Fated To Love You

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You are supposed to be my knight. I'm suppose to be your princess. But why did you broke my heart like that?

Romance / Drama
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When we are kids

Jack Blaine 13 years old

Jayne Hunter 8 years old

“It’s going to be alright. Stop crying. I’ll buy you sweets alright? Maybe someone nice will find Charlie and take care of him. Don’t worry. Charlie is a smart dog. He’ll be alright.”

Jayne cried harder when Jack mention Charlie name and Jack is helpless. He can solve anything that’s being placed in front of him but he’s very helpless when it comes to this princess who he swore to protect. He pulled Jayne into his arm and hugged her tightly. He’ll do anything to stop her tears including finding out who stole her dog or deliberately setting the dog free. Charlie wouldn’t just go missing like that. Jack suspected it might have to do with Jayne’s elder sister, Sophia, but he didn’t comment much cos he know how much Jayne adore her older sister even though the latter has been very mean towards Jayne. Jack didn’t know why but as far as he can remember, the Hunter’s have been very cold towards Jayne. They did not love her, they treated her like an invinsible or an unwanted pet. They did not buy new toys or clothes for her, instead whatever Sophia discarded they gave it to Jayne.

Charlie is a gift that Jack bought for Jayne when she turn eight, which is six months ago. The Hunters have a big party celebrating Christmas but they have Jayne stay with the housekeeper who live behind the main house. They ignore her birthday even though it falls on the same day as Christmas. They just pretended that she never exist at all.

Charlie is the first gift that Jack bought for Jayne. The past years, he bought sweets for his princess instead. He know that if Jayne receive something new, Sophia will take it and destroy it.

Now with Charlie missing, Jayne is very devastated. “Alright alright princess. You’re going to be a reindeer if you don’t stop soon.” Jack whispered into Jayne’s ear. This does the trick and Jayne stopped crying. She look sadly at Jack and he promised her that the next time they get a dog, the dog will live with him and she’ll take care of it by coming over to his house everyday. Then Jayne flash him a grin that make his heart swoon. From that moment, he swore that he'll protect her no matter what.

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