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Chapter 6

Saturday, 10am

I was gonna sleep the day off till the party till I heard my Mom calling from downstairs.

“Maria! Your friend is here!” Mom yelled.

I groaned, lazily getting up.

“Okay, I’ll be there!” I replied. Who would be here so early in the morning?

I was wearing my black shirt along with black pants that had white polka dots, and my hair was in a ponytail that was now messy due to me moving a lot last night. I made way downstairs to the living room, and when I looked to see what friend she was talking about it was Quinn.

“Quinn? What are you doing here? It’s too early,” I said.

“Well, I was thinking it’d be a good day to go out and eat with some friends.” she replied.

My Mom cleared her throat which said, “You haven’t introduced me to your friend yet.”

“Oh right, Mom this is my friend Quinn. Quinn, my Mom.” I introduced the two to each other.

“It’s nice to meet you Quinn.” Mom said with a sweet smile.

“It’s nice to meet you too Mrs. Anne.” Quinn replied returning the smile.

“So what do you say?” Quinn asked.

“I mean— I guess.” I replied. “I’m gonna go upstairs and get changed.” I added walking towards the stairs.

“Oh! Bring the outfit for later!” Quinn shouted.

“Okay!” I shouted back.

I changed into a white tank top along with black high waisted shorts and a black and white flannel, afterwards I wore my black converse. I stood in front of the mirror and looked at my outfit. After that, I dug out the outfit I bought yesterday and put it inside my empty backpack, I was gonna just leave it in Quinn’s car. After that I headed downstairs. Quinn was talking with my Mom.

“Um, I’m ready to go?” I said to Quinn.

“Right, let’s get going! Bye Mrs. Anne!” Quinn said waving while dragging me off.

“Bye girls! Be safe!” Mom replied.

Once I was dragged outside the house by Quinn, she looked at what I was wearing.

“What?” I asked in a confused tone.

“Your outfit needs something..” Quinn replied thinking a bit. “Ah, I know!” she added with a smile.

Quinn took the bottom of my tank top and tied it which made it look like a ball and parts of the tank folded not only that, but since it was tied it showed a little bit of my skin.

“There you go.” Quinn smiled while I just looked at it not sure. “Aw, come on Maria. Your skin is fine, no need to be shy.” she said.

“I guess so,” I replied.

“Be confident. Confidence is key.” she replied with a smile.

And after that talk, we went to her car and as always we sang along to her playlist.

“Hey, where are we going anyway?” I asked.

“Nowhere special, just a cafe.” she replied.

“Oh, okay.” I replied.

About 15 minutes later, we arrived in front of the cafe. Quinn and I stepped out of the car at the same time once we closed our doors she locked her car and checked it once she checked it we both headed inside.

“Aye, it’s Quinn! And a cute girl.” one of the guys said that was with Hunter.

“Come on,” Quinn said with a small smile dragging me over to where Hunter and the 3 other guys were.

“Guys, this is Maria.” Quinn introduced me to the other guys.

“Maria, this is Cole, Jason, and Jack.” she said introducing me to the guys from left to right.

Cole had dark brown hair and blue eyes.

Jason had black hair and grey eyes.

Jack had black hair and dark brown eyes.

“It’s nice to meet you all.” I said with a smile.

“Right back at ya Maria.” Cole said.

“Let’s go eat?” Jack suggested.

“Mhmmm~!” Quinn said happily walking over to the counter with Jack, the other two following except Hunter.

It was just Hunter and I standing around. But, he just kept looking at me awkwardly.

“Is something wrong?” I asked.

“Huh? Uh, oh, no— it’s just—” Hunter paused as I raised an eyebrow.

“It’s just that you look—” he paused again.

“I look what?” I asked, my eyebrow still raised.

“You look cute.” he replied as I nodded.

“Thank you.” I replied with a small smile.

Basically all we did at the cafe was eat and drink coffee and such. Afterwards, we headed to a park. Of course, me and Quinn arrived first. The boys arrived in one car, and two of them were getting out a water cooler.

“What’s the water cooler for?” I asked.

“Who knows.” Quinn replied with a chuckle.

The boys walked over to us with the cooler.

“What’s that for?” Quinn asked.

“We, are gonna have a water balloon fight.” Jason said.

“Oooh, it’s been awhile since we’ve had one of those.” Quinn exclaimed excitedly clasping her hands with a smile.

“Yeah, that’s exactly why we’re doing it.” Jack said cutting into the conversation.

“Are you gonna be joining the water balloon fight Maria?” Jason asked.

“Yeah, sure.” I replied with a smile.

Once everyone was in the same area, we picked out the teams. It was boys vs girls, unfair teams right? Everyone grabbed a water balloon and separated from their teams. Me on the other hand, I was hiding under the slides, looking around for anyone to throw the balloon at.

When I saw no one, I was practically caught off guard. And that was exactly when someone threw a water balloon behind me. Guess who it was.

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