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Chapter 60


It was Sunday morning, the day after Jack’s date with Rose. Man, can you believe he didn’t take her to his bedroom? That’s the best way to end a date, don’t ya think ladies? (*wink wink*)

“Hey, Jack. If you’re not busy, let’s hit up the bar downtown.” I said to Jack with my phone held against my ear.

“I don’t know man.” Jack replied.

“Come on, you don’t even have to drink or dance with other girls. You could just be my chaperone.” I laughed.

“How about Hunter? We always go there with him.” he replied.

“Uh, I’ll text him to meet us there when he’s done talking with Maria.” I responded. “You could also bring your little girlfriend if you want too, I’ll be mingling with girls.” I replied.

“Alright, I’ll ask if she wants to go. What time should we go?” Jack questioned.

“Probably around 2pm. Also, can you pick me up?” I questioned back as he sighed softly.

“I guess I’m your personal chauffeur, huh?” he asked. “I mean, since we’re going to the same place, I don’t see why not.” he replied.

“Kay, thanks man.” I responded before hanging up on him, and started texting Hunter.

Our Senior year is almost over, why not spend it in a bar full of hot babes?

“Cole, we’re going to the hospital to check if the baby’s healthy still! If you go anywhere, be sure to lock the door!” Dad yelled from downstairs.

“Got it!” I yelled back before laying in bed.

My Mom is pregnant as of right now, and she should be giving birth sooner or later. Which means I’ll no longer be the only child. Though, I’m honestly fine with it. To kill time, instead of laying down and sleeping like I’d usually do I just played video games on my PS4, COD.

When it was around 1:45pm, I got ready to head to the bar. I just wore a t-shirt with a naked girl covering her body along with black jeans and black nikes. I honestly didn’t have to dress that nice, considering whether I do or don’t.. I still attract all the hot babes. Jack came by with Rose, and we headed to the bar.

“You really think it’s the end for Hunter & Maria?” Jack questioned.

“Hm? What are you guys talking about?” Rose questioned looking at the two of us.

“We were on a group call, and Hunt said Maria needed to talk with him today about something.” I replied casually while shrugging.

“And you guys think it’s to end things with him?” Rose asked with a brow raised.

“I don’t think so, but Cole does.” Jack replies.

“Don’t be silly. Maria loves Hunter, she’d never do something like that.” she replied.

“Well, whatever. I’m gonna go get drunk and dance with girls.” I replied walking away from the soon to be couple to the bar and ordered a few shots gulping them down.

I did what I said I was gonna do, get drunk and dance with girls. I danced with like 5 different girls here, the guys must be jealous about all the girls I’m getting.


The day before, Maria said she wanted to talk with me and Hunter about something. I believe, she said Hunter was gonna pick her up and to meet her at the café my now boyfriend was working at around 1pm. When I got there, I saved us seats.

“Hey, what’re you doing here alone?” my boyfriend named Henry questioned sitting across me.

“Oh, I’m just waiting for my friends. I’m suppose to meet them here soon.” I replied. “Are you on your break?” I questioned looking over at him.

“I am now,” Henry laughed. “I’ll stick around until they come by.” he added with a smile.

“Thank you.” I replied returning the smile. “But, you know.. I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble with the because of me.” I added.

“There’s no need to worry, my manager is actually pretty chill.” he responded.

“He sounds like a nice manager.” I replied.

“Yeah, my manager’s a girl.” he replied.

His manager is a girl. And she’s chill with him.. already, I knew it was like that because she probably had a crush on him. Then again, there’s really no need for me to feel, “jealous” because Henry’s gay after all. 🤷🏻‍♂️

“Well then, maybe I should work here. If we have the same shifts, I might be able to spend more time with you.” I responded, placing my elbow on the table as I rested my chin on my hand while looking at him.

“That would be great.” he replied with a smile. “I can teach you the basics, and probably talk to my manager about hiring you.” he added.

Just then, Maria and Hunter walked in now walking towards the two of us.

“Maria needed to talk with you to?” Hunter questioned looking over at him.

“Yeah,” I replied. “Also, Mari, I didn’t get to quite introduce you to see him but this is my now boyfriend, Henry.” I introduced him to Maria with a smile.

“It’s nice to meet you, Henry. I’m Maria.” she replied with a small smile.

“As do I.” Henry replied. “Well, I’ll let you guys get to business.” he added. “I’ll talk with you later.” he said to me before getting back to work as Maria took a seat.

“Kyle’s gay?” Hunter questioned as he took a seat beside Maria as well.

“Yeah, you never knew?” she questioned.

