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My Heart Belongs to You

By Kai_Pang All Rights Reserved ©


Chapter 1

“YOU IDIOT!” I shouted.

Josh and I were play Duty Calls. He kept friendly firing. We barely got past the first room. We would get shot down so easily. We had been playing for about 2 hours straight.

“Watch where you are going!” I commanded.

“Oops,” Josh said as he started shooting me again.

I put down the controller and tackled Josh.

“You caused us to lose.... AGAIN!” I yelled.

“Nu-uh!” Josh shouted back.

“Yes you did!” I said once again. I saw Josh smirk and I questioned why but I soon felt someone lift me up and off of him. It was Josh’s boyfriend. He leaned over and picked up Josh.

“Geez Princess, can’t take care of yourself?” He said.

Josh crossed his arms and pouted.

“Hey Zach,” I said jumping onto his back.

“He’s MINE!” Josh growled.

We fought but we were the best of friends. I tightened my grip around Zach and he stumbled forward.

“You guys are so heavy!” Zach whined.

“It’s training for football!” Josh said.

I felt someone’s hand on my shoulder and I turned to see my twin, Riley standing there. I quickly jumped off of Zach and walked over to Riley.

“Josh was friendly firing!” I ratted.

“No I WASN’T!” Josh said.

“Oh Grow up!” Riley said.

“I can’t believe I love you,” Zach said to Josh.

“HA, I’m lovable unlike Raedon!” Josh said.

“I am just waiting for someone special,” I said.

We all sat down on Josh’s bed. His mother was constantly bringing snacks so I didn’t have to move around too much. Zach pulled Josh closer whenever Josh’s mom would leave. Although the family was accepting we were only in 9th grade. Well, Zach was in 10th grade.

“Let’s play strip poker!” Riley said. I glared at him. I stunk at poker and I had a lot at stake.

“Sure!” Josh and Zach said in unison. They all turned towards me. I groaned.

“Sure,” I didn’t want to but it would be awkward if I just watched.

We played a few rounds and I was somehow able to survive. I had only taken off my shirt. Josh had taken off his shorts and shirt. Riley had not lost any clothing and Zach had taken off his shorts. I tried not to stare at Zach. But I continued to glance. Ugh stupid hormones.

“This is fun!” Riley said. We all glared at him.

“We should take a short break,” Josh said.

“I agree,” I quickly added.

Zach and Josh snuggled together on the floor and my twin had reached for my hand. We were always really close siblings so I never thought much into it. I wondered if I could ever get a boyfriend. I had been wanting someone to be with for a very long time. Riley would always get asked out but he would turn them down. Was he waiting for someone? Who?

“Can we agree, I’m going to lose so I should just back out right now?” Josh asked.

“Nope!” Zach replied smiling. His arms snaked around Josh’s waist. Josh groaned and Zach kissed his neck.

“Did you hear that rumor going around the school?” Josh asked.

“Which one?” I asked.

“The one about Cynthia,” Josh whispered.

“I heard about that one,” Riley said.

“Yeah, she was totally trying to get with you Zach,” I said.

“Really?” Zach asked turning a bright red.

“She can go and back off!” Josh growled.

“Yeah, I’m pretty set on Josh,” Zach said moving his arm around Josh.

“Aww, you guys are so cute!” Riley said.

Both of them turned bright red.

“I’m sure both of you will find someone to love,” Josh said.

I shook it off and stood up. We continued to play cards and soon Josh was nude and Zach was getting extremely close. Josh wrapped a blanket around his waist. Zach was wearing his underwear and I was wearing my underwear. Riley had all of his clothes on. Eventually both Zach and I were naked.

“Are you done laughing?” Zach asked.

“NOPE!” Riley said as he continued to laugh.

We all changed back into our clothes. I walked over to the sink to wash my face. I saw that Riley was standing behind me. I spun around to face him. He stood inches away from my face. I felt my face growing warm. He gently put his hand on my shoulder.

“This was fun. I’m glad you became friends with Josh.” Riley said.

“Oh Ri, anytime with you is fun,” I said smiling.

“Well, we better get going! We have school tomorrow,” Riley said his warm breath gently hitting my face. He made my heart melt. WAIT! He’s my twin I can’t love him like that. I gently pushed past him.

“We better get going,” I said to Josh and Zach.

Josh nodded and Zach stood up.

