You're Mine

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Chapter 62


It was a week until the day of our graduation, if I’m gonna be honest.. this year seemed to be moving fast. Maybe because it was a great year for me? I mean, I met amazing people & I have such a wonderful boyfriend as well who supports me through anything and always cares for me. I’m truly grateful for all these people in my life.

“Maria! Are you ready for finals this week?” Rose questioned.

“Ready to fail and not graduate? Yes.” I reply.

“Oh, come on! Don’t be so negative! You’re really smart, I bet you’ll do great on your finals in all of your classes.” she replied cheerfully.

“Honestly, I’m just freaked out about not graduating at the same time as the others.” I responded with my lips pursed as I looked down at the ground uncomfortably.

I heard footsteps approaching me, and then all of a sudden I felt a soft slap behind me head and looked only to see it was Rose doing that.

“Hey now, stop thinking that.” she said in a soft tone. “Be positive!” she exclaimed joyously. “Hey you, tell her she’ll be fine.” she added as I looked behind me only to notice Hunter.

“You’ll be fine,” Hunter said. “I know you’ll do great, so stop worrying about it. Also, when taking any tests try not to overthink the answer.” he added practically giving me advice.

“Thank you.” I replied with a nod.

“No need. And also, if you get a bit nervous, just look at me from across the room and I’ll cheer ya on.” he laughed softly and ended it with his oh so cute half smile.

“If you actually cheered me on, I think you’d be sent out the room.” I replied with a laugh. “I think a thumbs up will do.” I added.

“Well, if that’s what you’d want instead then alright.” he replied, the same half smile still resting on his lips.

“Ahh, you guys are just too cute!” Rose fangirled along with hand motions and a smile.

“We know,” I chuckled. “You & Jack are cute too.” I added with a smile.

“Speaking of Jack, where is that guy? I haven’t seen him around yet.” Hunter mentioned.

“You weren’t with him earlier?” she questioned.

“Nope, I was only with Kyle.” he replied.

“I’ll text him right no--” she paused as she checked her phone. “Ohh, he said he overslept and will be here in 5 minutes.” she said.

“The bell rings in 5, 4, 3, 2..” I counted as the bell started ringing.

“Nice timing.” Hunter commented.

“Thank you.” I replied with a smile.

“You guys go on ahead, I don’t want you to be late to class. I’ll wait for Jack,” Rose replied.

“You sure? If you want we--” she cut me off.

“Mhm, thanks for your offer though.” she replied cheerfully with a smile.

“Aight, we’ll see you guys later then.” Hunter replied before intertwining his hands in mine and walking with me to class.

Hand holding. The most innocent part of a relationship I seem to always crave most, as much as his forehead kisses. When we reached the front of our first period, we just stood there for a bit as he talked to me.

“Before we head in to take our finals, I just wanna say good luck & you can do it. Don’t doubt yourself, okay?” he said.

I nodded, “Thank you, good luck to you too, and okay, I won’t.” I replied looking up at him with a smile.

“Okay, good.” he replied leaning down to give me a kiss on the forehead which makes me all happy. “I love you, Princess.” he added.

“I know.” I responded cheerfully as he just looked at me and I chuckled. “I love you too.” I added with a smile.

And so, we headed in and took our finals for Math. Some answers, I knew. The others, I kinda freaked out. I looked across the room only to see Hunter noticing me looking at him and giving me a thumbs up. He was probably checking up on me from time to time during the test, get yourself a Hunter guys! Not my Hunter though, he’s mine.

Once the period ended, Hunter and I stepped outside as he walked with me to my next class.

“How do you think you did on the test?” he questioned looking at me with a smile.

“I think I did decent, enough to pass at most.” I replied followed by a soft chuckle. “How about you?” I asked.

“Maaan, I probably aced that shit!” he responded confidently before laughing. “Just kidding, I think I did okay.” he added.

“I liked your first response better, you sounded so confident.” I chuckled.

“Let’s go with that instead then.” he replied looking at me with a cute half smile before giving me a kiss on the forehead.

We soon made it to my next class, and that was when I told him to go to his class. Many hours later, school had finally ended and my friends and I were just hanging out around the school.

“If you’re done with finals, raise your hand.” Jack said with a dull tone as everyone in the group raised their hands.

“At least we were all able to complete our finals, hopefully.” Rose replied.

“Yeah, but.. so many tests in one day.” Cole sighed softly looking down at the ground.

“It’s okay, we all survived finals.” I replied.

“Well, I think I’m gonna head home for today and just.. sleep.” Cole shrugged. “Jack! Can I get a ride home?” he asked.

