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Axel Cesborn A good guy , if he's in a hero movie. He's always be the good guy. He has a good control of temper, calm and can take care everything without panic. One day someone took that away and turned him into a cold person towards new people. Stella Veros A girl who has a dream to be a doctor but her parents didn't gave her the permission to be a doctor. Her parents send her to the Cesborn to learn more about business since Veros and Cesborn are close friends. Now she has to find a way to not make that happen.

Romance / Action
Janice Chen
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Chapter 1

Stella Veros

“I’m quite confuse that you’re not commiting suicide yet” My bestfriend Nat said and I rolled my eyes

“I’m proud of myself too about that too” I said as I threw myself to my bed

“This is your last year and you have waste the last 3 years studying business that you hate” She said as she munched her favorite hot cheetos

“Thanks for reminding Nat. I’m currently finding a way to get out from this hell after I graduate” I sighed and closed my eyes

“Look Stella , you can’t be like this forever. You’re not happy”

“I know but I can’t just leave my dad’s empire Nat , it’s not that easy. I’m the only Veros here”

“Well trust me you won’t be happy in the future so I suggest you find a way to get out from this. Runaway maybe?” I opened my eyes and turned my head looking at her disbelief

“You know my parents Nat , I can’t do that. I need to find another way”

“How’s Jonathan?” She asked and I scoffed

“No news about him , he’s completely shut me off” Jonathan is my boyfriend and we have been together for around 3.5 years now but suddenly he left. He left a message telling that he’s not for me and a lot of bullshits too. I hate him and I cried a lot.. I wasted my tears for some coward guy

“Now it’s time for you to find anot- oh my gosh! I have an idea!” She squealed in excitement and I raised my eyebrows

“Marry a businessman!” She suggested and I laughed at her idea

“Marry? You’re crazy” I sat up and looked at her stupidly

“If you marry a businessman , it means that you will hand your company to him and you can chase your dream!” She looked at me seriously and I knew that she’s not joking or things like that. I can’t believe her to suggest this crazy idea

“Marriage is a big deal Nat , I can’t just get married to a random guy and besides how can I trust someone to take over my company. He will take that away from me” I said shooking my head

“Pick someone who has a higher level than you” She smirked

“Who will that be?”

“7 Gold Lifes” She said and I laughed

“You know they’re not my style right?” I asked and she nodded

“It’s not about your style , it’s about your dream Nat. I mean all you need to do is choose between The Cesborn and The Lemiere since all the other kids already have their own partner” Nat is damn crazy

“I can’t use them , I hate using people for this”

“Well I’m just suggesting , you’re not happy now Stella. I hate to see that” She looked at me seriously and I sighed

“But that kind of plan won’t work and I hate to-”

“Work together then or maybe just fall in love with them”

“It’s still using them Nat , I can’t do that” I shook my head

“Think about it , your dad knew the 7 Gold Lifes quite well right?”

“Nat this is crazy” I said disbelief

“I know but at least you can be free from the business thing. You will be a doctor soon if you marry one of the guys” I sighed and she was right about it. If I get married , it means I can give my company into my husband’s hand and I can chase my dream

“If you’re not into 7 Gold Lifes , Brooklyn Samuel is still single”

“Don’t be crazy Nat , your idea is completely extreme” I hissed

“I’m just suggesting that you can make a marriage contract like in the Proposal movie. Give him some conditions that will the guy agree”

“Who would want that contract Nat? It’s stupid”

“I don’t know , that’s why you have to try” She took my iPad and started typing the 7 Gold Lifes. She gave me a full profile of every kid on the internet. Oh my gosh

“Joel is cute” Nat said

“I’m not intere-”

“You can’t marry a guy like Jonathan. He’s an athlete not a billionaire so he might want to take that money from you. He left you without words so he will take your money without words too” She said

“This isn’t a movie Nat , I can’t just ask one of them to marry me. They will think I’m crazy”

“Not ask but pretend to like him and love him and ask him for marriage and boom you both get married. Hand the company to him and boom you can pursue your dreams after that” She explained

“You’re a bad best friend.”

“I know” She agreed

“I hate you” I hissed

“No , you love me” She smirked and at the same time my phone rang. It’s my dad and I quickly picked it up putting it in loudspeaker too since I’m so lazy to put it to my ear

“Hello dad”

“Stella , where are you?” He asked straigth to the point

“At home”

“Go dress up , we’re having a dinner with the Cesborn” He said and I immediately looked at Nat. She gave me a thumbs up

“For what?” I asked

“You’ll see , just dress up and be at the Decolan’s Steak House at 6.30” My dad said and I can’t believe he called me in this weird timing


“Good , see you there pumpkin”

“Okay dad” I ended the call and Nat squealed

“This is crazy , we just talked about it! You need to take one of the Cesborn’s guy okay? But I prefer Joel because he’s cuter” She reminded and I facepalmed myself

“I’m going to pick your outfit tonight and you will look so hot!” She squealed and ran to my closet. I rolled my eyes and dragged myself to the bathroom

No.. I’m not going to do this crazy plan. It won’t be fair for me and the guy. I will need another way to get my dream

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