“I should probably go too,” Zach said kissing Josh goodbye. Josh waved goodbye and the three of us walked out the front door.

“Well, I’ll be seeing you at football,” Zach said to Riley who nodded.

“Bye Zachy!” I shouted.

I climbed into the car. Riley was driving. Riley turned on the music and it softly played. I fell asleep with the soft tunes playing.

When I woke up again, I was in my room. I felt someone beside me and I saw that Riley was there. He would rarely stay and sleep with me. I pushed up against him and I heard him whimper. I turned to see tears streaming down his face.

“Shh, it’s okay,” I whispered.

He seemed to calm down. I gently hugged him. I fell asleep with him in my arms.

The next day I was standing in front of my locker. Two of my friends were walking over to where I was standing.

“Hey Reina and Katie!” I said happily.

“Hey Rae!” Katie said in a sing song voice.

Reina had black hair and was tan. She was about 5′7" tall. Katie had light brown hair and was also tan. She was 5′5". I grabbed out my books from my locker.

“Are you going to Jennifer’s party?” Katie asked.

“Maybe?” I responded unsure. I was going to wait and see what Riley was going to do.

“I heard that a bunch of the cute jocks were going,” Reina said smiling.

“Stop! Please,” I groaned.

Josh, Riley and Zach walked over to us. Josh pulled Zach closer together. However, they tried to stay as far apart as possible during school.

“Let’s go to class!” Riley shouted.

We followed behind him. I speed walked and was able to catch up to him.

“Are you going to go to the party?” I asked.

“There’s some cute jocks going. So yeah!” He replied.

“You’re just like some girl,” I whispered.

He smiled. We entered inside of Mr. Arbonise’s classroom. I saw a few chairs open in the back. I sat next to Riley, Katie, Reina, and Josh. We all had basically the same schedule. I yawned as it was the most boring class, MATH. I fought hard to stay awake. I started drawing in my notebook. I wrote down all the cute guys in our grade. I happened to write Riley as one of the names. What’s wrong with me? I can’t possibly like my brother. Mr. Arbonise didn’t notice that I wasn’t paying attention. Reina was writing down something in her journal. Katie was drawing a picture of some guy. Riley and Josh were trying their hardest to stay awake. With Mr. Arbonise’s monotone voice, he made everything boring.

The day moved by so slowly and nothing interesting happened. After school, we were going to watch Riley’s football game. I sat in one of the back bleachers with my friends.

“Why are we here again?” Katie asked.

“It’s because Josh and Rae want to check out the jocks,” Reina said.

“NO. Not completely.” I said the last part under my breath

“I’m pretty sure that I love my jock and no one can replace him,” Josh said.

“What about him?” Reina asked pointing to a guy with brown hair and blonde high lights.

“Are you kidding me? He looks like Riley!” Josh said.

“So he looks like Rae?” Katie asked.

I saw Riley was standing on the field facing towards me waving. I waved back.

“You could up your social status Rae,” Katie said.


“You’re a good medium class but you’re in your brother’s shadow,” Katie said.

She just said your/you’re a lot. I wasn’t very high in the social class but I was fine with it.

“My brother’s shadow?” I asked.

“Yeah, you are like totally in his shadow,” Katie said.

“I agree with Katie!” Reina and Josh both said.

" Wow, thanks guys,” I replied sarcastically.

“I know! You should play a sport!” Josh said.


“Baseball!” Reina semi shouted.

“Oh my goodness. That would be perfect,” Katie said.

“But I don’t even know how to play baseball,”

“But someone can teach you,” Reina said.

“A jock who desperately wants to get with you,” Katie finished.

“That’s so mean!” I whined.

“Not exactly,” Josh said.

I shook my head as I focused back into the game. The game was a smash out as expected. The party was right after the game and we were car pooling. The four of us were walking towards the car when Katie started sprinting towards a group of boys. She talked to them for a few minutes before running back over to us. She told us that they were going to the party and all of them played baseball. I knew that they would end up competing to see who would teach me. GREAT. Competitive boys.

We waited for Riley and Zach. It was a long time before they eventually came out of the lockeroom. Josh ran into Zach’s arms. I looked at Riley before he charged me and lifted me up.

“Aww you guys are cute!” Reina laughed.

“Let’s go to the fucking party already!” Katie yelled. Ugh KATIE.

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