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You're Trouble

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Elsa Koshly is living her quiet and peaceful life by working a lot of part time jobs. She's planning to celebrate her bestfriend's birthday today and going to a cake shop. As soon as she entered the cake shop, someone grabbed her and slipped someone into her finger. She looked down to find a beautiful diamond ring on her ring finger. She turned to the man and found that it's Jayson, her senior in highschool. He suddenly claimed her as his fiancee. She was so confused at first, but then she turned to see a beautiful woman standing in front of him. Elsa quickly knew that she has to help him so she acted like she's his fiancee.

Romance / Action
Janice Chen
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Chapter 1

“Elsa, 2 Americano for table 3 and 1 Hazelnut Latte for table 2.” Kevin said and I gave him a nod before putting it into the system.

I love working at a cafe especially in Beverly Hills. I work a couple of part time jobs to help pay for my college and being a barista is my favorite. I worked at freelance logo designer too.

“Elsa, 1 Matcha Latte and 1 Mango Frap for table 4.” Kevin said as he grabbed a bottle of water from the cabinet.

“Roger that.” My shift will finish soon and after this I need to get a birthday cake because it’s Jennifer’s birthday. After that I have 2 classes for today and then I have to go home.

Sometimes I wish I have a fairy godmother who can give me one wish. I just wish something that can change my life because living like this is pretty tiring.

I’m alone living in LA when my family is living in Dallas. I lived here alone in a small apartment.

Just a year left, Elsa. After that you will get a good job and make good money. You can do this, Elsa!

“Elsa, 1 Cheesecake and a Caramel Latte, please.” Kevin said and orders kept coming in. Even though it’s tiring, it’s all worth it especially when a customer compliment your coffee.

I turned to the clock after gesturing Kevin to deliver the order and my shift is done. I gestured Kevin to take over and walked to my locker. I took my bag and changed my clothes.

It’s so humid today but it looked like it’s going to rain. I put my black croptop on and my highwaisted jeans.

“Kev! I’m done for the day..” I said and waved to him.

“Bye, E. See you at uni later!” He waved back.

I like Kevin, he’s a nice guy. He’s younger than me by 2 years and he’s an architect too. He just got in and he’s one of the top students in his class. Not to mention that he’s cute.

I walked out from the cafe and walked along the side walk. I took a really deep breath and closed my eyes for a few seconds feeling the breeze. I took my phone out from my bag to find any notification.

A couple of guys texted me but I ignored them. I’m not interested in dating now because it takes a lot of time and I’m scared that I won’t be able to focus on my study.

On Valentines day, I got a lot of presents like chocolates, letters and a teddy bear. I mean I can say I’m attractive but not exactly beautiful. People said that I approachable and that’s why some guys got attach to me pretty quickly.

As for my love life, I’ve never been in a relationship. I never got into that stage yet but I did go to a lot of dates with some men but never met a guy that I really want to date for real. Once, there’s a cute guy when I just got into college, he’s a year older. We both liked each other but before we got into the relationship, I caught him making out with someone else.

I just left him without say anything.

Cake, I need to buy a cake for Jennifer. I entered the cake shop when suddenly someone grabbed my hand. He slid a ring to my finger and held my hand.

“Sadie, you need to stop. I already have a fiancee. I’ve told you a thousand times already! This is my fiancee, so I need you to get away from me before I sue you.” The man held my hand tightly and I turned to see a beautiful blonde girl. I bet ten dollars she’s a model and she looked at me completely hurt.

“I just wanted to buy a cake for your mom.” She said as tears falling out from her eyes.

“What for? To make her like you?” Rude and mean.

“Are you really his fiancee? You look like a whore to me.” The blondie said and I looked at her disbelief. The guy put his arm around my shoulder and I glared at her hard.

“I am, look!” I showed her the ring when he put earlier without her knowing. The blonde girl gasped and I raised my eyebrows.

“Don’t go near him ever again, don’t try to be a homewrecker. You’re so pathetic!” I hissed glaring at her and he slipped his arm around my waist. She glared at him and she raised her arm resdy to slap me. I closed my eyes but the guy stopped her.

“Don’t even think about laying your hands on her, you will regret it.” He said in a cold tone.

“Argh!” She hissed and stomped her feet like a child. She walked out from the shop and I turned to see her leave. I sighed and I pushed the guy away. I turned to him and my eyes widen.

It’s Jayson Moretti.

“Jayson?” I looked at him disbelief.

Jayson Moretti is my senior in highschool. He’s known as the badboy of the school. Girls loved him because of his coldness. Now, he’s standing right in front of me with a black Armani suit. Not to mention that he’s so much muscular than before.

“Give me back the ring.” He said coldly. Not a thank you? I just helped him and he’s acting like an asshole already? I looked at him coldly and scoffed. I pulled the ring but it’s stuck.

I looked down to my ring finger and tried to pull it again but it’s stuck. I pulled it hard until my finger turned red.

“It’s stuck.” I said and he looked at the ring.


“It’s stuck, Jayson.” I looked at him annoyed. He grabbed my hand and tried to pull the ring but it’s stuck. I could see my finger turning blue when he pulled as hard as he can.

“How can it be-”

“You’re the one who put it on me and drag me to your own life drama. Don’t even think about blaming me!” I said looking at him ready to murder the man.

“I- but-” He was confused.

“Give me your address, I’ll put this thing out and send it.” I said as I tried to pull the ring again. He gave me his business card. I grabbed it and tried to pull the ring again.

“Call me again later for the address.” He said and with that he walked out. I let out a long sigh as I watched him leave. He’s going to be trouble, I can feel it.

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