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Join Lily and her friends for a trip that changes their whole life! This story “My summer love” is about a group of 10th graders who find their true love in the last year of their school life, right before starting high school. The story is somewhat similar to my memories and experience of having a crush and my love life. I hope you all enjoy the story! Do follow my account on instagram, @wordsaddict22 and feel free to leave your comments in the comments section below.

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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Everything has changed……..

Lily’s POV

We all had lunch and we were preparing for the evening. We had been rehearsing the songs since the last two hours. We all were nervous for our performance. We were gonna give our very first live performance this evening. Liam and Noah strummed the guitar and tuned it. Everyone looked tired. “ I think we should take a break for few minutes.” I said looking at everyone. “Alright.” Noah said. “I’ll get some water for us.” I said, but right then Liam spoke up, “I’ll come too.”

We went to the canteen to fill our bottles. Right then Liam spoke up, “About this morning… we got interrupted by Noah and Violet. You were saying something when we got interrupted. So…umm can you tell what you were saying?” Liam asked sheepishly. I nodded. “Uhh, yeah about that. I do like you…. I always liked you. I wasn’t sure about my feelings for you until yesterday. Sometimes I get lost thinking about us. I get lost in flashbacks of our memories, our laughter and happiness. And that makes me feel like the happiest person alive.” I said with a soft smile.

Liam looked so happy after hearing what I said. He pulled me into a hug and before letting go he gently kissed my cheek. In a very soft and gentle voice he whispered, “This means alot to me. Thank you so much. I feel so lucky to have you.”

Soon, we walked back to the room we were practicing in.

That evening, our performance went amazing.

Days went by and we came home from our trip. Soon, the year passed and we graduated. I had to go to New York for my senior college year. I thought that we all would go on our separate paths for creating our future. But we all got accepted into the prestigious school of music Julliard. We all completed our studies there. Right after that we went our seperate ways. I and Violet were always together. Our bond had become inseparable.

You must be thinking of what happened after our confession. The happiest thing happened to me and Violet. Noah and Liam both asked us out and we had been dating since the last 3 years. Those years were very memorable.

Present time….

I was in my apartment with Violet. We were watching some series when suddenly, Violet’s phone beeped with a message. It said, “Come to the cafe which has live music performance every morning.” Violet showed me the message from the anonymous person and I said, “Wait a min. Isn’t this the cafe we do our part time job at?” “Yeah. This is strange.” Violet said. “Do you think this could be Noah or Liam?” I asked. “Let’s find out in the evening.”

We went to the cafe to see two mysterious people standing on the stage. They were in hoodies and their face was covered so we couldn’t recognise them. They started singing. Just when they started the song I and Violet realised that it was the song “What makes you beautiful.”

I spoke up, “Wait isn’t this the song Noah and Liam sang that night?” After their performance was done we headed back stage to find Liam and Noah.

I and Violet hugged them tightly

“I missed you so much.” I said hugging Liam. Violet too hugged Noah. We guys catched up and we went on a date the very next day. We were walking when I and Liam went away without letting Noah and Violet know. “I have missed you so much Lily. All these years I have been waiting for the day when I would meet you again.” Liam said hugging me tightly. “I have missed u too Liam.” I said in a soft voice. Right then Liam pulled me in a passionate kiss. Liam and Noah surprised us by telling that they were moving in with us. A lot of years passed and we lived together.

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