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The Homeless Boy

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Chapter 1

Like every other day, he saw her.

Her phone was by her ear, and her mouth made quick, angry movements. No one dared to even come near her on the street as she walked hastily.

She wore a sleek black dress, a nude blazer overtop it, nude platform pumps, and an expensive-looking watch. Her black hair was in a retro bob with tucked-in curls, her skin glowing.

No matter the time of day, her beauty always stood out in the midst of people.

He watched her continue to cross the street and stop by the corner beside him. She turned towards the wall, yelling into the phone.

His ears caught the sound of her voice, raucous yet calm. Then, suddenly, it changed to a modulated voice, and he knew whoever was on the other line was completely listening now.

When she ended the call, she turned and stood tall before walking on.

Not so much as a glance his way.

But then again, why would a business woman like her care about the homeless boy sleeping on the ground?

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