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Chapter 2

Elena Colton

“I don’t think that’s a good idea” I shook my head

“Then give us ideas.. you kept saying that” Jasmine bursted at me and I flinched a little

“When all this starts and when it will end?” I asked

“Start at 10 and ended at 25” Aiden answered

“We still have 2 days” I said and Jasmine looked at me disbelief

“We have to do this fast”

“We have to think about it not just bursting ideas that won’t work Jasmine” I said annoyed

“Well you’re not even give any ideas”

“I’m thinking you bitch” I’m annoyed as hell with her and I don’t care if I said that in front of Aiden.. She looked at me disbelief

“Wow wow chill Elmo” Aiden said

“Why did you pick her? She’s annoying as fuck” Jasmine asked Aiden.. so Aiden is the one who picked me. I sighed

“How about let’s meet up again tomorrow? We gather our ideas and decide what are we going to do tomorrow” Aiden said and I turned to him nodding my head

“Okay” Jasmine said cheerly and she linked her arm to Aiden’s , leaning her head to his shoulder. I rolled my eyes and put my books inside my bag

“What time?” I asked , tomorrow I have bowling with Collin at 4

“12 or 1?” Aiden asked

“Okay.. where? Here?” I asked and I turned to Jasmine , she’s already giving me a glare. What’s her problem?

“Yeah” Aiden said , I nodded and I stood up. I hate being here with Jasmine. I like being with Aiden but not with that bitch

“I’ll go first” I announced

“Let’s go.. I’m going out too” Aiden stood up

“What? You don’t want to hangout?” Take that bitch.. I walked out from the door and walked downstairs. I hate being here..

“Elmo” Aiden called and I turned to him raising my eyebrows

“Can we talk about the idea first? I mean without Jasmine” What?!


“No no.. tomorrow before we go here” He pointed at her house and the fact that it’s going to be us alone makes my heart jumps excited


“I’ll pick you up” He said and my eyes widen

“Pick me up?”

“Yeah pick you up” He repeated and please someone slap me now.. tell me that this is reality

“What time?”

“11? I’ll pick you up and let’s go to starbucks or a cafe” How I love that blue eyes.. that blonde hair

“Okay,” I nodded , taking out my car keys and press open. My phone rings suddenly , I quickly take it out


“Elena” Oh it’s Collin.. why is Aiden still standing there looking at me? My heart is not beating well and I can’t concentrate

“Elena.. Elena”

“Huh? What Collin?” I almost sutter

“Can we change the time for tomorrow?” I don’t know why I looked up to Aiden when he say that

“What time?”


“I can’t , I’m doing a project” I said

“Oh..” There’s silence


“Okay then.. I’ll pick you up at 4” Why didn’t he cancel it?

“Okay” I ended the call

“So you’re dating Clements?” He asked and I looked up to him

“Nah.. I don’t like him”

“But he likes you right?” I nodded weakly

“Going on a date tomorrow?” He smirked

“Bowling.. not a date”

“Ohhhh.. Elmo and Clements.. nice”

“I don’t like him, Locason.. shut up” I glared and he chuckled

“Geez.. I mean you two suit each other” Of course he will say that

“Bye, Locason” I walked to my car and opened the door

“See you tomorrow Elmo” He smiled and waved at me. I rolled my eyes completely annoy when he said that me and Collin suit each other. I hate it.. I like him not Collin

I always remember not to write in front of him because I know he will recognise my handwriting. I need to pretend that I don’t know anything about him at all

I started my car when suddenly the passenger door opened and Aiden entered the car. My eyes widen.. What is he doing?

“What are you doing?” My eyes widen

“Fuck.. I can’t wait for tomorrow” He cursed and I raised my eyebrows


“I need your help Elmo” I glared when he called me that nickname

“What help?”

“I need to pick a present for a girl.. but I have no idea what girls like” My heart suddenly burn in , my throat suddenly felt so dry

“Who?” I asked trying to show my careless expression

“Cynthia” Of course.. I always knew that he likes her , she’s beautiful , sexy and a smart ass

“Her birthday?” I asked painfully

“Yeah.. What do you think she wants?” He asked smiling

He’s smiling in heaven while I’m smiling in hell trying to hide my bleeding heart

“Necklace.. rings.. teddybears”

“Not ring.. and necklace , it’s not like I want to have a serious relationship with her” He rolled his eyes

“Why are you willing to buy a gift when you don’t want to have a serious relationship?” I asked annoy and a little bit of mad

“Wow Elmo.. chill. I just like her but I don’t feel right to be with her yet” What kind of saying is that?

“What does that even mean?” I asked and he ruffled my hair suddenly.. Aiden stop giving me butterflies when I know you won’t have it

“Just help me okay? You don’t need to know”

“Fine.. let’s go to the mall tomorrow , I’ll help you pick” I said looking away.. can I cry now?

“Great!!! Thanks Elmo.. You know you can ask my help if you want to buy a gift for someone you like or maybe Collin” I turned to him and find him smirking..

You’re the one that I like asshole.. not Collin , stop saying that!

“I won’t ask for your help” I hissed

“Don’t be shy.. if I’m the guy that you like.. all you need is ask” I looked at him disbelief

“Get out of my car bastard.. I’m tired” I pointed at the door angrily

“See you tomorrow Elmo..” He smiled widely like he just got a gift from santa

Why am I in this position?

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