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Chance Kyson, 29 years old He might seem tough outside but he’s actually so fragile. His past always haunts him and eats him alive and the only person who can make him forget all of that is Aria. Aria Nielsen, 27 years old All she wants is to be happy and settle down but Chance never wanted to settle down. After a few years screwing each other, she decided to move on especially after knowing she’s pregnant.

Romance / Action
Janice Chen
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Chapter 1

Aria Nielsen

I looked at the sun slowly setting down and I smiled when I felt Chance’s arms wrapping my body from behind. He gave me a kiss on my cheek and I turned my body around.

“You’re late.” I said glaring at him and he smiled before claiming my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. He slowly unzipped my dress letting it fall to the floor. I unbuttoned his shirt and helped him take it off.

He picked up and brought me to his bed. He took off my panties and he reached his remote control to turn off all the lights and closed the curtains. He only left one light on which is the small lamp beside his bed.

We both were having fun in the dark. Lighting each other’s flames and drowning in a feeling of ecstasy. Our bodies screamed to each other even though it’s been 4 years.

Me and Chance are nothing but sleeping buddies. We met through my brother, Adrian, and after that we just went straight to making out. The sexual tension between us was indescribable.

At first, we both hated love so we both were so down to screwing each other without developing feelings and maybe that’s why he stayed with me for so long. He hates when girls cling to him and asking for more, he never wanted love or relationship. He swore it with his life already that he will never settle down.

I have the same perspective as him. I was traumatized by love. I had enough of it and I’ve been living with the idea that every princess has her own prince charming since I was a kid but not anymore. I got hurt a lot of times and I can say that I don’t have any luck when it comes to love anymore. I gave up.

When I turned 25, I met Chance. We both carried the same thoughts about love and we ended up here. I thought I would never fall in love again but I ended up eating up my own words.

Chance was the perfect man for me, that’s what I thought.

In the end of the day, it was impossible for us to be together. He never want me the way that I want him. Instead of trying to confess my love for him, I decided to run away.

Three months ago, I accepted Prince Heinrich Alexios’s proposal. He’s the Prince of Greece and we both need someone who has the same degree to get married. We both found each other around 6 months ago.

Prince Heinrich will be a great husband and a great father, I have no doubt for that. I think he will be the perfect person for me to end everything with Chance. I can’t be with him forever and have this friends with benefit relationship forever.

Life must go on.

“Are you hungry?” He asked as he wrapped my body with a towel after taking a shower together.

“Yes, please cook me something.” I said and he chuckled nodding. He gave me his hoodie and I grabbed my new set of underwear in his closet. I have everything here since I always come here every 3-4 days.

He walked out from the room first leaving me alone to dry my hair. I looked at myself in the mirror and I sighed.

Love isn’t for me huh? I laughed sarcastically at myself. I walked downstairs to the kitchen and saw Chance preparing dinner. I sat on the kitchen table looking at him chopping garlic and other vegetables.

He seasoned the steak and prepared a pan. He put some potatoes into the oven and I couldn’t help but crush on Chance again and again.

“You want to stay here tonight?” He asked as he turned to me.

“No, I have some work to do. I have an important meeting to do tomorrow.” I said and he nodded. I got down from the kitchen table and walked out to the living room taking my phone.

There’s a lot of missed calls from my mother and I will call her later.

I walked back to the kitchen and sat on the dining table looking out the glass door to the pool. I got up and walked to the door opening it. I walked out and felt the cold breeze on my skin.

“It’s cold, Aria.” I heard Chance said but decided to ignore it. I looked up to the sky and the beautiful full moon was shining brightly.

“You’ll get sick, Aria.” He said as he stood beside me. I turned to him and nodded. We walked back in and closed the door. We ate dinner and talked about business like usual because there’s nothing to talk about between us beside business.

He’s not interested in any of my private life related topics. He doesn’t want to get attached to me because of it and I completely understand. I’m the one who always gets involved in his life, I tried to understand him as much as I could.

After dinner, I got into my car and drove out from his mansion. Then I remembered that my mother called me earlier, I pulled over and decided to call her back.

“Hello.” I answered.

“Aria.” She gave me that cold and angry tone. I immediately know that I’m in trouble.

“Yes, mother?”

“I’m in London and in your house right now. Come home now because I need to talk to you.” She ended the call and I know from that moment that I’m in big trouble.

I drove home fast and my heart was beating so fast. I parked my cat and got out of the car. I walked into my house and my mother was already sitting on the sofa looking at me coldly.


“What?” I asked nervously and sat right across her.

“Are you pregnant?” She asked and my whole body froze.

“How.. how do you know?” I asked in a small tone and my mother looked at me sadly.

“Are you or are you not?!” She raised her voice.


“Who’s the father?” She asked and I sighed.

“You know who, mother.” I said in a sad tone.

“Chance?” My mother asked and I nodded.

“Does he know?”

“No and I’m planning to keep it that way.”

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