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Christian Hastington For him if you date girls in your early 20s , it means that girl is only for decoration only not for a serious relationship. He never thinks that every girls that he dated was a real one until he went to his friend's birthday party and have a one night stand with someone that he never thought he will have that night together. Taylor Portwalt Beautiful and talented, that's what she is. She loves to explore new things and that what makes her completely attractive. She promised herself when she turned 21, she will drink alcohol until she's completely drunk. She never thought thay incident will lead into something else.. by having a one accident night with her own childhood friend Christian Hastington.

Romance / Action
Janice Chen
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Chapter 1

Taylor Portwalt

“Where are you going?” Nial asked

“Wesley’s party” I smirked as I put on my earrings

“Wesley? Where?”

“His house” I answered him simply

“What time will you get home?” He asked and I looked at him through the mirror

“Don’t be like dad , Nial. Shut your mouth for this , I’m going to have a sleep over at Kassie’s” I said as I put my red lipstick on. He sighed and walked away. I smirked and I can’t help but get excited

I turned 21th last week but never got the chance to drink alcohol. Today I promised myself that I will get drunk until I don’t remember anything. I looked at myself at the mirror and got ready to go. I walked out from my house and got into my car.

I drove my car to Wesley’s house and can’t help but be really excited for this. I texted Kassie that I’m already here in front of Wesley’s house so she can fetch me up.

“Taylor!!” Kassie squealed and she hugged me

“Hey Kas”

“Ready to party?” She asked excitedly

“Of course” I smiled widely

“You look hot today , let’s go inside” She took my hand and pulled me inside. Wesley’s house was turned into a club instantly. People were dancing and drinking every corner. A lot of them making out and got intense but I definitely not interested to get on with someone tonight

All I want for tonight is.. get drunk

“Wesley baby” I opened my arms widely when I saw Wesley. I hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek

“Miss me?” He smirked

“Happy Birthday bad boy” I caressed his cheek and he winked

“Thank you , go have your drink,” He said, gesturing to me to sit with him. He pulled my hand and made me sit down beside him. He poured a drink for me and I’m nervous. This is my first glass of alcohol

“Happy Birthday to you too beautiful” Wesley put the shot in front of me and gave me a smirk

“Thankyou” I took it from him and put it into my throat in one shot. My throat felt the burn.. I love it. I asked him to pour some more and he gave me more.

“Christian” Wesley suddenly said and I can’t help but to turn my head. My eyes widen to see Christian here , he knew Wesley?

“Hey man , Happy Birthday” Christian smirked to him and he hugged him briefly

“Thanks man , I thought you can’t come”

“Yeah , but you’re my buddy. I can’t miss it” Christian said in a sarcastic tone. Wesley laughed and he patted Christian’s shoulder

“Of course you won’t miss it” To be honest , Wesley already began to drunk. He walked pass Christian completely leaving me alone

“Why are you here?” Christian put his attention to me

“Partying , are you blind?” I asked in a really sarcastic tone because he’s so stupid for asking that. Christian hissed and sat beside me. He took a new shot glass and poured another brand of alcohol into his glass. I took it in one shot

Drinking from the shot glass wasn’t that excited , I took the alcohol that Wesley gave me earlier and I drank it from the bottle itself.

“Alone? Fancy seeing you without girls in your arms” I said in a really sarcastic tone and he scoffed coldly. Me and Christian’s relationship wasn’t good since we first met. We always insult each other and curse each other a lot

“Fancy seeing you here as a virgin” My eyes widen when he said and I turned to him glaring

“I’m right” He smirked and I drank a lot of alcohol in one gulp. My anger rised up and almost flew my fist to his ugly fucking face

“At least I’m not a whore like you , you d**k” I bursted angrily and he laughed

“I bet you don’t even know how to flirt , I even bet that you can’t kiss” He smirked and he took a shot

“Don’t make me throw this to your face,” I said coldly, pointing at the alcohol bottle. He laughed at me and took the alcohol bottle that he drank earlier. He took a really big gulp of it

“You’re a coward Taylor , always was and always will be a coward” He mocked and I really wanted to kill him right now

“I’m not a coward you piece of-”

“Don’t say bad words Taylor” He put his index finger in front of my lips. Making me looked at it and pushed that finger away from my face

“Go get your ass laid , I don’t want to see you around” I stated annoy and he laughed

“It’s because you’re a loser Taylor” He repeated and laughed

“I’m not you idiot , you’re the one who is an asshole and a loser” I drank a lot of alcohol in one big shot

“I’m not a loser Taylor Portwalt but I’m an asshole” He suddenly leaned to my face making me leaned back

“You scared? You’ve never been touched ?” He asked in a fake shock tone. My head was starting to get heavy after drinking a lot of alcohol. I drank all the liquid in a few gulps. I put the empty alcohol on the table and smirked at Christian

I sat myself on Christian’s lap and put my legs around him. He looked at me with a dangerous eyes and he sipped his alcohol quickly. I took the bottle from him and put it on the table

“I’ve always been touched” I leaned to him and whispered into his ear. I took his hand and put it on my lower thigh. I held his hand and trailed it up. Christian looked at me with a really unreadable expression at that time

I leaned closer to his face and bit my lips. We both looked at each other intensely. Christian reached his alcohol again and he drank a lot of it. I bet his throat went dry. He put the empty bottle beside him and then he started to put his hands on my shoulder.

He trailed down my arms but he made me shiver. To be honest , he’s right about ‘I’ve never been touched’ topic. He leaned closer to me until our nose touch

“You’re shivering. Newbie?” He smirked and leaned back to the sofa again. I chuckled and he looked at me weirdly. I started to open his shirt’s button one by one. My eyes never left his eyes. After finishing unbuttoning , I trailed my hand to his upper chest slowly down to his waist. He looked uncomfortable and I smirked

“Uncomfortable Chris? Never been touched?” I asked in a really teasing tone. His expression went cold and I smirked in victory. Alcohol already took my straight head away

I leaned to Christian’s lips and caressed it with my thumb. I looked at it and started to lean in. I kissed Christian’s lips slowly. He was enjoying it and I knew that

He cupped my face suddenly and kissed me harder and faster. His hands started to roam my body. His hands often met my bare skin making me shiver. He suddenly picked me up and I circled my legs around him tightly but we both never stop the kiss

My back met a soft surface and I knew it’s a bed. I kissed Christian passionately and he started to unzip my dress from the back of my body. He pulled down my dress’s strap.

We both suddenly stopped and looked at each other

He smirked and kissed me harder again. I took off his shirt and threw it away. I moaned when Chris’s hand met my bare naked back. He started to trail kisses down to my neck and sucked my sensitive spot making me moaned

“Christian” I moaned but he ignored me. He pulled my dress off from my body. Revealing me only in my underwear. He looked at all of me intensely and he started to trail kisses down

The rest were history..

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