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll drop you off, then Rose.” Jack responded walking away with Cole and Rose as Hunter and I just watched as they walked away.

“You wanna have lunch at my house?” Hunter questioned looking over at me.

“Sure!” I responded cheerfully as I walked with him towards his car, once we were all buckled up and all that, we went off to his house!

While in the car, Attention by Charlie Puth started playing. And let me just say, it was my jam! Honestly, one of my favorites. The intro played and then..

“You’ve been runnin’ round, runnin’ round, runnin’ round throwin’ that dirt all on my name. Cause you knew that I, knew that I’d call you up! You’ve going round, going round, going round to every party in LA, cause you knew that I, knew that I, knew that I’d be at one~” I sang with hand motions.

Let’s skip to the chorus?

“You just want attention, you don’t want my heart. Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new, yeah you just want attention, I knew from the start. You’re just making sure I’m never getting over you. Oh~” I sang again, and just you know basic jam out sessions from time to time, here and there.

Though, don’t get me wrong. It was a short drive, and only two songs from the radio was able to play. Once we arrived, we headed inside only to find his Mom in the kitchen.

“Hiiiii~!” I greeted his Mom cheerfully as I walked up to her and gave her a hug.

“Oh, hello!” his Mom greeted back with a smile as she hugged me back before I pulled back. “It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you.” she said.

“I know! I’m glad to see you after a long time.” I replied with a smile. “Is Kennedy here?” I asked looking around.

“She lives with my Dad.” Hunter answered.

“She does, but she’s dropping by later.” his Mom replied with a smile. “Well, just make yourself at home while I go make lunch.” she added.

“Do you need help with anything?” I asked. “I could help you out with the cooking if you like.” I offered with a smile.

His Mom just smiled at me before looking over at Hunter, “You’ve got a sweet girl Hunt.” she commented before looking back at me. “Thank you for the offer, but it’s okay.” she said.

“Wanna go play some video games while we wait?” Hunter questioned.

“Yeah, what games you got?” I asked.

“A lot. But I mostly play COD.” he replied.

“Okay, let’s play that.” I replied with a smile as we headed upstairs and went into his room.

Ya’ll better not be thinking anything dirty.. we’re just playing video games and the door was open also.

“Oh yeah, you have no choice. We’re playing zombies.” Hunter quickly said as he started up the game.

“Zombies? Pft, that’s nothing.” I replied.

“You’ve played before?” he questioned.

“No, but I’m a fast learner.” I responded confidently. “You can teach me how to play this along the way.” I added.

“I trust you on that.” he replied. “But, just letting you know.. it gets harder in each level, so be prepared.” he replied.

I think I got the hang of the game pretty quick as he was teaching me along the way, it was also really fun to play. While playing, I apparently got most of the good guns while Hunter had the at least decent kind of guns according to him.

We were playing for awhile, and were around round 19. I did good at the beginning of the round, but then I didn’t really pay attention to my surroundings and got, well.. surrounded by zombies. THEN my character was on the floor.

“I’ll revive you,” Hunter said as he went to the group of zombies as he shot most of them effortlessly.

Me trying to make sure he doesn’t die so I get revived, I had my character crawling on the floor towards the zombies and trying to shoot them but..

“Don’t move, you’ll die faster.” he said and so I just stopped, there were still a lot of zombies left but he lured them out for a bit and ran back in to revive me but while he was.. he died in the game too.

“Wow, we lasted 19 rounds!” I exclaimed, clearly surprised because I was just an amateur playing this game.

“Eh, I’ve lasted more.” he replied shrugging.

“If you could’ve lasted more, why did you die then?” I remarked looking at him with a poker face.

“Because, I wanted to revive you.” he replied.

“Why? You could’ve killed them all and proceeded to the next round and I would’ve been back.” I responded.

“I needed you.” he replied. “Now, mock my playing skills again, I’ll tickle you.” he added.

“Jokes on you,” I stuck my tongue out before crossing my arms and looking away from him. “I’m not even ticklish.” I replied.

“Oh, yeah? We’ll see about that then.” Hunter replied getting closer to me and tried tickling my neck, armpit, and then my sides.. that’s when I gave in and laughed. “You’re not ticklish huh?” he questioned tickling the side of my stomach more.

“Stop,” I laughed as he continued. “That tickles.” I laughed even more as he continued.

“Nope. Not going too.” he replied.

I tried getting away from him and the tickles, but he kept going closer as I moved farther away from him. Eventually, I ended up on the floor laughing as he ended up above me STILL tickling me.

“Baaabe, stop.” I laughed.

All of a sudden, we heard footsteps and looked over at the door only to see Kennedy standing there looking shocked.

