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Aaron Samuel He's a billionaire that gets worship by women and hate by man. He never fails to make women crawling to him and he never tried hard to get them. All he did was smile and smirk, they fall instantly to his feet. Never get rejected. Sophia Celastio She's completely a daddy's girl, sweetheart and an easy going girl. She doesn't like arrogant and heartless people, that's why she doesn't like when a billionaire hit on her. For Sophia, Billionaire always gets what they want and in the end of the day, they'll throw you like trash.

Romance / Action
Janice Chen
4.5 11 reviews
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Chapter 1 – Clumsy Sophia

Sophia Celastio

“Sophia! Sophia!” I put my pillow on my face, not wanting to wake up now. I’m extremely tired because of the pile of works that I swallow yesterday.

“Sophia!” My mom walked into my room.

“Still sleeping.” I said lazily, not caring about my mom who walked in.

“Wake up, Sophia! You have to catch a flight to New York today!’ She said as she tried to take the pillow away from my face. I held it tightly.

“Sophia! It’s 7 and you have to catch the flight at 9!” She said and I groaned. I threw my pillow away and sat up on my bed. I looked at my mom who crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Ask Cole to go.” I said closing my eyes again.

“Cole is going to UK with your dad today.” She said as she pulled me out from the bed.

“Mom, please let me sleep and ask Cole to fly to New York instead. I’m tired.” I stood up lazily and she smacked my arm causing me to squaled.


“You can rest after the charity meeting, Sophia. You have to go now!” She pushed me to the bathroom and I sighed. I stripped myself then jumped into the shower. I turned the cold water on to help me wake up.

“I need vacation ASAP.” I mumbled to myself as I walked out from the bathroom. I took out my black skinny jeans, maroon crop top and a baggy flannel. I quickly to my make-up and pulled my hair into a bun. I put on my silver necklace and my red ring from my grandmother.

I took my bag and pulled out my luggage. I always have an extra packed luggage incase of emergency. I walked downstairs and found my mom making me a sandwich.

“You’re ready to go? Peter is ready waiting for you outside.” She said as she cut the tomato. Peter is our driver by the way.

“Can you ask Cole to go?”


“Sophia! Go to work and don’t whine like a kid.”

“Mom, I’ve been working non-stop these days and I need a vacation.” I said to her and she put her hands on her waist.

“We’ll talk about that later on, Sophia. Now, you need to go to the airport.” She said and I pouted.


“Your sandwich..”

“I’m not hungry.” I said as I walked out from the house. I gave the luggage to Peter and got inside the car. I’m damn tired.

Peter drove me to the airport and I opened my phone to check my notifications. I checked the time and it’s 8.10 a.m. I need my coffee first so I need to go to the Starbucks.

Peter speed up and we arrived at LAX quickly. I thanked Peter and got out the car. I pulled the luggage from the back of the car by myself and rushed inside. I ran in to find my check-in spot. I found it and processed my luggage and ticket first.

I got inside and started to hunt for Starbucks. I need my coffee, I need coffee.. I really need coffee since I’m so sleepy. I found the Starbucks and can’t help but jump in joy. I walked into it and looked at the menu.

“What can I help you?’

“Ice Americano please.” I said to the cashier.

“The size, miss?”


“Your name?”

“Sophia.” I answered and gave him my money. He processed the order and gave me a wink. I just looked away. Boys and their awful flirting tactics.

I got the Ice Americano and walked out. I sipped it first and enjoyed it a lot. I looked at the time to see I have 15 minutes left before boarding time ends. Since I hate to pee on the airplane, I decided to go to the bathroom now.

I did my business and walked to the mirror. I checked myself and my panda eyes was so visible. I cupped my face and sighed. I looked at my reflection through the mirror and my eyes widen.


I put my bag on the sink and took out all the things out. I tried to find my red ring inside the bag and found nothing. I knew I was wearing it. I put all of my things inside my bag and took my Americano with me too.

I walked out and looked at the floor to find the ring. It might fall somewhere right? I looked at the floor intensely and scanned every path that I take. No.. Please don’t be lost, it’s from my grandmother before she died.

My grandmother made a lot of rings for his grandchildren. I got one in red ruby. Please don’t be lost. Someone might get it and sell it! No, Sophia.. Don’t think like that.

Without any warning, I bumped into someone, very hard. He was walking in a great speed while I was walking while looking down to find my ring. My Americano spilled to his suit and my eyes widen in shock. I looked up and I gasped. It’s freaking Aaron Samuel, the man that every girls worship.

“What the ****!” He cursed right away as he looked down to his suit. I quickly took out a pack of tissues from my bag and patted it to his white suit that’s already starting to turn brown because of the coffee.

“I’m sorry!” I said in panic.

“Watch where you’re going next time!” He bursted in a cold ton and I can’t help but glare at him.

“If you’re watching where you’re going, you won’t bump me either.” I snapped him. How dare he say that to me? He was busy with his phone too. He looked at me with amusement.

“I’m sorry about this but I need to go right now!” I hissed bluntly and walked pass him. He suddenly held my arm and I turned to him. I looked at him and then to my arm that he held.

“What’s your name?” He asked.

“The girl who sippled her coffee.” I answered coldly and pulled my arm from his grip. I walked way and I continued to look at the floor to find my ring.

Ring.. Where are you?

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