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Mind Lovers

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The foremost in this piece is about Sandra and Xander. They had a mutual interest in each other but then though Sandra's classmate claimed she was stubborn which implies she should be outspoken in all ramifications it's the antithesis when it comes to love, she was so shy to express her love to Xander whom she expected probably will own up to liking her. Xander on the other hand also felt the same way, who would now make a move? That's the twist circumstances that unveiled the love they had for each other in what way? The answer is right in the piece with the title "Mind Lovers" Read and enjoy the moment.

Romance / Thriller
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A high school is a place I see to be the most interesting part of ones life and I can tell that everything that happens during high school has a long way to go for every individual.

Just before I continue, I will like you to get a picture of who I am. I think that will be good for those who don't know me although they know me as someone, who lives somewhere with a somewhat life.

No one actually can predict who I am and no one can question whatever I say about myself. I can just decide to present myself to be a vampire or a werewolf or anything you can imagine but then I am presenting myself not in that imaginary dimension but in the common dimension.

My name is Xander Ricky, probably loved by those who scold me. That sounds cool, right?

I attend a high school popularly known as Ellison High School. It was named after the amiable owner who is old but very much alive.

Mr. Ellison is an average chubby-looking man, old with receding grey hairs. His eyes are dim already and required him to be using spectacle. Despite Mr. Ellison's old age attributes, he is still very strict, and disciplined. He loves to be punctual to school even more than any other teacher in the school.

There is this boy named Alex who takes care of him. He runs errands for Mr. Ellison both in school and probably at home. I first met the guy at a restaurant, working as a waiter.

I was surprised to see him work for Mr. Ellison. I probably thought maybe he wasn't paid well in the restaurant, unlike the job he now does or anything could have made him resign from working at the restaurant.

There was a day Alex ran to me while I was in a walk with Sophia to the dining hall. We exchanged pleasantries

“Hey, what's up,” he said gasping for breath.

“Am fine and you?? I replied.

“Same here” he replied breathing heavily.

What are you doing in our school, I thought when I saw you last you worked in a restaurant “I said teasingly although I felt I was weird by asking him such a question

“I decided to change from work at the restaurant to taking care of Mr. Elison. It's been a while, so I just felt like changing work again". Alex said.

That's pretty cool, I hope you'll enjoy living with Mr. Elison although old people can be so annoying " I said

"Yeah, I can cope with old people"

"That’s great” I checked my wristwatch and found out it was almost time for the beginning of classes and I haven’t had my meal, so I just decided to cut off the discussion for dining.

“I think I will have to go now, we will see some other time."

“Goodbye then," Alex waved as he turned to leave.

"Yeah, goodbye" I reciprocated.

Sophia had been waiting so I hurriedly jogged down to where she was standing hastily

"What kept you so long and who's that guy?" Sophia asked me. I expected much from her so I wasn't surprised.

"Mr. Elison's house boy. I had once met him in a restaurant before so we just exchanged pleasantries".

"I think I have had an encounter with him in a restaurant also"

Oh, really?"


"Then he must be a popular guy in this school then".


Just then we approached the dining hall. As we came nearer to the dining hall the louder the strange sounds and noises we heard. I couldn't imagine what could be going on in the hall because it wasn't the usual noise of the students, but something else, dangerous perhaps.

"Can you hear anything?" I asked Sophia who nodded.

"But what can be the cause of that noise?"

"I don't have an idea". I told Sophia as different thoughts rolled down my mind but I couldn’t pick one of them as to what was happening.

I had no idea what the hell was going on….

“Grimm” something sounded just as I wanted to open the door, I immediately retrieved my hand from the door handle and paid kin attention to know what was happening.

I heard nothing other than screams……..

My heart raced…..

What exactly could be going on there……….

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