see Beck often since he’s practically not in the same school as us.

After dropping her off to her class, I headed to mine and tried to pay attention in class. Yeah.. while trying to ‘pay attention’ in class, I might have fell asleep.. only because the teacher was somewhat really boring.

“Hunter, class is over.” I heard a female voice say as she slightly shook me.

“Okay, thanks.” I replied raising my head to look at who the girl was.

It was confirmed.. that I did not know who this girl was at all.

“No problem.” she replied with a smile before grabbing her things and walking out.

I too, took my stuff and practically rushed to meet up with Maria at her class. When I approached her she looked at me with a smile.

“How was class?” she questioned.

“It was boring, I might’ve fell asleep in class while trying to pay attention.” I replied. “How bout you, how was yours?” I asked.

“We’re reviewing for an upcoming test next week on Wednesday, and we have questions that may be similar to the test.” she replied.

“Are you gonna be practicing the reviews with anyone in your class?” I questioned. “It might be easier too,” I suggested.

“Yeah, I’m reviewing the questions with Rose this weekend. I’m gonna sleepover at her house for the weekend to do the review.” she replied.

Maria sleeping over at Rose’s house ; Rose is that Beck guy’s little sister. Oh gosh, here comes the overthinking. I can’t let it show.

“That’s good.” I replied with a small smile, trying not to show how uncomfortable I felt about her sleeping over at her house.

Why you may ask? The first time I encountered this Beck guy, he said to her, “You should sleepover again, I’ll be sure you have a great time next time!” and that makes me uncomfortable. But I know if he ever tried something on her.. that she would tell me.

Basically, after classes I was with Maria and our friends. Not a lot happened during school. Buuutt, after school we decided to hangout altogether and go to Scandia!

“What should we do first?” Rose questioned.

“First things first! We should eat some pizza because I’m hungry.” Cole replied.

“I’m with Cole on this one.” I chuckled as we all entered one after the other.

“Me and Rose can find a spot for all of us.” Maria mentioned.

“Alright, we’ll go find you guys.” Jack replied as they all nodded and started finding seats for us while we ordered the pizza.

After ordering pizza, we walked around the areas with of course tables and chairs. And what was the first thing we see when we had finally found them? Two guys all over me and Jack’s future girl.


Once me and Rose had finally found a table, I just started talking with Rose about her and Jack and when I did she was all blushy.

“You and Jack have been talking for a bit now, do you think it’ll be official anytime soon?” I questioned looking at her with a smile.

“I’m hoping,” she replied followed by a soft chuckle. “But it’s all gonna take some time.” she added calmly.

“I already thought of a ship name for you guys! It’s kinda funny though.” I replied with a small grin just thinking about the ship name.

“Oh yeah, what?” she asked with a raised eyebrow while looking at me with her arms on the table.

“Rose plus Jack equals.. rock!” I laughed. “Or rack, or jose, and jase whichever suits your liking.” I added shrugging.

“Wow. Honestly, I’m not too sure myself.” she replied laughing. “You and Hunter though, hmm..” she added making a thinking face. “Ooh! How about Munter or Huria?!” she exclaimed with a small smile.

“Those ship names sound interesting.” I replied with a smile.

Anyways, we were just minding our own business waiting for our mans and Cole to find us with the pizza, until...

“Hey,” some guy greeted me from me behind. “I lost my number, can I have yours?” he asked.

“Hey!” I replied enthusiastically while turning around. “No, so bye!” I added with a smile.

“Awww, come on.” the guy replied.

“No means no.” Rose replied shooting a glare at him as another guy happened to appear.

“Excuse him, he thinks he’s a chick magnet.” the other guy said. “Clearly, he’s not.” he added looking over at his friend.

“There’s seems to be too many people here at the table, what’s up?” Hunter asked looking at the two guys while walking over to us with Cole and Jack.

“Just a misunderstanding,” the guy with white hair and blue eyes replied.

“Ale, Bry!” a girl with black and auburn ombre hair on the bottom of her hair called out walking over to the two guys that approached us as she looked down at us then two guys.

“Sorry if these two caused you any trouble, they tend to be a bit troublesome at times.” she said with her lips pursed.

“Psh, I wasn’t troublesome. I was trying to keep Bry out of trouble, but I clearly failed.” the guy nicknamed Ale replied.

“Yeah, that’s not the only thing you fail at.” the guy named Bry replied laughing.

“Haha, that was a good one!” Cole replied laughing along with the Bry guy.

