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*** Book 2*** After walking out on her best friend and the love of her life, Sloane picks up what's left of her life and moves on. With the help of a friend that wants to make her to fall head over heels in love with him, she starts to piece her life back together and finally finds happiness and be herself. With a new job, new apartment, someone who would do anything for her and away from the life that has anything to do with the mafia she feels finally free, or is she? Is the Mafia Princess ever going to be free of the life she grew up in? Is danger going to follow her everywhere she goes and is Cinn going to let her go? Will he let her live the life she wants or will he do everything in his power to fix it, to make everything right. -This is Book 2. If you haven't read Broken Destiny, Till Time Stands Still, I'd advise you to do so first. ***WARNING*** Strong, Mature and Sensitive Content***

Romance / Erotica
A. Duncan
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He protected me. He was there during the shit storm called Cincinnati Romano and I needed a friend. Since then he has shown me a part of life I've never experienced before...…

I can't breathe. I don't know if it's because of the cold wind in my face or my sides hurting from laughing so hard but I can't breathe. Who knew ice skating would be so much fun! I'm blowing around this rink like nobody's business but as soon as my friend Alex started chasing me, I was off! Laughing and feeling the cold breeze. I turned around just in enough time to see him face plant to keep from running into a small child!

"Sloane! Not fair! You can't keep skating with the polar bear trainer! They are for the kids!"

"Yeah well some of these kids skate better than I can walk in heels!"

Yeah, so maybe I am skating behind what they call a trainer for kids. This one is in the shape of a polar bear. Sue me.

Alex catches up with me.

"Give it up, angel."


"You see that line over there? It's kids, waiting for a trainer and they are watching the only adult hogging one."

I roll my eyes.

"Fine. Whiny ass kids. If I fall I'm blaming every one of them."

"If you fall I'm taking a picture and laughing my ass off."

Well let's just say by the end of the evening, every kid was cursed with diarrhea for a week and I think I broke my tailbone but I never laughed so hard in my life. Though, the next day I found a huge bruise on my ass the size of a golf ball. Thanks Alex, thanks a lot.

"Ok Sloane, you bounce the ball into the cup on the other side of the table and if you make it, they have to drink, if you miss you have to drink. Think you got it?"

"Got it. Seems pretty simple enough."

Well shit on me. It's not simple enough as it seems. After bouncing the ball into the plant by the door, off the wall onto the makeshift dance floor, and into someone else's drink, I can officially say I suck at it and I'm drunk.

"Let's dance!"

I grab Alex's hand and find our way to the makeshift dance floor. For the next 20 or so minutes our bodies are moving to the music and we both are laughing so hard we're practically holding each other up.

"Sloane, I hate to tell you this cause you seem to be having so much fun and all but... you can't dance. Like… you have two left feet."

"I know! But you see that's the fun in it, I don't give a shit!"

Waking up the next morning, I find myself laying in bed with Alex, fully clothed, thank god. Speaking of god, who in heaven's name let me drink so much. Alex rolls over and looks at me. Damn he looks like shit, though I'm pretty sure I don't look like a runway model either.

"Come on angel, we need you to get up. Your phone's been ringing non stop for like an hour."

"To hell with my phone, it didn't get drunk last night. I need to sleep."

Speak of the devil and he shall appear. Damn phone rings. It's my dad so I answer.

"Sloane Isabella Dominguez, do you have any idea how long I've been calling you? I was fixing to get in my car and drive to the city."

Too damn early in the afternoon for this.

"Why hello to you too dad and yes, it is nice to hear your voice and I love you too. Oh, and by the way yes, I will be shutting my phone off after all so I can get me some fucking peace so I can sleep."

"Don't get smart with me young lady."

"What is it dad? Please spit the shit out and make it quick. I don't have the patience this early."

"Early? Sloane, it fucking 2:oo."


"Your gonna put me in an early damn grave."

"You have your Will and Testament up to date?"

"Not funny. Where are you?"

"In bed."

"Whose bed?"


"What were you doing last night that your sleeping all day today and couldn't answer the damn phone?"

"Hanging out with a few friends."

"Did you have a good time?"

"The best."

"Dammit Sloane. Alright, are you at least coming home for a visit next weekend?"

"Yeah dad."

"Alright. Go back and sleep off your hangover. Drink plenty of fluids and tell Alex to keep to his side of his bed. Matter of fact, see if he wants to come with you next weekend to visit. I love you princess."

"Love you too dad."

I cut the call and roll back over.

"Dammit Alex, quit hogging the cover!"

"I'm sorry Alex, can you repeat that?"

"Horseback riding."

"Yeah, I was afraid that was what you said."

"It will be fun!"

"Naaww. I don't think it will be."

"Come on angel, riding a horse isn't that hard."

"Alex, let me tell you something, the only kind of beast that will go between my legs better be long, thick and know how to work it. Horses not included."

"Hurry up Sloane!"

"Don't rush me! Ok, pretty girl. I'm gonna ride on your back now. Yes, I know it's demeaning but Alex is making me do it, so please stand still."

"Good girl. We girls gotta stick together now don't we?"

"Sloane, are you talking to your horse?"


"Well kick her so we can get moving."

"WHAT? You want me to kick her? What the hell has she done to you?"

"You have to nudge her to get her to start moving."

"Oh... nope not happening. She was good enough to let me sit on her, I'm not gonna break her trust by kicking or nudging her."

"Your kidding me, right?"

"Try me."

"What are you doing?"

"Getting off so I can give her a sugar cube. She deserves a treat for letting me sit on her."

"Your gonna send me to an early damn grave."

"Well wait in line cause I'm working on someone else before you. Gives you time to get your Will and Testament in order."

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