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Today, Tomorrow, Forever

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Tessa West is an apprehensive, quiet girl who always tries to do everything right to avoid trouble. However, that's kind of hard now with the new boy at school. From the moment they laid eyes on each other, a connection was made and sparks flew. Little did they know that that iconic small moment they shared would be the start of their lifelong story. But what happens when their love seems to be a problem to the school, and the parents start to disapprove? Will someone break the promise they made of forever or will they continue their journey against all odds? One thing is for sure, none wants to let go. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ All Rights Reserved

Romance / Adventure
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High school, the cornerstone of our future, the benchmark by which we are measured and judged. It was said that in our society, people ask which school you attend before even knowing your surname.

As I walked the halls of my high school, I began to ponder my own future. I had never given much thought to my prospects until I arrived here, suddenly faced with the reality that my life was about to take a drastic turn.

Little did I know, high school would offer me so much more than just academic pursuits. The moment I completed my tenth grade, my life would be forever altered.

And then, he walked into my life. Trez.

From our first meeting, he changed my life in ways that no amount of school courses or group lectures could have. Those movies I watched as a teen quickly became my life, and those ridiculous plotlines became my reality. Would I have done anything differently if I had known what was to come? Absolutely not.

There are moments when I am lost in his embrace, so consumed by his love that I can feel nothing but gratitude. But there are other times, when the pain threatens to consume me, yet he always finds a way to make me fall deeper in love with him.

All I know for certain is that my life and my heart will never be the same, not after crossing paths with Trez.

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