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The Homeless Boy

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Chapter 2

He always wondered who was on the other end of the line.

Sometimes he felt bad for them whenever she shouted into her phone, but mostly, he thought they were lucky.

Beautiful, hard working women like her only came once in a lifetime. They were never forgotten or ignored; they always left a lasting mark somewhere in the world.

Once in a while, she would be talking to a friend or relative on the phone when she passed by him, and he’d catch a hint of her true voice. It was smooth and silvery, matching her eye-catching appearance.

He lifted his head at the sound of the clickety-clack of her heels, her voice accompanying it. She wore another black dress that was more skin-tight, a long white vest, and black heels. Her hair, as always, was in the same retro bob.

Gorgeous and graceful.

"Look, Cleo, you’re an amazing assistant. You know that, and I know that. But people on the board don’t. You need to show them that you’re valuable, alright?" she said calmly on the phone, but her eyes were shining in a fiery silence.

"Cleo," he whispered to himself, noting that she had an assistant. He had a running theory that she was a very important business figure, and he seemed to grow more certain of it each day.

She slowed down once she crossed the street, giving him more time to listen. "You’ll be fine, Cleo. You just show them what you can do, like you show me everyday. Trust me."

Before she disappeared from his line of sight, he caught a glimpse of a smile on her face.

Almost instantly, he smiled too.

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