“I, uh-- Mom told me to call you guys down to eat lunch.. but, you guys look, um.. pretty busy, so I’ll just let ya two get back to it, bye!” Kennedy said quickly before dashing out the door.

I then hit Hunter’s chest. “You can get off me now, let’s go eat.” I said awkwardly at the fact that Ken probably took what was really going on the wrong way.

Hunter got up and then helped me up. “Alright, let’s.” he replied as we headed downstairs to eat lunch with his Mom and Kennedy.

“So, Ken told me you guys were doing something suspicious,” his Mom commented as she saw she us, immediately I turned red.

“Nothing suspicious, she just hates being tickled, and that’s all I did.” Hunter replied as we walked over to the table getting some food.

“You know, I don’t mind getting a grandson or granddaughter.” his Mom commented gleefully with a smile.

“Auntie!” I replied turning even more red.

“Hehe, I’m joking. I can wait longer.” she chuckled a bit. “Plus, you guys are still young.” she added.

I ate lunch with Hunter’s family, and after that we all just watched a movie together. I honestly felt like part of the family, and it made me really happy.


“Tell me again, why we must separate Hunter and Maria?” I questioned with my arms crossed as she paced back and forth.

“Because, you like her. And I love him.” she responded. “I saw the way you looked at her that day in the parking lot.” she added.

“I do like her.” I replied. “But, she’s happy. And that Hunter guy is happy with her as well. Why not leave them be?” I asked.

“Because! Hunter’s suppose to be mine!” she exclaimed angrily as I just rolled my eyes. “Plus, you’ve already kissed her. Wouldn’t you want to make her yours as well?” she asked.

“I did, didn’t I?” I questioned as a small grin displayed on my face, later on disappearing. “But, like I said, she’s happy.” I mentioned again.

“I can’t believe it, could you possibly be..” she paused staring at me before looking away and laughing softly.

“Possibly be what?” I questioned with a raised brow.

“Possibly be scared of Hunter?” she asked.

“Ha! As if! I could knock that guy down if I wanted to.” I laughed.

“Then why don’t you?” she questioned.

“I’d hate to kick his ass in front of his girl, that’d lower his pride for sure. Plus, would you really want me to mess up the guy you’re obsessed with face?” I questioned back.

“Hmph, that’s true.” she replied before pacing and back forth.

“As fun as this has been, I’m done trying to break them apart.” I replied.

“What? But-- you barely started!” she yelled.

“I’ve done enough, it’s clear that they were meant for each other more than you and him were.” I responded.

“How dare you say that!” she exclaimed. “I had him first, he was mine before he was ever anyone else’s to begin with!” she added.

“You’re one delusional chick,” I said. “It’s clear he doesn’t want you. You should just get over him and move on with your life instead of clinging to him.” I added.

“I want to move on with life with him in it.” she replied firmly looking away like a brat.

“You’re about to leave high school, aren’t ya?” I questioned with a small laugh. “Grow up, and get over yourself.” I added.

“I don’t get it, you were on my side not too long ago.” she said in a gentle tone.

“I outgrew you, and I wanna act like more of the adult I’m suppose to be. And you should start acting like one too.” I responded before walking away from Karina as she was more likely to be sulking in a corner.

Honestly, what was I thinking trying to separate two people that were happy together. Maybe I was being delusional too? But, even so, I’m glad to be coming to my senses.

Once I was home, I immediately looked for my little sister. I wanted to apologize to Maria for what I did because it took her by surprise and she most likely didn’t like it. And if I’m gonna be honest, it felt wrong doing so too. But no, I decided to follow along with Karina.

“Rose!” I called out to her as she was heading out the door as he stopped and looked at me.

“What?” she questioned coldly.

After the kiss with Maria, my little sister’s been giving me the cold shoulder lately. And it’s already been awhile since it’s happened.

“Where are you going?” I questioned.

“I’m going to meet up with my friends, and before you ask, no. You can’t go.” she replied.

“I wanna apologize to Maria.” I replied.

“You? Apologize?” she questioned. “Are you being serious right now?” she asked again.

“Yes. And if I go and I actually don’t and just stir up more trouble, you can ignore me around the house as much as you like while I’m still around.” I replied.

“Hmph, fine. But, I’m getting picked up in 10 minutes, and I was gonna wait out in front of the house.” she replied.

“No need, just cancel with whoever’s picking you up, and I’ll take ya to wherever you’re meeting your friends.” I responded as she took out her phone and dialed a number, probably that Jack guy she’s been with.

“Alright, we’re meeting my friends at the mall.” Rose said as she got off the phone.

“You guys are gonna go shopping a week before your graduation?” I questioned.

