You're Mine

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Chapter 59


“Okay, now listen here--” the guy was cut off by someone else interfering.

“No, you listen here dude. She told you to leave her alone, so why don’t you leave her alone?” the person interfering questioned.

The person, which most of you probably guessed being Beck.

“Are you her boyfriend?” the guy questioned.

“He is most definitely no--” Beck covered my mouth and responded with a, “Yes.” and wrapped an arm around my waist.

“Oh, alright. Sorry man.” the guy responded before walking away, but Beck was still covering my mouth even when he left so I just bit his hand.

“Ow, what the hell.” Beck said finally moving is hand away from my mouth. “What was that for?” he questioned looking at me as I moved away from his grasp.

“One. Your hand was still covering my mouth. Two. I should be asking you that.” I reply.

“Right, sorry. And asking me what?” he asked.

“The whole you saying you’re my boyfriend, and wrapping your arm around me like that. Was that really necessary?” I questioned.

“Yes. You think that guy would’ve left you alone without your boyfriend around?” he questioned back at me. “I should at least get a thank you for helping you out.” he responded calmly.

“Thank you,” I responded calmly. “I shall be on my way now. I need to get back to my friends and boyfriend and you have duties to attend to.” I added as I turned around only to see my friends and Hunter.

“No need, Princess. We’re already here.” Hunter said, looking at me then Beck.

“Heh, where was her knight in shining armor when she needed him?” Beck questioned.

“What do you mean?” Hunter questioned.

“While you were doing whatever the fuck, some random guy came up to her and harassed her.” replied Beck with a casual tone. “At least until I came to her rescue, though I had to tell a little white lie; that she was my girlfriend so he’d leave her alone completely.” he added casually again.

Hunter clearly looked uncomfortable when he had mentioned the little white lie he had told before replying with a, “I see. Thank you for helping her when I wasn’t around, but we’re gonna get going now.” as he gestured for me to to go to him, so I did.

We all walked away from Beck and I went with them to the bathroom so they can wash their hands before going to the lazy river. Of course, I went with Rose and we both went out only to see the boys waiting. Rose went with Jack and Cole, while Hunter and I trailed behind them.

“Hey, I’m sorry I wasn’t there.” Hunter said apologetically. “I should’ve kept an eye on you at all times to make sure nothing had happened to you, and I didn’t.” he added.

“Huh? Oh, there’s really no need to apologize. You were still eating, and I was the one wandering alone after all.” I replied rubbing the back of my neck with an awkward smile.

The whole time we were at Raging Waters, all we did was go on water rides. Some we went on again for about two to three times or more, at least before going to Breaker Beach and just playing with the waves there. We basically stayed there till it was 4pm, after that we all decided to dry off and head to an ice cream place. So, we decided on Chalogy! Pan-rolled ice cream! Good way to the end day, right?

I got matcha tea flavored ice cream.
Rose got strawberry and banana ice cream.
Cole & Jack got oreo ice cream.
And lastly, Hunter got coffee ice cream.

All five of us sat outside, despite the heat practically melting our ice cream and ate our ice creams clearly enjoying ourselves. It’s honestly been a good day for me, simply because I spent it with all the right people.

“How’s everyone’s day so far?” Cole asked while eating his ice cream and looking around at all of us.

“Great.” Jack replied as everyone just agreed with him & continued eating their ice cream peacefully.

After we finished our ice creams, we all said our said our byes and headed home. By the time I got home, my Mom was in the kitchen with an envelope in her hand as I walked over.

“A letter from your dream college came in the mail today,” Mom stated looking over at me.

“What did it say?” I questioned as she handed it over to me.

“I didn’t open it, it’s your mail.” she replied.

I took the piece of envelope and ripped it open, I skimmed through the letter and..

“They accepted me.” I said in pure shock, shocked because I didn’t honestly think I would get accepted into such a college.

“You did?!” Mom questioned enthusiastically. “Ah, good job! I’m so proud of you, I knew you could do it!” she added happily hugging me.

“Thank you,” I replied with a smile hugging her back. “But..” I paused. How am I gonna tell my friends this? No, when am I gonna tell my friends about this?


“My date with Rose is tomorrow, I’m honestly excited but kind of nervous.” I stated in the group call with Hunter and Cole.

“Well, man. If you’re nervous, then this goes to show how much you really like her.” Hunter replied casually.

“If all else fails, taking her to your bedroom is an option. Heh, maybe she’ll like dominant.” Cole replied chuckling.

“Cole, I am not going to do such a thing.” I replied.

“Hey now, it was just a suggestion. Calm down man.” Cole replied.

“I gotta go guys, Maria’s calling me. Just be yourself around her Jack, I’m sure she likes you for you.” Hunter had replied before hanging up.

“Hunter’s definitely whipped up by Maria.” Cole replied. “Heck, I bet you will be to when you & Rose officially start dating.” he added.

“It’s all because Hunter and I really like this specific person. Who knows, Cole, you might find someone that really interests you and you’ll be whipped as well.” I replied.

“Pft. Like there’s such a person out there for me, I only play. I don’t really do commitments either.” Cole responded.

“You say that now, but just you wait.” I retorted.

“Eh, whatever. I’m tired, night.” Cole replied before hanging up the phone.

Right when he hung up, Rose called.

“Hello?” I answered while laying on my bed staring up at the ceiling.

“Hey! Uh, sorry for the sudden call. I just wanted to call & let you know how excited I am about the date tomorrow.” Rose replied cheerfully. “Er, sorry if it sounds odd saying so.” she added now sounding awkward.

