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Chapter 56


Most of the time during the ride, I would have my arms wrapped around her so she wouldn’t be cold as she did the same with me. I looked down at all the lights from the fair, then looked down at her. Right here, right now was the perfect moment to make a move on her. And that’s just what I did as I moved closer to her and gently yet slowly cupped her cheek leaning in as our lips were only inches apart.

Right here, right now would’ve been the perfect moment for us to have our first kiss. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen because right when we were about to the ride operator stopped us at the bottom and it was kind of awkward from there for a bit.

“So, about that almost kiss earlier..” Maria murmured shyly playing with her fingers as we walked to the car.

“Let’s rekindle that moment later,” I replied chuckling a bit as I glanced over and she looked away shyly, probably blushing.. score!

When we made it back to the car, I drove her home she was surprisingly awake most of the time just looking out the window.

“I’ve realized I have never seen any stars around here before.” she commented leaning against the window.

“They probably don’t bother to shine because they can never outshine you.” I replied.

“That’s so not true. A million stars would be far more shinier, and prettier.” she replied.

“Not in my perspective.” I replied.

Maria stayed quiet for a bit before speaking up again during the car ride.

“I know we’ve been dating for a short while, but you don’t have to be so kind.” she mentioned, I felt her eyes on me.

“What do you mean?” I questioned.

“We’re in a relationship, AND best friends! Be kind one minute, and the other.. roast the heck out of me!” she replied followed by a chuckle.

“Do you not remember me roasting your pizza pajama pants?” I asked chuckling softly.

“Yes, but that was once.” she replied. “If you roast me, I’ll roast ya right back.” she laughed.

“I wanna hear your roast first.” I replied.

“Me first? Okay,” she replied thinking. “You’re a tomato.” she added.

“Oh, so I’m yummy?” I questioned followed by a chuckle.

“Uh, err..” she replied trying to come up with something, but came up with nothing.

After 30 minutes of driving her home, we had finally arrived at her house.

“Thank you for today, I had fun.” Maria stated with a smile as she opened the door, about to exit the car.

But, I felt like something was missing.. so I grabbed her arm before she could leave as she turned to me THEN I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the lips. When I pulled away, her cheeks were flushed.

I chuckled, “Now whose a tomato?” I asked.

“Certainly not me.” she replied looking away, only because she knew her cheeks were heating up from that one little kiss.

“Whatever you say.” I replied shrugging. “Goodnight, tomato.” I laughed and ended up with a smile as she exited the car.

“Goodnight.” she replied closing the door behind her as she headed to her front door.

You know me, I waited till she got inside so I know she’s safe and once I saw her inside, I drove away and headed back home. When I made it home, I headed straight for my bed and stared up at the ceiling reflecting on things that had happened today. In all honesty, this was a really good day for me and I hope it was the same for her as well.

// N e x t D a y , W e d n e s d a y \\

I had woken up around 6:30am to take a nice, hot LONG shower and just relax before the day had officially begun. After drying up my hair and getting dressed I headed down for some breakfast, only to see Kennedy there.

“Ken? I thought you only visit on the weekends.” I mentioned as I walked over to her and Mom in the kitchen. “And I’m pretty sure I’m supposed to visit this weekend.” I added.

“Surprise! I moved to your school!” Ken replied enthusiastically with hand motions. “I also wanted to ride with you on my first day of my new school, so Dad dropped me off here.” she replied with a small smile.

I just stared at her for a second before replying with a, “You know what, I’m hungry. I’ll talk with you later in the car after I eat.”

While I was eating, I received a text from Maria saying she didn’t need a ride today because her Mom was taking her to school for today. Which leaves me with talking to Kennedy.

After Kennedy and I had finished eating, we walked over to my car and started heading to school. But even so, I still talked with her.

“What happened?” I questioned, my eyes still glued on the road.

“What do you mean? Nothing happened.” she replied chuckling a bit.

Nope, I don’t believe her one bit.

“How are things with you and that guy you’re talking too?” I asked, waiting for a response but Ken just remained silent. “Did I hit a bullseye?” I questioned glancing at her a bit before turning my head back to the road.

She stayed a bit longer before sighing and replying with, “Yeah.”

“Okay, I’ll need an explanation before I kick someone’s ass.” I replied.

She laughed at my reply. “I’ll tell you later, I wanna enjoy my first day at my new school.” Kennedy replied.