“Yeah, why not? It’s like, an early graduation gift. Except, to ourselves.” she replied.

“Okay, let’s get going then.” I replied as we both headed to the garage and entered the car then started driving to the mall.

Which took about 15-20 minutes later..

Once we had arrived, I walked out of the car with Rose and walked with her to her friends. Everyone was surprise to see me, after what had happened of course.

“Rose, what’s he doing here?” Hunter questioned with Maria by his side.

“I’ll let him explain it by himself.” my little sister replied.

“I told you I wasn’t gonna kick your ass the next time I see you if Maria’s around.” Hunter commented.

“Yeah, yeah. I know dude. But let’s be real, I’d win for sure.” I replied. “But, that’s not why I’m here anyway.” I added.

“Then why are you here?” Maria questioned, not showing much of a expression on her face.

“I’m here to apologize.” I responded. “For what I did to Maria that day during 7 minutes in Heaven.” I added. “It felt wrong doing that, and I just want to say I’m sorry about it Maria. I did it try to get between you two, but it felt so wrong.” I added once again.

“Kari put you up to this, didn’t she?” Hunter questioned with a raised brow.

“Yes, and I agreed with it at first, because I had happened to like Maria whilst she liked you.” I replied. “But it was wrong, and I don’t wanna get between you two because-- Maria, she’s happy with you. And that should be all that matters.” I added.

“I’m not even gonna ask how you and Kari met, but thanks for coming clean with us.” Hunter replied.

“Yeah, well. That’s all I came here to say, so I guess I’ll be on my way. Take care guys.” I replied as I turned on my heels and began walking away. Until I heard a, “Wait.”

I turned around and looked only to see it was Maria saying that to me.

“If you’re not so busy, you can come and hangout with us if you like.” Maria said.

How can one be so kind hearted? Especially to me, who has done something bad towards her? It’s-- unbelievable.

“You might as well hangout with us,” Hunter said casually. “It’s better than staying home doing nothing all day, unless you got work.” he added.

“I’m..” I paused thinking of staying or leaving. “Not busy.” I finished, maybe I could be friends with my little sister’s friends, it wouldn’t be so bad.. would it?

“Alright then, let’s get inside & get shopping!” Rose exclaimed excitedly as she charged inside, everyone else following her from behind.

Honestly, hanging out with them was not so bad. It was actually pretty fun, and interesting. Surprisingly, Hunter and I got along. Though, I bet deep down inside.. he still wants to kill me. Though I can’t blame him if he does. Heck, I bet ya’ll wanted to kill me too and probably still do, huh? Anyways, we all had a great time. I got to know Rose’s boyfriend a bit better, and all I gotta say is.. I approve.

“Well, I had a great time today.” Rose commented with a smile.

“I can agree with ya on that.” Jack replied.

“Guess we should all start heading home?” Cole questioned as everyone nodded and walked away as I followed my little sister.

“Wait, guys!” Hunter called out. “Before we all part ways, there’s something Maria wants to say-- more like needs to tell you.” he added.

We all then walked back over to the two.

“Graduation is in a week, and..” Maria paused.

“You’re really excited to leave high school and start our college lives in separate schools?” Rose questioned. “We’ll still see each other here and there.” she added.

“I won’t be able to see you guys often when we all graduate and go to college.” Maria replied.

“What? Why not?” Rose asked, her expression turning into a slightly sad one.

“Let me guess, you’re not gonna be in Cali anymore?” I questioned as she nodded.

“I.. got accepted to NYU.. my dream college.” Maria responded.

Everyone stayed silent a bit once it was announced that she got accepted, the first to break the silence was Rose.

“That’s great!” Rose exclaimed before laughing softly as she smiled. “I’m happy for you.” she added still keeping the smile.

“Um, when do you start going to school?” Jack questioned.

“I’m starting right away,” Mari replied.

“By the right away, you mean after you graduate?” I asked with my arms crossed.

“Well, not that soon. I still have to pack, so I’ll be around one more day after graduation.” she replied.

“We’re happy for you.” Rose replied. “I didn’t think you’d be leaving so soon though,” she added with a soft, sad tone.

“The sooner I leave, the sooner I’ll come back for sure.” Maria replied.

“I guess we’ll have to make the most out of it, while you’re still here, huh?” Cole questioned.

I wasn’t surprised that they weren’t crying about it, yet. It hasn’t hit them yet that she’s actually leaving.

“We gotta make the most out of it.” Hunter replied. “Heck, we could go over and visit her during our breaks if we wanted to also.” he added.

“If you guys visit, by then I’d probably know my way around there and I could be your tour guide.” Maria laughed softly.

