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Chapter 57

“She’s just a friend that need helps with government work.” I replied.

“But she asked you specifically, and out of nowhere at that.” she responded. “For that specific reason, I don’t trust her.” she added.

“You don’t have to trust her. Just trust me.” I replied as she looked at me. “Do you trust me?” I questioned.

“I trust you,” she replied. “But like I said, I don’t trust her.” she added looking away from him with my arms crossed.

“Do you wanna go with me?” I asked.

“I’d feel more comfortable, yes.” she responded.

“Alright then, I’ll be sure to get you first before helping Brook with any homework.” I replied.

“Okie dokie~” she responded as her phone vibrated, probably a text from her Mom saying she was here. “Well, I gotta go now. Mom’s here, I’ll see you tomorrow.” she added.

“I’ll walk you out.” I replied as we both walked downstairs to the front door together.

“Alright, bye.” she said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek before heading over to her car.

Once she got inside, I looked at her as she waved and I did the same. When her car drove off, I headed inside and up to my room as I took a quick hot shower before sleeping.

// N e x t D a y , T h u r s d a y \\

The following day, I did my everyday morning routine before I pick up Maria. I started waking up early and eating breakfast so we wouldn’t have to buy breakfast before heading to school, though if Maria didn’t eat breakfast, we’d most definitely get her food.

After breakfast, I headed out and went to pick her up. Once I was in front of her house, I called her and waited for an answer.

“Hello?” she answered.

“I’m outside.” I responded.

“Okay, I’ll be out.” she replied hanging up as I sat there in the driver’s seat waiting for her.

When we made it to school, we were heading for the entrance of the school. But then we stopped when Brook called out to me, Maria was scanning her looks most likely. Honestly, no one can beat my girls looks!

“So, are you gonna help me study after school?” Brook questioned.

“Yeah,” I replied. “My girlfriend’s gonna come along.” I added.

“Oh, she is?” Brook questioned. “That’s great.” she replied with a small smile now looking over at me. “I’m Brook.” she introduced.

“I’m Maria.” she replied introducing myself also.

“Well, we gotta go. See ya after school at the library.” I said before taking Maria along with me to class.

We finished the project for 1st period already, but we didn’t bring it today because we didn’t want to be the first to present just yet.


// L u n c h t i m e \\

I hung out with Rose while Hunter was Jack and Cole, though as she approached me she seemed to look very happy.

“Did something good happen?” I questioned followed by a small chuckle because how happy she was looked so cute.

“Yes!” Rose replied happily.

“What happened?” I asked with a small smile.

“Jack finally asked me out!” she replied enthusiastically.

“Omg, that’s great! I’m happy for you! When is your guys’ date?” I asked again.

“It’s on Saturday, though he wouldn’t tell me where we were going.” she replied.

“I guess you’ll just have to wait and see, it is most likely gonna be a surprise after all.” I replied followed by a chuckle.

Throughout lunch, the conversation shifted from Jack and Rose to Hunter and me and then to random topics.

// A f t e r s c h o o l \\

Once school was over, Hunter went to my class to get me before heading over to the library. When we made it to the library, Brook was already there with her government books.

“Ah, there you guys are.” Brook said looking over at us with a smile as I pulled up a seat beside Hunter.

“Yup, here we are.” I replied blandly, I really didn’t trust this girl.

“Hmph, well Hunter and I should start this tutoring. Feel free to do whatever you may.” the dark auburn haired female replied.

Most of the time I checked what was going on in social media from time to time and glance over at Brook just to make sure she wasn’t trying to do any funny business around him. When I looked away, I heard a drop of a pencil or pen.. but either way.

“How clumsy of me.” Brook said pretending to be disappointed as she leaned down to pick up the pen she had dropped.

You know what this means, right? She’s trying to show her ass to MY boyfriend considering she had dropped that pen in the first place! I looked over at Hunter to see if he was checking her out, luckily he wasn’t. He was looking at things in the book instead. After many more minutes of him tutoring her, it had ended.

