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Aiden Locason The number one heartbreaker, even with that title girls still chasing him and follow him like a lost puppy. For him, none of them like him because it's him but only because fame and money. But little did he know.. someone really likes him with all her heart Elena Colton Ordinary girl who loves photography, her photos are so beautiful until people sometimes think she's a photographer. She's talented and not to mention she's a writer too. One day she lay her eyes on the number one heartbreaker and she find herself writing a memo for him everyday and slip it into his locker secretly.. She's officially Aiden Locason's secret admirer

Romance / Action
Janice Chen
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Chapter 1

Elena Colton


Perfection is the perfect word to describe Aiden Locason , it’s crazy to say this but I have a huge crush on him since I got into college. The fact that he’s in my class makes me damn happy

I clicked my camera when I saw him getting out of his sports car. I smiled looking at the result , putting my camera inside my camera bag and put the bag into my car. Sling my bag and walk into the building..

No I’m not a stalker or spy or things like that.. I’m just his fan. I like him but when I’m facing him I act like I hate him. It’s just I don’t want him to know that I like him.

1. It’s impossible for him to like me back because I’m not his type

2. He likes someone and I know that girl so he won’t even look at me

I walked to my locker and guess what? Aiden’s locker is just beside me. I took out my small envelope and slipped it into his locker from a small tiny gap bottom of his locker. I slipped it so quickly.

I thanked God for this university for having a locker because it helps me a lot. I don’t even know why they have lockers..

“Spacing in the morning is not good elmo” I froze as I heard his voice behind me , I don’t know why he always got me like that

“Stop calling me that red stupid doll” I turned to him and he chuckled before opening his locker. I take a small step back to see if he saw my small note

“Do you see the girl who gave me this?” I turned to him and looked at the note. Giving him a blank expression

“No.. Who even likes you?” Me.. I know that’s a really stupid question

“Elmo.. Girls love me” He said cocky and I rolled my eyes

“They must be stupid then” I turned my head and take my book out from the locker

“If you saw who gave me this please tell me because I’m damn curious” I turned to him and he’s currently reading it. I smiled inside my head

“Yeah whatever”

“Tell me okay Elmo”

“Why are you so eager?” I asked curiously

“She knows a lot about me and even gives me these notes everyday , how can you not be curious about it?” He looked at me raising his eyebrows. I looked into that blue eyes

“I won’t be curious”

“Of course , no one even likes you” He hissed and put back the notes inside his locker

“Let her be”

“Why is she so afraid to show her face or just..” He stopped and he turned to me

“Don’t tell me that you’re the secret admire” He said pointing his finger to me

“Me? Your secret admirer? Yeah right! Why would I like a guy like you?” I laughed and he looked at me narrowing his eyes. My heartbeat is beating like crazy because he said that

“Yeah you like weird guys” He said and my jaw fell


“Oh yeah.. Elmo” I hate when he calls me that

“What a-hole?” I asked as I closed my locker

“Since you didn’t come yesterday , there’s a project” He said and I raised my eyebrows. So what’s his point for telling me?

“You’re in my team” He said and damn I want to dance and jump in happiness right now

“Who else?”

“Me , you and Jasmine” Oh shit! Jasmine will throw herself to Aiden a lot. Jasmine is one of Aiden’s hardcore fan. I nodded weakly

“Why? You don’t like it?” He asked

“You’re in it..” Lies.. Of course I like it but Jasmine makes me hate this because I won’t spend time with Aiden alone.. She will tag along

“Well you wound my heart elmo”

“Stop calling me that” I glared at him and show my long sharp nails , he looked at it in horror

“Chill Elena.. chill”

“What is the project about?”

“Try to make something and sell it with a really good price , we have to make a profit from that” He said

“How long?”

“Mr. Dehord gave us 2 weeks to do this and we have to write the report for it” He said as he closed his locker and I nodded

“What do you have in mine?” I asked

“No idea.. tomorrow we’re having a meeting with Jasmine at her house after school” Her house? I know her motive by that.. is he that dumb for not detecting that?


“Good” He smirked and turned his body. Walking away and I can’t help but stare that beautiful back of his. I took a deep breath and walked to the coffee vending machine.. I need coffee

“Hey Elena” I jumped a little as I saw Collin leaning to the vending machine looking at me smiling

“Hey Collin” Taking the coffee and smile looking at it

“Are you free this saturday?” Again?? Collin here likes me , I’ve already tried to tell him that I don’t like him but he kept trying and trying. Kelly my best friend said he’s crazy and he won’t stop hitting on me until he gets me

Kelly knows that I like Aiden.. and she knows that I’m crazy about him but sometimes she wants me with Collin because Collin is a one good guy and he’s handsome too

“Huh?” I turned to Collin as he waved his hand in front of my face

“Are you free this saturday Elena?” He repeated , I don’t know why but I find myself nodding to that question

“Great.. I want to take you out to bowl at 4” He smiled widely


“Yeah.. you like it right? You often went there with Kelly” How did he know? I looked at him disbelief

“How did you know?” I decided to ask

“Elena.. Of course I know all about you. I like you remember?” Don’t remind me.. I hate when he says that

“What time?”

“Saturday at 4 , I’ll pick you up”

“No thanks.. I can go there by myself” I said

“Nah.. i’ll pick you up” oh shit!

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