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Angelo Vander, 28 years old He’s the type who is pretending that everything is okay when everything is not. He is selfless but at the same time he needs to be selfish for herself. Dakota Delaune, 28 years old Emotional person and when she loves someone, she’s willing to do anything for them. Dakota is a really forgiving too despite a lot of people hurt her.

Romance / Action
Janice Chen
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Chapter 1

Dakota Delaune

I walked out from my closet and checked myself on the mirror. Tonight is the night of the Winter Ball and the fact that I just added one digit to my age. Not only that but today is the day that I will be engaged with Franco Legrand.

Me and Franco were arranged by our parents since I was still in my mother’s womb. Franco is the son of my father’s best friend and they both have been really close friends since college. They wanted to unite themselves by arranging their own children.

I never love Franco, I will never will. He’s really arrogant, stupid and all he thinks is his sports car. We can’t even make a decent conversation without him bragging himself. I hate him with all my heart.

As for Franco, he likes me. Ever since he laid his eyes on me when we were kids. He said he likes me but he was busy dating other women. He’s a playboy too and I bet he won’t stay faithful to me if we end up marrying each other.

I’ve been trying my best to postpone this arrangement but this year would be my last time postponing it. Both of the family had enough of me keep making excuses. I even stayed in America pursuing my degree just to run away from that fact.

If you ask me if I tried to be with someone else? The answer is yes. Only one person to be exact and he’s my first love. We met in highschool but it didn’t end well. He was my first love and I have never been in love ever since.

I’m a firm believer of first love. For me, first love has its own magical powers. It’s impossible to forget your first love. It stays with you until you die. For me, he was my end game but reality hits me, we will never be together.

I closed my eyes and let out a long sigh. I guess this is my fate. I will never see him again and just follow the path that my parents gave me. I just hope everything will be okay once it falls into its place.

I walked out of my room and went outside where my chauffeur was already waiting for me. He opened the door for me and gave me a smile before I got into the car. Thanking him before he closed the door.

He got inside the car and drove me towards the venue of the Winter Ball. I looked out the window and the moon was shining brightly tonight.

“Happy birthday, Dakota.” I whispered to myself. I closed my eyes and made a wish. A wish that will never come true. I looked down to my hands and tomorrow, I will have a beautiful engagement ring attached to my ring finger.

God, please save me.

After 15 minutes of car ride, the car stopped right in front of the lobby. One of the guards opened the door for me. I got out and walked into the building. I met some people and greeted them politely.

“Ms. Delaune.” One of the staff led me into the ballroom and it’s already filled with people. All of them are wearing beautiful dresses and tuxedos. I put a smile on my face and greeted a lot of people along my way in. I’m trying to find my parents.

“Dakota!” I flinched when I heard someone calling me. I turned to see Agnes walking towards me. I squealed seeing her and we both hugged. It’s been so long since I’ve seen her.

“How’s your daughter?” I asked her and she showed me some photos of her daughter. Her name is Adel and she looks like her mother. I’m so happy for her and she shared how happy she is with her husband.

I’m jealous.

I want to be as happy as her but I don’t think I will get that. I already have my life planned and I can’t run away from it. I will destroy my family name if I do. It will be the end of me if I even try to date another man. Everyone in Paris or maybe all the elites already know that me and Franco will eventually get married.

I excused myself from Agnes to find my parents. I turned my attention to the dance floor as I was walking to find my parents. They’re currently slow dancing and I stopped to check it out.

I was admiring each couple. I wish I have someone that I can do slow dancing with. As I was about to continue finding my parents, I saw him on the corner of my eyes. I shot my eyes to where I might have seen him but nothing. Am I delusional? Am I seeing things?

I can hear my heartbeat beating fast and my whole body immediately feeling the adrenaline. I walked fast towards the entrance because he might be walking towards it.

“Dakota.” I turned to see my father holding my arm. “Where are you going?” He asked me as he looked at the direction of my eyes.

“I.. need to go to the toilet, excuse me for a moment.” I said and my father let me go. I quickly half running to the entrance door and I stopped when I saw him.

My whole body went numb and I can’t even breath anymore. I was trying so hard not to run towards him. There he is standing near the ballroom door talking to his friends.

As I walked slowly towards him, he turned his eyes to me. Our eyes locked and I could feel the world stop for a second. He gave me his signature smirk and I cursed under my breath.

How dare he smirk at me after all these years? How can this man be my first love? He’s a bastard now, a certified asshole.

He’s none other than Angelo Vander, my cursed first love.

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