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Chapter 2 - He Doesn’t Care

Rose Hastington

2 weeks later..

I smiled widely as I arrived at the club, I need this to let out my stress even though I will see Max but I don’t care. Today is Kenneth’s birthday and he invites us all to the usual club.

I walked into the club wearing a really sexy black dress with cuts on my waist. I really love the feeling of wearing dress that reveals my skin especially to see Max’s reaction. I commited that I won’t talk to him or interact with him a bit, I hate his guts.

“Hello boys.” I walked to their area.

“Happy birthday Kenny. ” I hugged him and kissed his cheek. He thanked me and just let me enjoy the party.

“My girls!” I hugged them all one by one and I saw Max’s face darkens.

“What the hell are you wearing?” I heard Max asked and I ignored him.

“So how about we dance on the dance floor?” I asked the girls and their face lighted up. I got a big glare from their husbands.

“That’s a great idea.” Sophia squealed and when she stood up from her seat, Aaron held her firmly.

“Aaron!” Sophia smacked his hand.

“Let’s go.” Janet said when Sky wasn’t paying attention, he’s talking to Ken and Sebastian.

“Don’t even think about it!” Alex said before Angel can even stand up. Angel kissed his cheek and whispered something to his ear and Alex let her go. I wondered what she whisper him about.

“Let’s go!” I pulled all of them to the dance floor even it though it was hard at first. We started to dance carelessly and just swayed our hips to the music.

“What the hell Janet!” I heard Sky dragging his wife away as someone started to ogling at her. I chuckled but continue to dance with Sophia and Angel.

“It’s been a long time since I get to do this!” Angel said and I smiled to her.

“Let’s party secretly sometimes.” I said and she gave me a thumbs up.

“My knees are hurting.. I can’t dance long.” Sophia said and I laughed. She fell down from the stairs last week and hit her knee quite hard. I gestured her to go back and she went away but still we have fun. It’s just me and Angel now, suddenly Angel looked behind me.

“Ohh a hot hottie is checking you out.” She smirked and I pretended to turn around to see the guy she’s talking about. I saw the blond guy walk to me and smirked.

“I’ll let you alone girl.” Angel whispered and she left me. The guy started to give me a wink and I gestured him to come closer. We danced together for awhile until he landed his hands on my bare waist. I circle my arms around his neck and I smiled looking at his blue eyes.

“What’s your name sexy?” He asked.

“Vella.” I’m not lying though, Vella is my middle name. How come this guy ask my name? I guess he’s anti social man.

“I’m Alfonzo, call me Al.” He smirked and started leaning his face to me.

“What a sexy name to scream Al.” I was basicly flirting with him and he started feeling my back with his hands. I ran my hands down his chest and he squeezed my butt. He pulled me and crashed his lips to mine, his hands were everywhere on me and I just missing this feeling.. making out.

“You want to go?” He asked and I crashed my lips to him again when suddenly my body was pulled. I turned to see Max was giving Alfonso a really deadly glare, Al looked at him shock. Of course he knows Max, who doesn’t?

“Let me go.” I pushed his hand away and walked away, what a bastard. I walked back to where the others are, I sat beside Angel who’s currently drinking her cocktail.

“What happen with the hottie?” She asked.

“What hottie?” Alex asked and she ignored him.

“Max ruined it.” I hissed as I scanned the dance floor again.

“He’s jealous.”

“Jealous? He slept with other woman in front of my eyes and he dared to get jealous by me making out with someone?” I was more that pissed.

“Boys brain doesn’t work that way, Rose.” I starled as I heard Alex butt into our conversation.

“How does it work then Alexander?”

“We’re selfish, we think we can do everything while you girls dont.. for example I don’t let my wife get jealous but when it comes to her, I get jealous all the time and all I want is to throw that guy who dares to crash his lips to her. We work like that.. I know it sucks but swallow it Rosey.” He smirked and Angel kissed his cheek.

“I thought you’re in a good terms with him?” Angel asked.

“I decided to stop.. he’s not worth it, 11 years I’ve waited and now it’s time for me to move on.” I sighed and took my cocktail.

“11 years.. I might get crazy first if I love Alex for 11 years and he doesn’t care.” She said honestly.

“I do care little Angel.” He said and Angel rolled her eyes.

“Love hurts sometimes when I said I like this guy, he completely blew me off and I had to wait like an idiot for him to comeback.” Angel pointed her finger to Alex.

“But I came back.”

“Hush Alex!” She snapped and smiled at me.

“I suggest you move on Rose, hurting yourself is for that long is enough.” She held my hand.

“Find a new hottie.” She added and winked.

“Did I miss something?” Sophia asked as she plopped down beside me.

“She’s moving on from Max.” Angel mouthed so Alex can’t hear.

“Ohhh nice idea, find a hottie here.” Sophia said and I nodded.

“I’m getting married to Austin in 2 weeks.” I stated to them slowly and their eyes widen.

“So you agree to it?” Sophia asked and I nodded.


“Yeah, the invitation will arrive at your house today or tomorrow.” I sighed and sipped my cocktail.

“Have Max heard this?” Angel asked.

“He? He won’t care, why hoping he will care? Let him see me getting married.” I pissed.

“I bet he will get piss, seeing you making out with someone else already got him mad so I’ll bet he will blow up when he get the news that you’re getting married.”

“I don’t send the invitation to him though.”

“You didn’t?”

“Let him know by your husbands.”

“Let’s see what will he do.” Sophia said.

Suddenly I do want to know even I tried not to care.

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