“I’m just now finding out.” he replied.

“Guys, can we talk about my sexuality later? We need to discuss what Mari wants to talk about.” I interrupted.

“Right, right.” Maria replied. “Uh, how should I say this?” she questioned, figuring out a way to phrase what she wants to say.

“You just open your with mouth, and let the words come out.” I responded with awkward hand motions.

“It’s-- it’s not that simple to say, especially in front of Hunter.” she replied, now looking a bit dejected.

“Come on, it can’t be that hard, right?” Hunter questioned sympathetically.

Maria stayed quiet for a few minutes, probably twiddling her thumbs on her lap. That’s what she usually does when she doesn’t know what or how to say something.

Maria pursed her lips as she spoke, “My dream college accepted me.”

“That’s what was hard to say?” Hunter asked surprised. “You should be happy about it, congrats! I’m proud of you!” he added enthusiastically while looking at Maria.

I looked over at Maria as Hunter was being optimistic about her acceptance to her dream college, she looked uneasy about it.

“Hunter, do you know what her dream college is?” I questioned.

“I, uh-- no. But, it’s her dream college. How could it be a bad thing?” he questioned.

Considering how silent Maria was when Hunter was being optimistic about it, I don’t think she wants to tell him. Though, if this is the important thing she wanted to talk with us about, someone had to let him know.

I sighed softly, as I broke the news to her boyfriend. “Her dream college is in New York.”

Immediately, Maria spoke up when I had told him this.

“B-But,” she stuttered nervously. “If you don’t want me to go, I’ll stay here.” she said firmly, now looking at Hunter.


After Maria discussed with Hunter and I, the three of us headed to the bar Jack & Cole were at. I asked Henry if he wanted to come, but sadly he had some work to tend to. When we had arrived---

“Heyyyyy! It’s my other friends! Say hi to them ladies!” Cole shouted drunkly while dancing.

“You were not watching over him carefully,” Maria said while looking at Jack.

“Eh, oh well. You know how hard headed Cole is, if I told him to stop drinking he most likely wouldn’t anyway.” Jack responded.

“You want a drink Mari?” Hunter asked.

“Yes, please. Whatever you think I might like is fine.” Maria replied with a small smile.

“I’ll get a drink as well.” I replied walking to the bar with Hunter.

“What would you like?” the bartender asked.

“I’ll get an Old Fashioned.” I replied.

“Coming right up,” the bartender responded before getting Hunter’s orders.

Mine was made first, so I took a sip from it before trying to start a convo with Hunter.

“Are you happy with the decision you made?” I questioned as he waited for the drinks.

“Yes,” he responded casually before turning towards me.

After talking with Hunter, I didn’t really party. I just drank enough to get me drunk.

“Hey handsome, wanna dance?” a random girl asked me with a smirk.

“No thanks, I have a boyfriend.” I replied before walking over to Maria & Hunter.

After staying there for an hour, we all headed to Cole’s house. By now, most people were most likely drunk. Except for Hunter, he remained sober considering he only had like one drink.

“What do you guys wanna play?” Cole asked.

“Uhhh, how about 7 minutes in Heaven?” Rose suggested sounding unsure about the idea.

“That’s not fair, not everyone is coupled up.” Cole frowned.

“Alright, alright.” Rose replied.

“We might as well play it when everyone’s coupled up, and when Cole brings home a random girl with him.” Hunter shrugged.

“Wow,” Cole said putting a hand over his chest. “I’m so hurt. You think I’m that kind of guy who sleeps with girls when drunk?” he questioned him.

“Dude, you usually are.” Hunter replied.

“I don’t even really know you, but no offense, you do seem like the type to do that.” I joined.

“Yeah, you guys are so right.” Cole chuckled. “If I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t bring home a girl tonight because I had you guys over.” he added followed by a small laugh.

“And he reveals his true self.” Jack announced.

“There was no need to, you guys already knew anyway. Even Kyle knew, and he hardly spoke to me once.” Cole casually mentioned.

“Let’s just play the usual spin the bottle truth or dare game.” Jack brought up.

“Hold up, lemme get an empty bottle in the garage.” Cole replied getting up to go to the garage.

We all looked at him, then back at each other as he exited the room.

“So, do guys think Cole will ever find love?” Jack questioned looking at everyone.

“He doesn’t seem like the type to stick to one person.” Rose answered.

“That’s true, but who knows. He might find that someone he wants to stick with eventually.” Hunter replied.

“I agree with Hunter.” Maria replied.

“I agree with Hunter also.” I replied.

“Stop talking about my love life!” Cole yelled from the garage as everyone just laughed.