“If you say so,” I replied shrugging.

“Can I steal Maria from time to time? I wanna hangout with her, and get to know my future sister in law better.” Ken replied enthusiastically.

“Let’s not jinx my future, please.” I replied.

“Eh, I’m just hoping. She seems really nice, and just--” she paused. “Right for you.”

After 15 minutes of driving and taking with Kennedy, we finally made it to school. First person she noticed? Maria talking with other friends near the entrance.

“Mariaaa!!” Kennedy called out happily running towards her and giving her a hug while Maria looked surprised but hugged her back as I walked over towards the group.

“Who’s this?” Rose questioned looking down at the 16 year old girl.

“This is Kennedy, my little sister.” I replied. “Starting today, she’s attending here.”

“Really?” Mari questioned. “Well, welcome to Roosevelt Ken!” she greeted with a smile.

“Thank you.” Ken replied returning the smile. “Big brother, can you show me to the counseling office? I need to get my schedule there.” she added.

“I can show Ken to the office, if you like.” Maria offered.

“I’m cool with going with Maria.” Kennedy replied looking at me with a smile.

“Alright, go on ahead you two. I’ll see you later, Princess.” I replied as they walked away.

“That’s your little sister?” Cole asked.

“Yeah, why?” I questioned with a brow raised as I crossed my arms looking at him.

“How old is she?” Cole asked again.

“I’m not gonna tell you until you give me an explanation as to why you want to know.” I replied, clearly knowing why he wants to know.

“Your lil sis is cute,” he replied.

“Cole, I swear.. if you try to pull anything on her I will--” he cut me off.

“Bro, relax. I just said she was cute, cute as in.. it’s gonna be hard to protect her with all these guys around here.” he mentioned before I could finish what I was gonna say.

“Don’t doubt me.” I replied.

“You have Maria you need to protect from Karina and other guys as well, and now you have Kennedy. Doesn’t it seem tough?” he asked.

“Wow, Cole.. for once you’re actually mentioning something smart in that hollow head of yours. Nice.” Jack joined in.

“I can do it.” I replied confidently.

“If you say so,” Cole shrugged before the bell rang and we all headed our separate ways and went to our current classes.

First period, one of the classes I had with Maria. You guys remember the first time I met her in here, right? Well, look at how things ended with me and her! We’re a couple! I guess that whole, ‘not interested in the moment’ literally meant not in the moment. Then again, she did date that bastard named Jason before dating me.

“Okay class,” the teacher spoke loudly. “Today we’re gonna be doing a project, I was gonna decide who your partners who were..” the teacher paused awaiting the class’ reply.

“Awwww.” the students groaned.

“But I decided not to, and to leave it up to you guys who you think you work better with.” the teacher responded as cheers erupted from all around the room.

“What exactly is the project?” one student asked while raising their hand.

“Good question, I want you and your partner to make a poster based off what you guys learned, and also to show how you do the math problem step by step.” the teacher replied. “This project is due on Tuesday.” the teacher added.

Once class had ended, I walked with Maria to her next class since it was passing period. I also really didn’t mind being late.

“Are you partnering up with anyone in class for the project in 1st?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she replied, her lips now pursed.

“Ohh.” I replied in a disappointed manner. “That’s cool, who’s your partner?” I questioned.

“Well, I was hoping you.” she replied now glancing up at me with a chuckle before continuing to look forward as she walked.

“Of course,” I laughed nervously. “When do you wanna meet up to do the project?” I asked.

“I was thinking maybe today after school we could go get a poster for the project and start on it tomorrow after school, so we won’t have to worry about it later on.” she explained.

“That’s a good idea, you like getting things done ahead of time, don’t cha?” I questioned looking down at her with a smile.

“Mhm, I’d rather not worry about things later that’s why.” she replied. “This is my class, I’ll see you later.” she added tip toeing a bit to give me a kiss on the cheek before entering.

That’s just what we did, after school we headed to Walmart to go buy our poster for the project.

“How was your first day at your new school Ken?” Maria questioned as she walked around the store, us following her.

“It was good, I made a few new friends.” Kennedy replied with a small smile.

“That’s good~!” Mari replied cheerfully.

“If I may ask, why are you looking for a poster?” Ken questioned.

“It’s for our project for 1st period, we’re gonna start on it tomorrow.” I responded.