“Thank you so much for the help, I look forward to more study sessions with you.” Brook said to Hunter with a smile as the three of us walked to the front.

“No problem.” he replied with an arm wrapped around me as we walked.

“Ah, my ride’s waiting for me outside the gate. I’ll see you guys around.” she replied before running off outside the gate.

“I need to pee.” I groaned and complained.

“Have you been holding it in since the study session?” Hunter questioned.

“Maybe...” I replied which obviously was a yes.

“Why? You know that’s bad.” he replied.

“I knowww,” I replied. “And it’s because I didn’t trust that girl alone with you.” I added.

“Go use the bathroom now, I’ll go wait for you outside the bathroom.” he replied.

“Nooo, you don’t have to for me outside the restroom.” I replied.

“Why not?” he questioned.

“Because, it’s embarrassing..” I replied.

“Sigh. Alright, go on and hurry up. There’s still a few more people around campus, so if anything comes up you better call me right away.” he replied.

“Okie dokie!” I replied before dashing off to the ladies room.


While waiting for Maria to finish up her business in the bathroom, I was at the front of the school leaning against a wall. Then, Brook came back walking towards me.

“What’re you still doing here?” I questioned. “Didn’t you say your ride was waiting for you outside the gate?” I questioned again.

“I did say that, didn’t I?” she questioned back at me with a thinking expression. “Thing is, I totally forgot I have a car.” she chuckled holding her car keys up.

“Okay.. then what are you waiting for?” I asked, my arms folded in front of me as I spoke with Brook.

She remained quiet for a bit before shrugging and replying with, “I don’t know. I guess I’ll get going now.” before walking over to her car.

All that came to mind when she had suddenly forgot she had a car was she was a seemingly odd girl... When Maria came back, I dropped her off back to her house then headed home.

Tomorrow was Friday, so the first thing I was thinking about when I headed home to eat my lunch and dinner was.. what should me and Maria do tomorrow? Maybe ice skate? She probably hasn’t gone ice skating before, so most likely I’d take her there.

After finishing eating, I headed upstairs and went straight for my bed as I texted Maria, “Can I call you on FaceTime audio?”

“Sure! ☺️” Maria texted back, and so I called as she picked up and greeted me energetically.. before she yawned.

“You’re tired, aren’t you?” I questioned laughing through the phone as I put her on speaker and a certain volume.

“Me? Tired? No..” she replied yawning again.

“Go sleep,” I responded. “Even if you fall asleep I’ll still be here on the phone with you.” I added followed by a soft chuckle.

“You promise?” she replied, now sounding a bit more tired then when she greeted me just a few minutes ago.

“Yes, I promise. Now get some rest sleepyhead.” I replied.

“Okay..” she responded quietly. “Goodnight, I love you.” she added.

She probably didn’t even know she said that because she was tired, was it to soon to say such things in the amount of days we’ve been dating? If not, I don’t care. I couldn’t help it.

“Goodnight, I love you too Princess. Sweet dreams.” I responded quietly, she was fast asleep for I was able to hear her soft breathing.

It’s just like whenever she fell asleep in my car, though I wouldn’t be able to hear her breathing because the sound of the radio and engine. Anyways, I kept my promise with her and stayed on the call till morning.

// N e x t D a y , F r i d a y \\

The following morning, when I woke up through the phone I could hear her moving.

“Babe, are you up?” Maria asked tiredly.

“Yeah, I’m up.” I replied yawning before laying on my side with the phone beside me.

“I’m gonna go take a quick shower.” she replied. “You should too, you probably stink.” she added teasingly.

“Okay, and haha. You’re very funny.” I replied sarcastically which made her chuckle. “But yeah, I’m going to also.” I added.

After showering, I brushed my teeth and fixed my hair all while getting dressed. I just wore a light brown collared shirt with long sleeves along with black jeans and grey converse. Yes, we were still on the phone with each other.

“Do you need a ride today?” I asked.

“Nah, it’s okay. My Mom’s gonna drop me off today, so I gotta go now.” she replied.

