You're Mine

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Chapter 9

Both Ryder and I looked over at the door to see it was none other than Hunter. Ryder backed away putting his hands in the air with a smirk for a short while before resting his arms on his sides.

“I guess there’s no getting past you, huh Hunter?” Ryder asked walking over to him with the same smirk displayed on his face.

I just stood there and watched the interaction between the boys.

“I guess not.” Hunter replied looking at him.

Ryder stopped beside him and whispered something before he went inside, although I couldn’t hear what he had said to Hunter.

I walked over to Hunter. “Thank you,” I said quietly before walking past him to soon be stopped by his voice.

“Ryder. Don’t go anywhere near him, got that?” Hunter asked slowly turning to face me.

I didn’t say anything, but I just gave him a simple nod and headed back to Jason.

When I made my way over, Jason was talking with another girl, a friend maybe? But that didn’t stop me from going back to him.

“Hey, sorry for disappearing on you like that.” I said to Jason, the girl beside him looking at me.

“No need to apologize beautiful,” Jason replied with a smile.

The girl beside him cleared her throat as Jason looked down at her then me.

“Oh, right. Maria this is my friend Kaylee, Kaylee my friend Maria.” he said.

“It’s nice to meet you Maria, you’re very pretty.” Kaylee said with a smile, but not just any smile.. It looked more like a, ‘bitch step off Jason, he’s mine’ kind of smile.

Either that, or I’m just paranoid of people disliking me for some unknown reason.

“And it’s nice to meet you too.” I replied giving her the same smile back.

“Well Jas, I’ll be over there if you need me.” Kaylee said pointing at the table full of drinks as she left and walked away.

The WHOLE night consisted of me and Jason drinking and dancing, honestly.. I had a good time at this party. Except for the thing with Ryder of course. I was by now really drunk and partying A LOT. Ha, I told you I was gonna be L I T! I really couldn’t hold my liquor.

Oh yeah, did I mention Quinn left me at the party? She probably left with Jack somewhere.


“Whoooo!!” Maria yelled partying and dancing.

“Mari, you’re drunk. You should go home and rest.” I said.

“Quinn’s my ride~!!” she replied.

I looked around and spotted Hunter.

“Aye, Hunter!” I called out as Hunter walked over. “Have you seen Quinn?” I asked.

“Yeah, she left 25 minutes ago with Jack, why?” Hunter asked.

I sighed and thought for a minute. “Nothing, nevermind.” I replied.

Hunter just nodded and walked away, now talking with a few different girls.

“I guess I’ll have to take her home..” I thought looking over at the Maria that was VERY drunk.

“Come on Mari, let’s go.” I said grabbing her wrist but not gripping it to tight.

Maria followed but staggered a bit.

“Where are we going?” she asked drunkly giggling a bit.

“Taking you home.” I replied.

“Whaaaa-?!?!” she replied. “I can’t go home, my Mother will kill me for getting this drunk!” she said.

“Well, where do you prefer to go?” I asked.

“With Quinn to her house~!” she responded.

“Quinn left the party with Jack,” I replied.

“Oh. Aww.. I don’t know whereee then.” she replied pouting.

Such a cute girl.

“You can stay over at my place, if you like?” I asked her.

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