“Huh? Oh, no need to apologize. It’s not awkward at all.” I chuckled. “In fact, I just find it so cute on how excited you are about tomorrow.” I responded.

“Ohh, really? Hah, thanks!” she replied, back to sounding cheerful again.

“Rose, it’s late! Who’re you on the phone with?” her older brother questioned.

“Uh, a friend! Sorry for all the noise, I’ll hang up and go on to sleep.” Rose replied to her brother before speaking to me. “I gotta go now, I’ll see you tomorrow!” she added happily.

“Okay, I’ll come get you around 3pm. Goodnight Rosie, sweet dreams.” I replied.

“Goodnight Jack~!” Rose responded.

“Jack?! You’re talking this late to a guy on the pho--” her brother’s words were cut off by her hanging up the phone.

Man, it’s either Rose’s brother is really protective of her OR he just really hates me for some reason and doesn’t trust me with her. It could go one way or the other honestly.

// S a t u r d a y \\

I woke up around 12pm in the afternoon and took a quick hot shower, afterwards I decided on what I was gonna wear to our first date. Gotta make a good impression, am I right?

I just wore a plaid shirt and threw on a navy blue sweater, honestly, I’m hoping I didn’t look out of character wearing such a thing. But I wanted to make a good impression on my first date with her.

For our picnic date, I packed a variety of fruits such as grapes, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and watermelon. Uh, what else? Also, mini sandwiches and pink lemonade and a few other snacks. I basically did a check list to make sure I had everything prepared.

Around 2:30pm, I took my backpack which I put the food in and left it in the backseat of the car. If I took an actual picnic basket, it would be obvious so I didn’t. I drove over to her house, and by the time I was in front I stepped outside my car, checked the time, 3pm. And rung the doorbell patiently waiting for someone to answer. As soon as the door opened, the first person I was greeted by was none other than her older brother.

“Rose isn’t home, goodbye.” Beck simply said, as he was shutting the door I heard Rose running down the stairs.

“Beck! Don’t be rude.” Rose replied walking over to the door opening it which made him move away from the door.

Rose was wearing a beautiful floral dress along with flats.

Her older brother sighed, “Take care of my lil sis. If anything happens, I’ll have your head.”

She just punched her brother’s shoulder before walking out the door. “Ignore him, he’s always like that.” Rose mentioned.

“I see,” I chuckled. “By the way, you look beautiful.” I added glancing over at her with a smile as we walked over to my car.

“Thank you, and you look handsome.” she complimented returning the smile.

When we made our way to my car, I opened the passenger’s seat for her and closed it once she got in and headed to the driver’s seat.

“So, are you gonna tell me where we’re going today?” Rose asked curiously as I drove, focusing on the road.

“If I told you, it would ruin the surprise.” I replied.

“I can’t even get a small hint?” she questioned.

“Nope, just sit back and enjoy the ride.” I responded as I turned on the radio.

15 minutes later, we arrived at our destination. Which was were there was a small pond with little ducks in it and a tree standing beside it. The sun was shining perfectly on the pond.

“Wow, this place looks really pretty.” Rose commented looking around in amazement.

“I’m glad you like it.” I replied before setting the backpack down on the ground and opening it to pull out a blanket and setting it on the ground perfectly before taking the food out.

We both sat down on the blanket, and Rose just had a big smile on her face.

“Everything looks delicious.” she laughed softly. “I don’t know where to start.” she added.

We ate the mini sandwiches first, then had some pink lemonade and lastly ate the fruits.

“No way, you watch Vampire Diaries?!” she questioned happily. “Who did you want with Elena?” she questioned again.

“In all honesty, I thought Stefan at first. Then, Damon was introduced I thought they made a more perfect match then Stefan & Elena.” I replied casually.

“What? Nooo, Stefan is a perfect match for her. Do you not see their history?” she asked.

That was basically it, we ate food and just got to know each other better. Was the date successful? I’d have to say yes! After our small picnic date, I dropped her back off home and walked her to her front door.

“Thank you for today, I had a great time.” Rose said with a smile.

“No need, and I’m glad you did. I had a great time with you as well.” I replied with the same smile as I waited with her for the door to open.

“Can’t wait for the next one.” she chuckled softly as the door opened. “I’ll see you on Monday.” she added before giving me a kiss on the cheek as she headed inside.

I was able to leave, when..

“Hey,” her older brother called out as I looked back at him. “Thanks for taking care of her.” he mentioned before closing the door.

Once I got home, I got text messages from Cole and Hunter in our group chat.

“How was the date Jacky boy?” Cole texted.

“It was a success.” I texted back.

“Looks like someone’s gonna get a girlfriend soon.” Hunter texted.

“Did you just do the boring picnic? Orrr, did you do that THEN took her to your bedroom?” Cole responded.

“I did the picnic, she had fun, and no.” I replied.

“Boooooring~!” Cole texted back, honestly just texting people I feel like I could imagine what they would sound like in real life saying it. Anyone else?

“Maria said she wants to talk to me tomorrow, should I be nervous?” Hunter texted.

“Yup, you guys are over. Sorry dude, not everyone gets a happy ending.” Cole texted.

“Cole, stop that. I think you guys’ll be fine.” I texted back. “Did she say it through text or phone call?” I added.

“Phone call, she sounded.. uh, serious?” Hunter replied.

“I’ve hooked up with many girls, and sounding serious means.. game over.” Cole responded. “You guys had a good run.” he added.

Judging by how we talk to each other you can probably guess whose neutral, pessimistic, and optimistic in this friendship of ours.

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