“Beck could be your tour guide, he goes to NYU too. I think he’s in his 3rd year.” Rose replied.

“You go to NYU too?” Hunter questioned me.

“Yeah, I came here to visit my family because I’m on break.” I replied. “I’ll be leaving right after my little sister’s graduation.” I added.

“If you try anything funny while I’m not around, you’ll regret it.” Hunter replied.

Him saying that is not a surprise honestly.

“You should’ve saved saying that for the day she actually leaves.” Cole responded.

After everyone was done talking, we all headed home. When we got home, Mom made dinner and we all ate together as a family.


“I know how hard it must’ve been for you to tell them about that.” I said to Maria as she sat quietly in the passenger’s seat.

“It’ll be even harder to leave them.” Maria responded with a soft chuckle as I glanced over at her, only to see she had a small sad smile.

Once we were in front of her house, I stepped out of the car and walked over to her side opening the door for her as she stepped out and I hugged her before giving her a small kiss on the lips.

“Drive safely, okay?” Maria questioned. “Once you’re home, I want you to text me.” she added.

“Of course. Text me when you’re inside as well, okay?” I questioned back chuckling softly.

“Oh, please. I already know you’re gonna stay outside my house & make sure I get in before driving away.” she replied.

“That’s true,” I responded as she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

“Goodnight.” she smiled before walking over to her front door while I watched.

“Goodnight.” I responded, once she was inside the house & the door was completely shut behind her, I headed back to the driver’s seat and started heading back home.

When I was back home, I headed to the kitchen only to see my Mom cooking.

“You made it back on time, I just finished cooking some pasta.” Mom said smiling.

“I’ll go grab the plates and forks.” I chuckled whilst walking over to the cabinets to get plates and forks for me and Mom.

I always eat dinner with my Mom, because it’s usually just the two of us around the house. Well, unless Kennedy comes over to visit and such. But also because I’m gonna be graduating soon, which also means I’ll be leaving the house soon. And I’ll only be able to visit her from time to time while I’m in college.

After I had finished eating dinner with my Mom, I headed up to my room & changed into a t-shirt and basketball shorts then brushed my teeth and then headed off to bed and called my beautiful girlfriend.

“Hello?” Maria answered yawning softly.

“Sorry, were you about to go to sleep?” I questioned.

“Mhm, but it’s okay. I’m glad you called.” she replied in a cute, yet soft tone.

“You want me to stay on the phone with you?” I asked laying on me back as I looked at up at the ceiling.

“Until I fall asleep.” she responded.

“Okay, goodnight then beautiful.” I replied.

“Goodnight.” she replied, all I could hear as she tried to sleep was her soft breathing.

“I’m gonna miss everyone so much,” she said tiredly. “When I leave.” she added.

“We’ll miss you too.” I replied. “Say, the day before graduation, why don’t we plan something with all our friends?” I asked.

“That sounds like a wonderful idea.” she replied sounding both a bit cheerful and tired.

“Alright, we can plan it some other day then. For now, go to sleep, you sleepyhead.” I laughed softly as she hummed a, “Mhm.”


It was the day before graduation, I know, I should be excited about leaving this hell of a school. But, I’m kinda sad because once we graduate, Maria leaves the following day. I’m honestly really happy that she got accepted, but I wish she didn’t have to leave right away.

“This is both our farewell and congratulations party for Maria going to her dream college!” Rose announced happily clapping.

“We might as well have a drink once more before we all go our separate ways.” Cole replied holding a cup up.

“Sorry, I don’t drink.” Maria joked.

“Oh, shush. We all know you do.” Cole responded rolling his eyes.

“Well, if you’re gonna pour a cup for yourself, you might as well pour some for everyone else.” I replied.

“My bad, I gotchu guys. Who wants a drink?” Cole questioned looking around as everyone raised their hands. “No drink for Maria though, she said she doesn’t drink.” he added jokingly.

“I was jokingggg,” Maria whined.

“You’re not gonna be drinking too much, okay?” I questioned. “Too much alcohol in your system is bad.” I added.

“Tell that to Cole, he drinks like 100 a day.” Jack replied glancing over at him.

“Hey, if it kills me, it kills me. I die happy because I was able to drink enough before my days were due.” Cole replied.

“I know, don’t worry about me.” she responded with a small smile.

After Cole had finished passing out the drinks and such, I called everyone to gather around as everyone formed a circle with their drinks.

“A toast to our graduation tomorrow, and to Maria’s achievement on making it to her dream college.” I announced as we all held our cups up.

“Cheers!” everyone said joyfully as we all clanked our cups together and gulped down our drinks.

