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Joel Cesborn His heart is made of steel, he's a guy that's hard to tame. A lot of girls tried to tame him but no one succeed. Until he landed his eyes on one girl and he thought he will never see again. Irene Payton A baker, she loves baking with all her heart. She's a really bright person when you know her for a long time but a cold person when you just meet her. She lives simply in New York far from her parents to live her dream. She has a big heart for charity. One day she's join a bid for charity.. She never thought one of the bidder was Joel Cesborn.

Romance / Action
Janice Chen
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Chapter 1

Irene Payton

“We need to re-check the ingredients to make the wedding cake tomorrow,” I said to my assistant Velda. She nodded her head and put a reminder on the board

I added a little more sugar and peanut butter to my new recipe Peanut Butter Cupcake. I’m so excited for this new recipe , I’m perfecting my recipe now so I can publish it soon

“Irene , shouldn’t we buy more box? I’m not sure we have enough to carry all those macaroons and cupcakes” Velda said and I turned to her

“How much should we buy again?”

“We got 400 now and we need more”

“I’ll call and buy it right away” I said and she nodded. My phone suddenly rang and I quickly walked to the counter to take my phone. It’s Beth my best friend called


“Where are you?”

“The shop” I answered

“What?!” She squealed and that made me jump a little

“What?” I asked her calmly while put the icing into a plastic bag and put her on loudspeaker

“Irene it’s 4 hours till the charity event”

“So?” I asked as I took a little on icing and tasted it

“We need to get ready! Come to my apartment pronto!”

“I can get ready for 1 hour” I said not even caring how will I look tonight. There’s no one to impress anyway. I mean it’s a charity and there will be a bid but I don’t need a someone to impress there.

“Come to my apartment now or I’ll kidnap you from that kitchen of your or should I burn it?” Beth and her unique temper

“I’ll be there in one hour” I said

“No no.. Now Rene. N-O-W Prontooo!” She said in a really high tone causing my employee to laugh


“Make sure to be here before 3 Irene or else” She said and ended the call. I looked at the clock and I still have 20 minutes. I looked at my icing and tried to put it on the cupcake

“Try it” I gave it to my employee

“Is it good?” I asked

“It’s so delicious” I smiled because of that. I took a taste and yes damn it’s so delicious. I quickly took off my apron and walked out from the kitchen. I bid my goodbyes to all of them and got into my car to drive to Beth’s

“What took you so long?” She asked as I walked into her apartment

“I’m making a new recipe Beth , we still have 3 hours anyway. I’m going to sleep for 1 hour” I said and threw myself to the bed. Beth pulled my leg completely not liking the idea I’m sleeping

“Go take a shower Irene , I’m going to dress you beautifully tonight”

“No , I’m not going if you’re going to dress me” I shook my head and she crossed her arms in front of her chest


“I don’t want to reveal any of my skin” I said and she shook her head. She walked to her closet and took out a red dress. This dress will fit me but the idea revealing too much skin made me hate it.

I don’t mind showing so much skin but I’m not up for boys hitting on me these days. I’m still focusing on my career and not ready for a relationship yet.

“I don’t want it”

“What? Why? It’s so beautiful?”

“You wear that , I’m wearing that navy blue dress” I pointed at her closet and she rolled her eyes

“I’m burning that dress so you have no other choice” She smirked and I sighed

“Beth , you know I don’t want to attract people with this right?”

“Shut up. I bet you will be sold for 100.000$ tonight or maybe more than that” She squealed and I looked at her disbelief

“Who would want me with that amount? No one Beth , no one!”

“Oh there will be , wanna bet?” She asked and I shook my head

“Not betting anything with you” Because I always.. lose

“Oh come on Irene , maybe I’m wrong. 100.000$ is damn big for this charity Irene” She said and I shook my head

“Please let there be a hot guy around” She closed her eyes praying

“It’s just a dinner Beth , no big deal” I shrugged and decided to charge my phone

“I know but at least please be a hot guy”

“I’m not interested, ″ I said as I got up from her bed and made my way to the bathroom. I took a shower and washed my hair quickly. I walked out from the bathroom with my towel only

“Should I wear this or this?” She asked between black dress and white dress

“White , it looks good on you” I said , I dried my hair and curled it. I put my makeup on and curled my hair loosely

“I don’t want to wear this” I said looking at the red dress

“Wear it Irene , it really looks so good on you” She said as she’s wearing her earrings and rings. I sighed and put the dress on me. I looked at the mirror and yes it fit me perfectly

It revealed my back a lot and there’s a cut on my waist. It’s a halter dress and it’s short. I’m revealing a lot of skin tonight and I think I will regret it soon

I took my black clutch and put my phone , lipstick , powder , money and cards inside.

“You’re so getting someone tonight” Beth smirked

“I’m not interest for relationship Beth , I’ve told you that”

“Oh come on , just because you broke up with Lucas 5 months ago made you stop wanting a relationship. You didn’t even cry..”

“Because I’m the one who dumped him Beth” I stated the obvious as I walked out from her apartment. We went down to the lobby taking the cab to the venue.

We went to the venue and the staff already led us to the back of the stage. Because the charity event will start so soon.

I got number 17 for the order and there’s 25 girls here. I’m damn nervous.. who will make a bid on me..

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