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Love Exist

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Isle with full of enthusiasm start working at college as a professor at the age of 23 for making money to embrace her dream. She also works at gallery on weekends to make extra money. Where she met Ocean. A doctor who was interested in paintings a lot or in a painter Isle. Ocean met her in an Art Exhibition where she worked as a part timer. He fell in love with her in first sight. After some years she embraced her dream and opened her art gallery 'Blossom'. She was happy but she was empty from inside. And one day he came Eric. Whom she loved and waiting for for years. Who filled her emptiness. She was happy to be with him but fate didn't like her happiness. She found that she has a lethal disease which had to be treated soon. The chances of her living was too low. She didn't tell anyone about this. Not even Ocean or Eric. What will happen? Will ocean just give his love to other man? Will Isle make it to live? Will Eric give her happiness back? Will They got know about her diseases? The important will she survive?

Romance / Drama
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On the first day to high school as a teacher I am just feeling awkward. Actually its not that I don’t want to teach , it’s just I am still twenty three, too younger to be a teacher. “Good morning sir”, I said as she reached to the dean’s office “May I come in”.

“Good morning”, said Dean Ronald Harvey “Come in”.

“I am Isle Collins”, I introduced myself again “I appointed as a teacher for English”. I first introduced myself before, when I came for interview three days ago.

“Yeah, yeah I remember you” said Dean leading me to chair across his table “Sit”.

“Thanks”, I said while sitting “When would I start classes?“.

“From today”, said dean and chuckled “I was wondering how could you teach the student of almost your age group but when you passed the interview I understood that you can do this with your bold attitude”

“Thanks for trusting me” I said for praising me. Then I stood up for going to class where I am going to teach. Mr. Ronald sent his assistant to lead me to class.

Now here I am, outside of the class. I entered the class nobody stood to greet me rather a boy dodge me while going to the benches. I got angry, why shouldn’t I , I am their teacher. I went to dais and stood still with anger on my face until everybody got attracted by me. “Good morning everybody”, I said in bold manner..... “I am you new professor Isle Collins”.

“Good morning” everybody said while standing, I heard someone was laughing from third row. It is a boy who is watching some clips in his cell phone and laughing. I go over there to realizing him that I am here and noticing him. I go closer “Hi” the boy say. My anger got on higher level although I am very patient but this, this is overbearing. I tell him to stand and. He obey me stand, he said. After that I go back to dais. And tell them to sit ,and begin the class.

After class I go to the staff room by asking some students. There I got my schedule. And spent the rest of the day at school, managing everything.

At about 8′ I was at home. “Dinner is ready, come down stair to eat”, my mom told me when I was sitting on bench in my room and staring at stars.

Right after dinner I went back to my room and crawl in my bed and let myself relax trying to sleep and I don’t know when I fell in sleep.

Actually I want to own an Art Gallery but I don’t have enough money. That’s why I am doing this job. I applied for job in an art gallery but wages was too low there.

I sell paintings paint by me. On Sunday I work at an art gallery as seller and teller. I get sale commission.

Jut embracing my dream, I am struggling.

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