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Chapter 2 - Who is he?

Angelia Selosvone

I looked at myself to the mirror to check one more time about my appearance. I turned around to see the back of it. I curled my hair into a big loose curls. I put my make up on and my earrings on.

I wore my black dress that has a V cut and straps crossing in front of my chest. The dress stopped on my upper thigh. I smiled at the mirror completely proud of myself to look good like this.

I took my nude color highheels and ready to go. I took my clutch and put everything I need there. I looked at the clock, Kayla will pick me up in a minute.

My phone rang and I quickly answered it.

“I’m here.” She said and I ended the call. I walked downstairs and saw my mom baking something.

“Mom, I’m going.” I announced.


“With Kayla.” I answered.

“Be back before 11.” I rolled my eyes, she still gave me curfews like I’m a 17 years old girl. I’m freaking 25.

“Bye.” I walked out from my house and quickly got into Kayla’s car before someone spots my presence.

“You look good girl.” Kayla said excited.

“Thanks and you look hot.” I gave her a thumbs up. She’s wearing a short dark blue dress with spaghetti strap. She quickly drove her car away from my house and went straight to that private bar.

She parked her car at the basement and we took lift to go to the club. She already reserved my name and hers so we can go in. I looked around to see a lot of people dancing on the floor and just have a drink.

Me and Kayla decided to take a drink first and then we can go to the dance floor. Walking towards the bar and smiled to the bartender.

“Angelia Selosvone.” He said as his eyes widens.

“The one and only.” I smirked.

“What can I get for you?” He asked.

“Classy Cocktail please.” I said as I pointed at the menu, he smiled.

“What about you sexy?” He asked Kayla and Kayla scanned the menu.

“Lime Cocktail please handsome.” Kayla flirted and I chuckled, I sat on the high chair and waited for the drinks. My eyes scanned the room to see someone interesting.


“Here you go.” The bartender gave the drink to me and I sipped it. The taste made me want it more.

“Nice drink.” I said and he smirked.

“Of course, a beautiful lady has to get that.”

After talking for awhile with Kayla, catching up a little bit. I want to go to the dance floor. I want to get my body shaken up a little bit.

“Let’s dance.” I said to Kayla and she nodded. We walked to the dance floor and started getting our bodies to dance to the beat. I danced to the loud music and just enjoying the night.

I was dancing and dancing suddenly I saw 4 guys on the 2nd floor. They were talking and sipping their wine, they looked familliar. I walked towards the stairs to find out who they are.

I walked up the stairs and they’re standing across where my position was. So I have to walked quite far to get to them. I walked through the 2nd floor’s small trail when suddenly a security stopped me.

“What are you doing miss?” He asked and I smiled sweetly to me hoping that he will let me pass.

“I have to meet the man right there.” I said.

“Sorry miss, this is a private area.” That make me looked at him disbelief.

“I need-”

“This is a private area miss, you have to go or I’ll call security.” He said and I stomped my feet annoyed. I walked back towards the stairs and suddenly my eyes stuck on that beautiful brown eyes.

He’s so handsome that I can’t even take my eyes of him. His jawline was perfect, he has a thin beard and mustache that make him look so manly. His brown hair was style up and it suits him so well. He has a broad shoulders and his height maybe around 6"2′. He gave me a smirk and drank his beer.

My heart just skipped a beat when he did that. I kept my eyes on him when he suddenly walked into a private room. I cursed continuosly inside my heart. I need to know who he is.

When I was busy with my thought, I saw him walking out from the private room. He glanced at me again and smirked. I waited for him to walk pass by me but after a few minutes he’s gone.

I quickly walked down and started to look for a way out from the main door. When I was walking there, suddenly someone pulled my arm. I squealed in shock.

My eyes widen as the man I saw earlier was pinning me to the wall. His face is more handsome in a close distance. His eyes are very sexy and he’s like a greek god. A definition of perfect. He trapped me between his hands and looking at me like I’m his new prey.

“Well well well.. What do we have here?” He said in his deep tone voice, my heart literally went crazy. My breath got hitch as I looked into his beautiful brown eyes.

“What’s your name beautiful?” He whispered as he caressed my arms all the way down to my wrist with the back of his hand making me shiver like crazy.

“Angel.” I answered nervously.

“Angel, what an innocent name” The light was illuminating him so it make him looking more sexy. I gulped nervously.

“What are you doing at the 2nd floor Angel? Do you know that the 2nd floor is a devil’s lair?” He asked and I literally can’t take off my eyes from him.

“I- I- don- don’t kn-know about that.” I suttered.

“Make sure never step that floor again, little Angel.” He whispered to my ear and left a small kiss on the side of my cheek. He smirked at me and left.

“Wait!” I called and tried to follow him but he’s gone.


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