We were all celebrating at Cole’s house. After the toast, Maria went to talk with Rose and I went to talk with Jack & Cole who were standing near the drinks.

“We all graduate tomorrow,” Jack said holding a cup out toward me. “Cheers to us as well.” he added as I took the cup and clanked it with theirs.

“After tomorrow, Maria’s gonna be gone. Are you gonna be okay bro?” Cole questioned looking at me.

“Yeah, it’s not like we’re gonna lose communication. Plus, I’ll see her again. Eventually.” I responded pouring myself another glass.

“You told her not to drink too much, yet here you are with your 3rd glass.” Cole commented.

“A 3rd glass won’t kill me, no worries.” I replied gulping it down.

Basically, all we did was hangout at Cole’s house. From here and there, Jack would be with Rose. Cole would be in the living room playing video games. And I would be spending time with Maria.

“I think New York will be fun, maybe if you ever come to visit me I can show you a few cool places to go.” Maria said with a small smile.

“That would be great,” I replied returning the same smile. “Maybe after we graduate college, we can go on an adventure. You, me, and our friends.” I added.

“I’d love that.” she replied.

“So, when you head off to New York, let’s keep in touch. Okay?” I questioned.

“Of course, I plan to keep in touch with all of you.” she responded happily.

All of a sudden, the doorbell rang and the two of us looked over to it as we watched Cole open the door revealing one of our old friends, Quinn.

“What are you doing here?” Cole questioned.

“I’m here to make amends with Maria.” Quinn replied as she continued standing outside the door looking inside.

“Maria! Quinn wants to see you!” Cole called out as I looked over at Maria as she got up and walked over to the door, me following behind her.

“Ah, Maria.” Quinn spoke as soon as she stood in front of her.

“Yes?” she responded in a form of a question.

“I heard you got accepted to NYU, and I just wanted to congratulate you.” Quinn replied. “Also, to say that I’m sorry. I know what I did was unforgivable, but I hope you could forgive for it someday.” she added.

“Thank you, but, how did you hear I got accepted?” she questioned.

“I told her,” Jack said stepping beside her. “She wanted to apologize for everything she did wrong before we all graduated. So here she is now.” he added.

We looked over at Quinn as she nodded. “Anyways, that’s all I wanted to say. I’ll be on my way now.” she replied before walking away.

“Rose, Jack talked to his ex-girlfriend.” I snitched as Rose appeared beside him like a ghost with a ( ̄O ̄;) face.

“You.. talked to your ex-girlfriend?” Rose questioned him.

“She talked to me first.” he replied.

And there goes their first argument as a couple. What’s a couple without a few arguments here and there? Though, their argument lasted a short period of time. It ended with Jack saying, “I don’t care about her. I only care about you.” and “You’re the only girl for me.”

At the end of the day, I drove Maria home. I also planned to pick her and her Mom up the following day for graduation. I also might’ve planned to ask her Mom if I can drop her off to the airport.

// The Following Day \\

Today was the day of our graduation, we didn’t have to go to school today though. The graduates had to stay home and get ready for, well, graduation. I don’t quite understand why we need a whole day to get ready though.

I picked up my phone, and dialed Maria’s number waiting for an answer.

“Hello?” Maria answered.

“Can I pick you up so we can go on a date before graduation?” I asked.

Maria just laughed softly, “Where are we gonna go?” she questioned.

“You wanna visit the pet shelter?” I questioned as I could hear Maria getting excited through the other side of the phone.

“Yes!” she responded cheerfully. “But, if I come home with a dog it’s your fault.” she added.

“I’ll take full responsibility for that.” I laughed. “I’ll pick you up after getting ready.” I added.

“Okie dokes! I’ll see you later then, love you!” she replied.

“Love you too.” I replied as she hung up.

I took a quick hot shower, then I just wore a black t-shirt along with black jeans and nikes. Honestly didn’t take long for me to get ready, so I just went straight to her house without letting her know. When I was there, her Mom answered the door and I headed up to her front door and knocked.

“Getting ready to go out!” Maria yelled.

“I’ll bet!” I responded as I heard footsteps walking towards the door as she opened it.

“You did not tell me you were on the way.” she said with a raised eyebrow.

“Surprise.” I laughed. “You’re still getting ready?” I questioned.

“Mhm, I just need to put on a lot of makeup and then I’m ready to go.” she replied.

“Mind if I watch?” I asked.

“It’s kinda boring to watch, but if you want too.” she responded as she opened the door fully and I walked in.

Maria sat on a table beside her bed and started doing her makeup like I wasn’t watching.

“Damn, my girl is so beautiful.” I commented as she did her makeup.

When I said that, she smiled a bit but still continued trying to finish up.

