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Razors M.C #1

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What should have been a three week vacation turned into something less but so much more... worse! Mellie was too trusting, naive. In the wrong places at the wrong time, believing she was prepared for anything in everything, but she was wrong, so so wrong. One morning changed her life forever: that night her entire world broken. Mal was determined to take back some control, even if circimstances were against her. What she didn't expect; a Big Bad Biker taking it upon himself, to intervene ... (THIS STARTED OFF AS A STANDALONE. IT IS NOW THE FIRST OF THREE RAZOR M.C SHORT STORIES BECAUSE SOME READERS REQUESTED SOME MORE DIRT ON TWO PARTICULAR MEN. I HOPE YOU ENJOY MY WORDS, I WILL ALWAYS REPLY, JACINTA :)

Romance / Action
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The Trust - One


“Are you excited, I’m so excited. It’s not often I get to bring friends home for the holidays, if ever. An entire five weeks including Christmas and New Years. I mean, think about it, thirty five days of sleeping in, no homework, going out, partying and drinking. Lots and lots of drinking”.

Mallie looked over at her room buddy and smiled, packing a few more items into her oversized suitcase. Christie didn’t have a care in the world, and it showed. Why would she? She had a loving Daddy who took care of her every whim.

“Oh! Did I mention partying and lots and lots of drinking?”

“You did. Three times. Plus, need I remind you, you’re staying five weeks, while I’m leaving the day after the we see the new year in. I have signed up for Professor Lim’s class and want to be as prepared as I can be for Industry Law”, Mallie said ignoring the huffing and low murmurs coming from her friend of three years.

“Are you serious. How often do we get an opportunity like this? We get five weeks off before we grind ourselves to the bone again, have sleep deprived nights and long, long days of torturous study. Skip meals, attend lectures and write. Oh God! The writing. Did you know I go through three biros a week with all the writing I have to do? That’s not including all the copious amounts of typing I do. My fingers need a break. My eyes need a break and so does my brain. Plus, my current wardrobe needs to retire so I can replace it all with a complete overhaul”.

Mallie stopped packing and flipped the lid, sitting on the hard cover, looking up at Christie who was now pouting.

“Are you sure this is okay? The last thing I want to do is impose myself at your dad's place. He doesn’t even know I’m coming because your too ....” Mallie said flipping her hand back and forth, trying to find the right words “.... hesitant to ask outright. Thank yourself and your lucky stars align that you're not taking law. Psychology suits you much more, all you have to do is listen while everyone tells you, their problems. Especially if you can’t ask your dad, when he already gives you so much, if it’s okay if I can stay or not? Try doing law, questions have to be asked.

Mallie looked at Christie’s still pouting face and couldn’t help but smile, her childish ways cracking a little fissure in her own jealous heart. Christie had a parent, Mal's had died a few years ago.

“Do you want me to ask him? I know nothing about him except he’s very generous with you and very evasive on family days”.

“Yeah! Well! He works a lot. A real lot. Mainly weekends and weeknights. Sleeps during the days, most days actually but he’s good at what he does”.

“And what is that exactly? You’ve never told me”, Mallie said zipping three quarters of her case closed before she lifted her butt.

“Do what?” Christie asked a little evasively.

“Your dad. What does he do for work?”

“Ummm. He meets a lot of people and what they ask for he tries to make happen. Like an event coordinator I suppose. Just not on a grand scale. He also owns some really cool nightclubs, soooo ...“, Christie said walking over to Mallie and pulling her in for a girlie hug “.... we get to drink. Do lots and lots of drinking, for free“, she added feeling relieved she didn’t have to go into any more detail because Mallie accepted what she had to say smiling, giving a small embrace back.

“Fine. Don’t think I didn’t pick up how you didn’t answer my question but that’s okay because I trust you. Let’s go and have fun drinking, sleeping in and partying. Twenty one days for me and thirty five days for you. Oh yeah! With lots and lots of drinking”, Mallie added just to be sarcastic.

“Fine. But I know, dad will be cool. Just as long as we don’t get in his way. His work means a lot to him”, Christie added a little uncomfortably.


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