And at that time, I got a text. I checked who it was, and it was none other than Henry.

“About to close the café and head out, I was wondering if it’s okay with you & you’re not busy, if you’d like to hangout maybe? ☺️” Henry texted.

“Mhm! 😁 do you think I can get picked up at my friend’s house?” I texted back.

“Yeah, just text me the address and I’ll call you when I’m outside.” he replied, and that’s when Cole had returned with the bottle.

“Cole, what’s your address? My boyfriend’s gonna pick me up here.” I said to Cole.

“Boyfriend? You’re gay?!” Cole exclaimed, just as surprised as Hunter was.

“Yeah, I am. We’ve been over this with Hunter.” I replied casually.

“Here, I’ll type it for you.” Cole replied as I opened the message with Henry and handed my phone to him.

When he was typing the address, he looked like he was doing something else. After he had finished typing he handed me my phone back. Though, I didn’t bother asking him if he did anything else.

“In the meantime, I’ll play spin the bottle with you guys.” I replied with a small smile.

After like 5 minutes, I got a call from Henry saying he was outside the house. I said my byes to everyone before leaving and exited the house as Cole closed the door behind me.

“Hey! How was work?” I greeted him with a smile whilst entering the car.

“Good,” Henry replied casually as he started driving to my house. “That guy that looked outside, was that the person’s house you were at?” he questioned.

“Yeah, we were hanging out with our other friends at his house.” I smiled.

“I see, that’s cool.” he shrugged while keeping his eyes on the road.

I leaned my head down and looked at him as he drove and he glanced down at me before quickly looking down the road again.

“Are you jealous over one of my guy friends?” I questioned curiously still in the same position.

“Nah. It’s just, the only friend I met was Maria.” Henry replied with a small sigh. “It’s like you don’t want any of your other friends to know me for some reason.” he added.

“That’s not true,” I responded. “I want you to meet them, it’s just you’re always at work. I added pursing my lips as looked down at the ground.

“I’ll call off.” he replied.

“Hm, alright! The next time I hangout with my friends, I’ll invite you out so you could meet them.” I smiled looking at him once more as he pulled up in front of my house.

“Great, can’t wait to meet them next time then.” Henry replied with a smile leaning over to me from his seat.

“Thanks for the ride.” I replied leaning over towards him and giving him a peck on the lips before opening the car door and exiting.

- - T I M E S K I P - -

After a week passed, Maria & Hunter got all of our friends together and met at Hunter’s house. Literally, everyone was there.. Me, Henry, Hunter, Maria, Jack, Rose, Cole, and I think Rose’s older brother?

“Everyone, I’d like to introduce you guys to my boyfriend, Henry.” I announced.

“You’re gay?!” most people that didn’t know already exclaimed surprised as I sighed.

“Like I’ve said before.. yes.” I replied.

“Hey guys, it’s nice to meet you all.” Henry greeted my friends with a smile.

“Quick question before we start,” Hunter said now looking over at Rose’s older brother. “Why is he here?” he questioned.

Rose then started sulking as she spoke, “Beck wouldn’t let me go if he didn’t come with me.”

“She’s going to a boys house, so it’s only right that I’m here to protect her.” Beck replies.

“Yeah, but.. she’s not gonna be alone with a boy. She’s with a group of friends.” Hunter argued.

“Doesn’t mean any funny business isn’t going to happen here.” Beck retorted, raising an eyebrow.


“Quick question before we start,” Hunter said looking over at me with unease. “Why is he here?” he questioned.

At that moment, he probably already knew. That I was here for Maria

My little sister’s expression then went from a neutral to sulking a one as she said, “Beck wouldn’t let me go if he didn’t come with me.”

“She’s going to a boys house, so it’s only right that I’m here to protect her.” I replied casually.

“Yeah, but.. she’s not gonna be alone with a boy. She’s with a group of friends.” Hunter argued.

“Doesn’t mean any funny business isn’t going to happen here.” I retorted, with an eyebrow raised.

“I can assure you, nothing will. Jack’s here to watch over her after all.” Hunter contended.

“I hardly know the guy, who knows. He might--” then Jack cut me off.

“Honestly, we’re all here to have a good time and it’s hard to do just that with the two of you arguing here and there.” Jack mentioned.

“I agree.” Maria responded.

“So shut your traps for today, and have a good time instead of arguing!” Rose replied whilst frowning with her arms crossed.

“Alright. For the sake of you two,” I replied sincerely.

“Since you guys are finally done arguing, can we please finally get to playing spin the bottle?” Cole questioned.

“Yeah.” Hunter replied.

