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Logan Nielsen Logan Christopher Nielsen is the future king of Denmark. He will take over his father's throne when he turns 25 and before that he has to find his bride. When he turned 18, he had to move to London to go undercover. Amanda Estelle Just a basic poor girl living in London with her father. Her grandfather disowned her dad for not wanting to take over the family business, just because he wanted to be an artist. They're poor but they're happy.

Romance / Action
Janice Chen
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Chapter 1

Amanda Estelle

I looked out the window to see the gloomy sky knowing that a heavy rain will come sooner or later. My father called me and I quickly walked into the living room to see what he’s up to.

“Mandy, do you need to buy school supplies?” My dad asked as he put his brush down to the ground.

“No, I don’t need anything.” I smiled at him as I took a chair and sat beside him looking at his beautiful painting.

“So.. what’s the meaning of this?” I asked. He painted a little girl holding a sunflower on her hands and she was looking at the sky full of stars.

“It’s you..” He turned to me smiling widely as he touched my nose.

“Me?” I pointed at myself and he nodded.

“It was you when you’re 4, before your mom passed away.” It’s true. My mom passed away because of cancer and my dad had to raise me alone. He always told me that I’m the best thing in his life besides my mom. He loves my mom dearly that he swore that he won’t get married again.

“All of your paintings are all about me, father.” I chuckled and he smiled nodding.

“Are you sure that you don’t need anything?”

“No, I’m okay.”

“Are you excited for tomorrow? This will be your last year though.” He said as he took his new brush from the ground.

“Yeah, I need to think about what I want to do in the future too.” I said with no energy. He chuckled and he turned to me fully.

“You don’t need to rush, Amanda. Take it slow.. and besides as long as you’re happy, it’s enough.” My dad actually came from a really rich family. His family was one of the richest families in the UK but his father disowned him for not wanting to take the family business.

My father was and always loves painting and he decided to pursue his dream by leaving his wealth. 2 years after that he met mom and they got married right away. My mom was a ballerina and she was the one who taught me ballet. I love dancing and painting, I got those skills from my parents but not only that I’m so interested in the business world.

I never told my dad about it because I was so scared that he will get sad remembering his past. I also have been saving up so much money to go to college by working as a math tutor in my neighbourhood. I’m quite smart to be honest and I love teaching children because they’re so cute.

Tomorrow will be an exciting day, not only it’s my first day as a senior but I can’t wait to see my crush, Jason.

“Here.. go buy your favorite bread.” Suddenly my father gave me 10 pounds. I looked at him confuse but I took the money.

“Do you want anything?” I asked.

“The usual.” He said and I nodded. I took my phone and walked out from the house. I was walking towards the bakery 2 blocks away from my house as I looked up to the gloomy sky.

“Ms. Estelle.” I stopped and I looked down to see 2 bodyguards standing in front of me. I gulped nervously and they gestured me to get into the car.

“I’m sorry, I think you got the wrong person.” I said politely and before I get to walk pass them. An old man got out of the car and my eyes widened. He gestured to me to get into the car and I obeyed him right away.

It’s my grandfather, Elliot Estelle.

“Hello Amanda, how are you?” He asked as the door closed. I wasn’t dare to look at him, I kept looking at the ground.

“I’m doing okay and my father is doing okay as well, Mr. Estelle. I hope you’re not trying to-”

“I’m not here to see Victor, I’m here to see you.” He said and that made me turn to him.

“Why? Why do you want to see me?” I asked nervously.

“Where are you planning to go after you finish highschool?” He asked in a serious tone. I guess this is what my father experienced back in the days.

“Why do you want to know? I’m pretty sure you won’t like it like you did to my father.” I said completely not scared at him after what he did to my father.

“I’m not getting any younger, Amanda. I need to know what your future will be.” He said and I sighed.

“I don’t know, I still need time to think about it.” I lied because I don’t want him to know what I want to do in the future.

“I know you’re looking for a scholarship to go to CASS or London Business School.” My eyes widened and I was mad knowing that he’s spying on me now. My hand reached to the door but he stopped me.

“Let me help you.” He said and I turned to him.

“I don’t need your help, you disowned my father so it means you disowned me too. I know that I have Estelle as my last name but it doesn’t mean that I’m your granddaughter.” I said coldly and he sighed.

“I understand how you feel about me but I’m not getting any younger, Amanda. I want to pay for your college and then you can work at the company.” He said as he held my hand but I shook my hand.

“I don’t need your money or your company, Mr. Estelle. I will find my own way to get into that school.” I said and he let my hand go.

“Very well, tell me what you want so you can let me help you.”

“I hope you can fix your relationship with my father. If you do, maybe I’ll reconsider your offer.” I said and his eyes widened. I know he won’t reconcile with my father soon or later. Elliot Estelle is stubborn and he has a hard time forgiving his son.

“I hope you won’t spy on me again, you’re making our relationship worse.” I said and I got out of the car.

I walked towards the bakery to buy some bread and I went back straight home.

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