After buying our poster and such, Kennedy and I dropped off Maria before I dropped her off.

“Bye big brother! I’ll see you tomorrow!” Kennedy said waving as she exited the car and headed to the door as she took out her keys and headed inside as I drove off.

// T h e N e x t D a y , T h u r s d a y ||

My day went on the same, usual way. There was really nothing to tell, except this..

“Hunter!” my friend Brook called out as I was walking towards the entrance of the school.

“Do you by any chance have a good grade in government?” she questioned.

“I might, why?” I replied shooting a question right back at her.

“I happen to be failing most of my tests, and I need help getting my grade up. Can you help me?” she asked pleadingly. “Maybe do an after school study session when you have time? I really need to pass this class.” she mentioned.

“Er, I don’t know..” I replied shrugging. “I’m gonna be pretty busy with my project for 1st, have you tried asking someone else?” I asked.

“No. I hardly know anyone else in the class, that’s why I’m asking you.” she replied. “Please help me.” she added while looking up at me with a pleading look.

“I don’t know. I’ll see,” I shrugged as she perked up and hugged me for a second.

“Thank you! Please let me know.” she replied before walking away.

// L u n c h t i m e \\

When it was lunch, I had planned to hangout with Maria, at least until she texted me,

“Gotta finish up some work for this class and I don’t want to keep you waiting for me because it may take up the whole lunch.”

“Ooh, okay. Text me when you’re done and I’ll meet cha?” I texted back.

“Sure, I’ll see you after school. I gotta finish my work now.” she texted back.

During lunch, I ended up hanging out with Jack and Cole. Not really much to say, so I guess let’s skip to after school!

// A f t e r s c h o o l \\

Right when school ended, I went straight to the front to meet up with Maria because that was our usual place to meet up. We decided on going to my house to do the project. When I saw Maria, she was talking with Rose while walking towards me, the poster in her hand.

BUT, before Rose had left me and Maria.. she shot a glare my way before walking away. Which left me wondering why she did.

“Let’s get going,” Maria said quietly as we walked over to my car.

As we walked, her eyes were mostly glued to the ground.. which seemed a bit off for her, because she’d always look forward. When we made it to my house minutes later, we did the project in my room.

“How was your day, were you able to get most of your classwork done during lunch?” I asked.

“It was okay, I guess. And yeah.” she replied with no sign of emotion at all.

But I decided to leave her be for a little while longer before mentioning anything about her.. demeanor as of right now. I was gonna tell her about my friend Brook, who needed help studying later on but she didn’t seem to be in any mind of mood. We were half way done with the project already, so I decided to tell her now.

“Hey, there’s something I need to ask you.” I said sitting flat on my butt as I looked at her.

“What is it?” she asked, STILL not showing any emotion whatsoever or even looking at me as she responds.

“So, I have this friend that needs help with government homework. Is it okay if I help her with it after school once this project is finished?” I questioned.

“Tch. The girl you were with this morning, is that the friend?” she questioned.

“Oh, you saw her? Yeah, that’s the one.” I replied.

“Go on aheaddd, it doesn’t bother me at all.” she replied keeping her eyes on the poster.

“Okay, thanks for understanding.” I replied as she stood up.

“I finished the poster, so please take care of it and bring it in Tuesday.” she replied about to exit the door.

“Wait--” I said standing up and gently grabbing her wrist to stop her from walking out. “Where are you going? Do you need a ride home?” I asked.

“No, it’s fine. I just texted my Mom, she should be on the way by now.” Maria replied sounding bothered about something.

“Maria, what’s wrong?” I questioned looking at her.

“Nothing.” she replied plainly not looking at me.

“Can you say that again while looking at me?” I questioned, my eyes still remaining on her.

“No.” she replied with the same tone.

“Then something’s definitely wrong, what’s bothering you?” I questioned.

No response.

“Come on, just tell me.” I said.

She sighed, “I don’t trust the girl you were with this morning. Her sudden request seems suspicious.” she responded.

“You’re jealous of Brook?” I asked.

“I just said I don’t trust her ; where did the whole jealous idea come from?” she shot a question a back at me.

“She’s just a friend that need helps with government work.” I replied.

“But she asked you specifically, and out of nowhere at that.” she responded. “For that specific reason, I don’t trust her.” she added.

“You don’t have to trust her. Just trust me.” I replied as she looked at me. “Do you trust me?” I questioned.

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