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Archer North A guy who loves challenge, music and girls. He thinks love is childish and making people attach to each other. He believes that no one will ever steal his heart since he never felt anything that makes him flutter or excited before until he land his eyes to someone that he never expect to have his heartbeat beating so fast Calla Lockheart A girl who loves music, animals and food. She used to be a little chubby when she was 14, she got teased by the 7 Gold Lifes boys because of her chubbiness but after 6 years she changed making every boys fall just with a wink. A healthy diet and workout for 1 year full makes her got her dream body. One day, she met her number one bully.. Archer North.

Romance / Action
Janice Chen
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Chapter 1

Calla Lockheart

“Bye Claudio and James” I bid my goodbye to my brothers , walked out from my house and got into my car. I turned on my car and immediately plug my phone to listen to music

Today’s mood is Westlife

First stop at the gym.. I need to workout again since I just got back from my grandmother’s house and you know when you go to your grandparents house they fill up your stomach crazily and I might gain one or two kilos.

“Hey Mac” I gave him a high five

“Today is a leg day Calla”

“Well great” I said sarcastically and he laughed looking at my reaction

I was fat when I was in elementary school. Yes.. I’m 20kgs fatter than my normal weight at that time. People teased , mocked , bullied me and it made me completely shut people off.

When I was 14 , I was bullied by the 7 Gold Lifes boys. Yes name it.. Andrew , Christian , Matthew , Aiden , Morris , Daniel.. out of them all my number one bully is Archer North

He’s the one that can made me cry by calling me ‘Whale’ , ‘Tank’ , ‘Rhyno’ and ‘Hippo’. I hate Archer North with all my heart until now.. I hate the 7 Gold Lifes when people love them because of their appearance but yes.. blame God for giving them such beautiful genes.

I swore with my life that I don’t want to interact or be friends with them again because I was hurted. When I was 14 , I often went home crying. My parents ended up helping by letting me to the gym and decided to help me eating healthy.. and I got homeschooling

Running , weightlifting , dance , combat , boxing , jumping rope and swimming , I’ve done it all. Trust me.. I’m crazy with it. I lost 25 kgs now and I felt good. Boys started to hit on me and I’ve dated a couple of guys

If you ask me if I’m up for revenge.. the answer is no

I don’t want to meet the 7 Gold Lifes again , I don’t want to do anything with them especially Archer.. gosh I hate him with all my vein and heart

“We have a special combat class tonight , up for it?” Mac asked

“I can’t , there’s a charity event that I have to attend”

“Okay then..” I gave Mac a high five and now I can go to my studio. After showering , I quickly make my way to my car. It’s 10 a.m now and I can stay at my studio until 4 and go home to get ready.

I’m a songwriter and a producer.. yes I’m a girl and that’s my job. I work with big artist such as Little Mix , Justin Bieber , Selena Gomez , Meghan Trainor and more.

My producing name is CALLÄ

I need to work on 2 songs today since tomorrow I will have people come here to hear my demo. As soon as I arrived at my studio.. I immediately put my head into work

“Do you wanna go out tonight?” Candice my best friend asked through the phone

“I can’t I have a charity event to attend”

“Too bad because Gale is the host tonight” Damn it!

“I can’t , damn it!” I hissed and she chuckled

“Just come if you can , I’ll be there okay?”

“I need to go home at 4 and- Oh shoot! It’s 4.15 now.. I need to go home and get ready. Bye Candy” I ended the call and quickly took my bag , turned off all the electricity , locked the door and ran downstairs to my car.

I got into my car and drove home quickly and as soon as I got home.. I jumped into the shower quickly. Drying my hair and wearing a robe to go out from my bathroom. What should I wear today?

I’ll just wear this new soft pink long dress , the back is backless and has 2 cross straps on the back. The front is just a V neck but not a low V neck. Taking my black heels and quickly changed into my dress. I curled my hair quickly and put make up on

Someone knocked on my door


“Are you done?” Claudio asked

“Yeah I’m done,” I said, taking my clutch and walking out with him. We all got into Claudio’s car and went straight to the venue.

“Are we going to meet Jessica there?” I asked

“Of course” James answered

Jessica is my childhood friend , we both love musics and she’s awesome. She said she’s in town so we’re going to meet here at the charity event.

“There will be Landon too” Claudio teased , Landon is just a guy that I crush now. He’s cute..

“Shut it” I hissed , we got out of our car. Claudio gave the keys to the valet service and we walked inside. We walked into the ballroom and yes it’s quite full of people here

Now how can I find Jessica in this crowd?

“I’m going to find Jessica” I said to my brothers and nodded. I walked through people when suddenly I stumbled because the person in front of me took a step back

“Hey.. be careful” Someone hold me from the back , I turned my face wanting to say thankyou but ended up getting speechless because the person who hold me from the back is my number one bully.. as in Archer North

“Thanks” I said looking at him for a split second and quickly leave

What the blooming heck? Why is he here? No way.. I mean I don’t want to be fake but Archer is damn handsome and gorgeous in real life than only the photo but the hate that I have for him is bigger so the conclusion is.. I still hate him

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