When she had finished up, we visited a pet shelter in Oakland. As soon as she walked in, she fell in love with all the animals.

“Hunter, can we take them all?” Maria questioned while petting a bunch of dogs.

“If only.” I laughed softly.

We continued walking around and found a little dog in it’s own cage. It looked like it was a corgi husky mix.

“Omg! It’s so cute!” she exclaimed as she walked over to it and pet it through the cage.

Looks like we found a winner, I’m getting us a dog. Even if she’s leaving to New York, I’ll take care of it myself.

“If you got a dog like that, what would you name it?” I questioned.

“It depends on its gender.” she replied with a smile still petting the dog.

“If it’s a girl dog?” I questioned again.

“Probably Winter or Snow.” she responded.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because, part of it’s fur is white like snow and snow reminds me of winter.” she responded.

“What if it’s a boy?” I asked.

“I’ll check back with you on that.” she chuckled softly.

While she was petting the dog, I went to the front desk and asked if we get it. I had to pay a little money, but it was worth it.

The person at the front desk walked over to Maria petting the dog and took it out of its cage.

“Someone wants the puppy?” Maria asked.

“Mhm, someone bought her.” the person replied with a smile handing the puppy over to me.

“You bought her?!” Maria exclaimed walking over to me petting her again.

“She’s a little shy at first.” the person commented with a smile.

“Yeah. I guess we could name her Snow.” I responded laughing softly.

Once we bought the puppy, on our way back to her house Maria kept Snow on her lap the whole time. When we reached the door to her house, her Mom was still home.

“Auntie! We got a puppy!” I announced as we went inside.

“Yikes, are you guys even ready to take care of a dog? Especially because Mari will be away for awhile.” her Mom replied as she looked at the dog in Maria’s arms.

“I’ll be taking care of Snow while she’s away, don’t worry.” I replied. “You know, you should put her down and let her explore your house.” I added looking over at Maria.

“That is one cute dog..” her Mom said as Maria put Snow on the ground who slowly walked around the area.

“Her name is Snow.” Maria replied with a smile watching her walk around the house.

“You know, we should probably go buy her some dog food.” I commented.

“Yeah, I’ll come with you. We’ll still have time to get ready.” she replied.

Basically what we did most of the day was buy Snow her food, then watched over at Maria’s house till it was time for us to get ready for our graduation. I took Snow to my house, so Maria would get ready quicker.

“You got a dog?!” my Mom exclaimed as I entered the house with her.

“Yeah, I hope you don’t mind.” I replied.

“I will mind if you don’t let me hold the puppy.” Mom replied as I laughed and handed Snow over to her. “Is it a boy or girl?” she questioned.

“It’s a girl, her name is Snow.” I responded.

“Snow, huh. She’s so pretty.” Mom replied. “Well, go on and get ready. I’ll watch Snow for you while you do.” she added.

“Okay,” I responded. “Thanks Mom!” I added before heading upstairs.

// G r a d u a t i o n \\

Once Maria and I finished getting ready, I picked up her & her Mom. This would be the first time our Mom’s would meet too, I just realized that.

“Maria! You look so beautiful.” my Mom commented holding Snow as she Maria entered the car.

“Thank you, Auntie.” Maria smiled.

I parked at the side of the school, and walked with Maria to the gym. Basically, where we were supposed to meet for the graduation ceremony. There, we saw our friends waiting for us.

“Today’s the day!” Rose exclaimed excitedly.

“We’re graduating from hell.” Cole said.

“We’ll be apart from Maria after today though.” Rose replied in a sad tone.

“I’ll try to keep in contact with you guys, I promise.” Maria responded.

When it was finally time, they announced class of 2017! And we made a grand entrance whilst taking our seats to get our diplomas. It was honestly an amazing day. A lot of name calling. When graduation had finally ended, we all met up and took pictures with one another. Most took pictures with Maria because after today, she was gonna be gone for who knows how long. Then we had a group picture.

Here’s to the high school memories with wonderful people I’ll never forget..

// The Next Day \\

Today was the day Maria was flying out to New York, she said her flight was this afternoon. So we would have a small amount of time with her before she left, so we all woke up early.

“Good morning babe, our friends are on their way to hangout with you before you leave for your flight. Just wanted to give you a heads up.” I texted her.

“Can’t wait to see them! 😊” she texted back. “I’m gonna be seeing you too, right?” she texted again.

“Of course, I’m the one dropping you off to the airport too, you know.” I texted back.

“Okay, I’ll see you then!” she texted back, and so I headed off to her house.

Surprisingly, the others beat me to her house.


All of my friends were here at my house, surprisingly enough, before Hunter was.