“Before we play, I would like to set some rules.” Cole stated. “When playing spin the bottle; truth or dare.. the maximum you can choose truth is 3.” he added.

Everyone then for some reason looked at Maria as she just sat there confused.

“Okay, okay.” Maria responded casually.

“Oh yeah, forgot to mention. We’re also gonna play 7 minutes in Heaven, and no one can back out of it.” Cole said with a devilish smirk.

“Cole, what are you thinking right now?” Jack questioned with a raised eyebrow.

“You’ll know later~!” Cole mischievously replied. “First person the bottle lands on, is the asker, second person, the doer.” he added as he spun the bottle it landing on Jack, then he spun it again which landed on Hunter.

“Truth or da--” Jack was cut off by Hunter.

“Dare.” Hunter quickly responded.

“You most definitely gotta have this somewhere in your house,” Jack replied. “I dare you to chug a whole bottle of beer in 20 seconds.” he added, clearly going easy on him.

Hunter got up, and walked over to the fridge getting a bottle of beer and popping the cap open as he sat back down with the rest of us and chugged it down, while everyone was chanting, “Chug! Chug! Chug!”

After 20 seconds had passed, there was still some left in the bottle. Guess he couldn’t do it.

“How’re you feeling dude?” Cole asked.

“I’m doing pretty good.” Hunter replied.

“Alright! Hunter’s good, onto the next person!” Cole exclaimed spinning the bottle again.

First it landed on Maria, then Kyle.

“Dare.” Kyle said confidently.

“I dare you to go outside and yell the lyrics to your favorite song.” Maria replied with a smile.

And then, everyone got up and followed Kyle to the front of Hunter’s house.

“I ain’t been gettin’ high, well maybe a little baby, I don’t wanna lie! I know when you text me, girl, I don’t always reply! Well you’re not an angel either you can’t even fly! I notice, you think that you know shi-!” Kyle yelled but was soon cut off.

“Shut up! We’re trying to sleep!” one of the neighbors yelled out the window, and that’s when we all laughed and went back inside to continue our game.

Anyways, let’s just move onto when we were planning on how to play 7 minutes in Heaven.

“Alright, I wrote the names of the girls, plus two of you guys in this hat because the girls and guys aren’t even.” Cole said. “The guys will pull a girl’s name out of the hat, and that’s who they’ll do the 7 minutes with.” he added.

“Cole, are you serious?” Hunter questioned.

“Very. Though, whomever you get, it’s up to you two what you wanna do for those 7 minutes.” Cole replied. “Actually, since you spoke up first.. you can be the first to pull out a name.” he added with a small smile handing Hunter the hat.

Hunter sighed, “Alright.” he replied grabbing a piece of paper out of the hat and opening it, immediately his expression dimmed.

Then Jack got a name, then me, then Cole. Eventually, two of the guys

Hunter was up first in the closet with Kyle.

Cole got Rose’s name.

Jack got Kyle’s boyfriends’ name.

And guess who I got? That’s right, Maria.

“I’ll go first, let’s go Rose~!” Cole cheerfully said leading her to an empty dark closet.

“Hey, you better not do anything dirty with my little sister!” I yelled at Cole.

“You better not do anything to my girl!” Jack yelled also.

We won’t even know what one another is doing, so let’s skip to my 7 minutes with Maria.

“Maria, I got your name.” I said holding the piece of paper as she hesitantly walked over with me to the closet.

“Hey, you better not do shit to my girlfriend or I’ll kick your ass.” Hunter stated looking at me dead in the eye, I just smirked.

When we were in the closet, there was a little bit of space between us. Notice how I said, “a little”?

“So, what do you wanna do in here for 7 minutes?” I whispered to her.

“Stand here till time’s up.” she replied.

“Oh, that’s no fun.” I whispered frowning, even though it couldn’t be seen.

From minute to minute, I kept checking the time. Only because I had something in mind. I thought to myself when I first met her, not to do anything without her consent.. but, I just had to see Hunter enraged. Also, this was my way of getting my feelings across to her.

I checked the time, one minute left. And that’s when I grabbed Maria and gently pushed her against the wall.

“What are you--” I put a hand over her mouth as I leaned in close to her, and that’s when she started trying to push me away. Trying.

“Getting you to understand how I feel about you.” I replied as I cupped her cheek, and leaned down towards her face slowly leaning in, Cole counting down from outside.

“15! 14! 13!” you could hear Cole counting down seconds we had left in here.

Seconds later, I finally pressed my lips against her soft ones and kissed her. I’m pretty good with confessions, don’t ya think?

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