“Really Cole?” Jack replied. “You barely know the guy and you’re already agreeing.” he added.

“Looks like we both have that one idiotic friend, huh?” Ale asked Jack.

“I guess so.” Jack replied sighing.

“Well, we’re gonna get going!” the girl replied. “Cas is waiting for us to do the racing.” she told the guys.

“Racing? I’m in, let’s go!” Bry replied dashing out of the room.

“If you run into anyone, that’s on you!” Ale called out to Bry as he walked side by side with the girl until they were out of sight.

“The girl seemed really nice.” I commented.

“Yeah, I agree. And pretty also” Rose replied.

“Yeah, I agree too. Now let’s go eat!” Cole replied taking a seat as did Hunter & Jack.

Need I say more? We ate the pizza till it was practically demolished and played a few games in the Arcade before actually laser tag. There we saw the same people from earlier, plus one more guy and more girl.

“Oh hey, it’s you guys!” the girl greeted walking over to us with a small smile.

“Yeah, are you guys gonna do free for all?” Rose questioned.

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t make a good team with any of the guys here. Except Jo.” she replied pointing at the girl we haven’t met.

“You and I would make a good team,” Cole replied flirtatiously walking over to her.

Some other guy saw and heard it which caused him to walk over and put an arm around her.

“Yeah, I don’t think so dude.” the guy replied. “This is my girl." he added.

“What did I tell you? We’re not a thing, just friends!” she replied moving his arm away before walking away.

“Deny it all you want, you will be my girl one day!” the guy called out before looking at us. “Anyways, see you guys in there. Buuut.. prepare to be rekt.” he laughed before going the same direction the girl did.

Anyways, we gave the person our Scandia cards so we could play laser tag & did free for all. We definitely saw most of them in there. And there were a lot hiding, especially me. Which made it easier to get them!

“Aw, damnit Mari!” Cole said as I shot his vest.

I don’t wanna go further into detail, but just know from 1st to 3rd place was...

1) Castiel
2) Maria
3) Hunter

Though, I had no idea who this Castiel person was.. but hey! I beat my boyfriend! Score!

“My Princess got a higher score than me..” Hunter replied sulking as we walked out of the laser tag room to meet the other players.

“Yeah man, you suck.” Jack replied.

“Shut up, you got 6th place.” he replied.

“Good game guys!” the girl from before approached us before looking at the board with our scores & rank.

“Yeah, good game.” I replied with a smile.

“Who’s Maria & Hunter?” the girl asked.

“I’m Maria,” I replied. “And Hunter is my boyfriend over here.” I added as she looked over at him.

“The one sulking?” she questioned followed by a chuckle.

“Yeah, that one.” I replied with a laugh. “If I may ask, who’s Castiel?” I questioned.

“That would be me,” a guy with dark brown hair with hints of light brown & blue eyes replied trying to look cool.

“Well, might as well introduce ourselves.” the other girl replied chuckling. “I’m Joanna, my friends call me Jo for short.” she introduced herself with a smile.

“I’m Elaine, Laine or Lainey for short.” the other girl named Elaine replied.

“I’m Alec, and this guy that tried hitting on you earlier is Bryson.” the guy named Alec replied introducing the other guy as well.

“Well, I’m Maria.” I introduced.

Okay, let’s skip to after the introducing..

“What school do you guys go to?” Jo asked.

“We all go to Roosevelt High, how about you guys?” Rose asked.

“Arrowsmith High.” Lainey replied with a smile. “Our schools aren’t that far from each other, maybe we should all hangout sometime.” she added the smile remaining.

“That sounds like a nice idea!” Cole replied. “What’s your number?” he asked taking his phone out walking over to her before she stopped him from getting any closer.

“I’m only exchanging contact info with Maria and Rose, sorry.” Elaine replied shrugging.

Damn, Cole hella got rejected. Like Bry got rejected with me, ha!

“It’s only because she’s loyal to Castiel. After all, she is his girl.” Bry replied.

“But she said earlier that she wasn--” Cole was cut off by Lainey.

“I’m not his girl. I’m just his friend whom he happens to like.” she replied.

“Correction. You’re not my girl yet. You’re just hiding your feelings for me.” Castiel replied.

After I exchanged contact info with Elaine, we hung out with our new friends for a bit before they had to leave. They all seemed nice, and pretty much fun to be around. Many hours later, we headed home! And the first thing that happened when I got home was Kyle was calling me.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Maria! I need your help with something!” Kyle replied practically sounding frustrated.

“What do you need help with?” I questioned.

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