“Aw, look at all your friends who wanna see you before you leave for your flight.” Mom commented with a small smile.

“I know, I just have the best friends.” I responded followed by a soft chuckle.

The doorbell rung, and immediately we all knew it was Hunter. Or so we thought. I had answered the door, but it turned out to be.. Jason.

“May I help you?” I questioned.

“We finally graduated, congrats to us.” Jason said. “I also wanna say, wherever you plan to go for college, good job. And also I’m sorry for hurting you way back then, I was a jerk.” he added.

“You sure were!” Cole yelled loud enough for Jason to hear which made me laugh a bit even though I shouldn’t be.

“Thanks, and honestly. I’d say it’s okay,” I paused. “But, it’s not. I’ll forgive you, but I won’t forget.” I finished with a small nod.

“I know, I understand.” he sighed softly.

“What brings you here?” Hunter questioned behind Jason.

“Just making amends, I was gonna be on my way now.” he replied before leaving.

“Honestly, that guy.” Hunter sighed as I opened the front door for him and he went inside.

The whole morning, I spent time with my friends or should I say family before my flight this afternoon around 3pm. They all wanted to come to drop me off, but sadly there was no space in the car.

It was a 50 minute drive to the airport, though I wished it was a bit longer so I could be with my Mom and Hunter longer. Hunter parked somewhere close to the airport and took an Uber back here, then we entered the airport and headed to my terminal.

“I’ll let you guys say your farewells for now.” Hunter mentioned before walking away a bit as my Mom just laughed softly and walked over to me with a sad smile on her face.

“My little baby’s growing up so fast,” she said. “I’m very proud of the grown woman you’ve grown up to be. Whatever you choose to do from here on out, just know I’m here to support you every step of the way, okay?” she questioned tears forming from her eyes.

I laughed softly and ended up smiling at what Mom said and replied with, “I know, thank you Mom.”

“You be safe out there, if anything happens let me know.” she responded as I smiled and nodded.

My Mom went to Hunter, and then he cane to me next.

“Well, look at my soon to be New Yorker girlfriend.” Hunter chuckled.

“Oh, shush.” I laughed.

“First of all, there’s a few people who’d like to say a few words..” he raised his phone up only to reveal him Facetiming Rose, Cole, and Jack.

“Thank you for being such a wonderful first friend when I first came to Roosevelt High, I’m really gonna miss you! Have fun & be safe out there!” Rose chirped.

“You were a good friend— sometimes.” Cole laughed softly. “Have fun at New York, also. If any of your girl classmates are hot, you should get their numbers for me and I’ll fly on down there to get with them.” he shrugged.

“You’ve been a good friend, and helped bring me and Rose together. Thank you for that, and be safe out there.” Jack mentioned.

“1, 2..” Rose counted. “3! We’ll miss you!” everyone said at the same time.

“Thank you guys, I’ll miss you too. This is just temporary.” I responded with a small smile.

No, I’m not gonna cry. This is only temporary, I’m not leaving for good.

“Alright, I guess it’s my turn.” Hunter said putting his phone down. “I just wanna say, congratulations on making it into your dream college. I’m really proud of you, and although you’ll be gone for.. who knows how long, I’ll be here waiting for you.” he added.

“Awww~” I replied with a smile as I hugged him and he hugged me back before I pulled away minutes later.

“Oh yeah, one more thing.” Hunter mentioned putting a palm upon my cheek as he just stared deep into my eyes. “You’re mine, and no one else’s. Got that?” Hunter asked, a serious expression displayed on his face.

I just looked up at him and nodded until Jack on the call said, “Way to be possessive Hunt.” and the other two agreeing.

“Damnit, I didn’t hang up?” he questioned.

Through the speakers a person said, “Terminal 25 to New York, please board the plane now. Terminal 25 to New York, I repeat. Please board plane now.”

“I love you, and I’ll miss you Princess.” Hunter said before pulling me into a kiss, naturally I kissed back.

He then pulled away. “Have a safe flight, and text or call me when you land.” he mentioned.

“I love you too, and I’ll miss you too. Thank you, and I will.” I responded with a smile.

My Mom walked over and pulled me into a hug as I hugged her back.

“Have a safe flight Sweetie, let me know when you land.” Mom said.

“Thank you, and I will.” I replied.

“Have a safe flight!” my friends on the call said.

“Thank you!” I replied with a soft chuckle.

I then carried my carry on bags and headed towards the entrance of the plane. I admit, I looked back a bit as I did. Also, I might’ve cried a bit. Because who knows how long it’ll be till I see them.. When the flight was about depart, I looked out the window. Here’s to the unforgettable high school memories.

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