“Alright, it’s still pretty early. So make sure you eat breakfast, I don’t want you to be hungry or anything.” I replied.

“I will, no worries. You also,” she replied before hanging up the phone.

As I was walking downstairs, Kennedy was looking at the stairs and yelled, “Surprise!”

“You’re riding with me to school today, aren’t you?” I questioned walking to the kitchen.

“Yup! It’s Friday, so why not.” she shrugged.

“Alright, just eat some breakfast and we’ll head on out to school.” I replied.

After eating for a good 15 minutes, we thanked Mom for the breakfast then headed to school. When we arrived, we went our separate ways.

“Morning guys.” I greeted Jack & Cole.

“Morning.” they greeted back.

“So, Jack. You’re going on a date with Rose tomorrow, any idea where you’re taking her?” I questioned looking over at her.

“I was planning to take her out on a picnic.” Jack replied followed by a chuckle but ended with a smile.

“A picnic? That’s boooring~!” Cole chimed.

“Oh yeah, if you were to ask a girl out anywhere, where would you take her?” I asked.

“My bed.” Cole replied nonchalantly.

“Yeah.. Jack, your date will go just fine. Don’t listen to Cole.” I replied.

“A world where I take advice from Cole is a world I would not want to live in.” he replied.

“Hey! I can give good advice when the timing’s right!” Cole retorted.

Eventually, the bell rang but Maria and Rose never showed up before the first bell. When I went to 1st period, that whole time I was waiting for Maria to show up. When I heard the door opening, I looked over.

“Sorry, I’m late.” Maria said walking over to the teacher to apologize.

“It’s fine, just go work on your project with your partner.” the teacher replied as she nodded and walked over to me.

“Morning.” I greeted as she walked over and sat down in front of me.

“Good morning.” she replied with a small smile, though I could sense some unease coming from her.

I was gonna ask her about it, but I decided to leave it be for now.

“So, I was wondering if you weren’t busy after school if would you like to go ice skating?” I questioned.

“Sure, I’d love to.” she replied, her smile now turning into a bigger one.

// A f t e r s c h o o l \\

When school ended, we headed straight to Vacaville for ice skating. And we soon arrived 25 minutes later. When we got inside, we got our skating shoes and put them on.

“Do you know how to ice skate?” I questioned, helping her up from the seat.

“Not really, but I can learn.” she replied.

I walked with Maria to the skating rink hand in hand and tried to at least teacher how to move around them, man was she natural. She picked up things quite quickly.

“Oh, hey. You guys are here too.” I heard a familiar voice say as I looked back only to see it was Brook and Karina together.

They know each other now?

“Well, we’ll see you guys later. Have fun skating~” Brook chimed as her and Karina went the opposite direction from us.

It was all going good, me and Maria just did whatever on the skating rink, you know had fun being with each other.

“You really are a natural at ice skating.” I commented followed by a small chuckle.

“Thanks.” she replied with a smile.

Like I said, it was all going good until Karina rammed into Maria and she ended up flat on her butt as I rushed over to her.

“Maria, are you okay?” I questioned kneeling beside her.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” she replied,

“Karina, what the hell?!” I said, a hint of anger in my tone as I looked up at her just standing there.

“She was in my way.” Kari replied.

“That still doesn’t give you the right to knock her down like that.” I replied.

Karina just shrugged and skated away like she had done nothing wrong.

I helped her up with both hands carefully until she was back on her feet.

“What a turn of events.” Maria said followed by a soft chuckle.

“Are you really fine? Does anything hurt?” I questioned.

“I’m fine, and where it hurts is natural when you fall down ice skating.” she replied.

All of a sudden, the lights turned off and small lights illuminated the skating rink. Again, it was going well until I got rammed to the floor also by.. Brook. Who had also fallen too.

“Shit, sorry. I didn’t see you there.” she said, obviously right on top of me, in an awkward position.

“Yeah, okay. Get off me.” I replied as she got up and tried helping me up but I refused.

I looked at Brook, then Maria. Only to see Maria looking outrageously upset.

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