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One night stand in Australia

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Jessy has a one night stand with Brian at the age of 15 years. 16 years later they meet again, Jessy who is now the president of Empress Group while Brian is the most feared man in the country and they share steamy sex in his office

Romance / Erotica
Liwe Mat
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Chapter 1

On a beautiful Monday morning at Empress Group headquarters, a tall, light skinned beauty with a perfect body of a model walked in, she was wearing a light peach suit and silver high heels, she had a powerful aura, she was not an average woman, man trembled at her sight , she was the President and her name was well known all over the country, Jessy Miller. “ Leyla, get all the executives to the boardroom now! “ instructed Jessy to her personal assistant.

After 20 minutes, in the 70th floor, executives of the company were seated with President Miller standing. “ I built this company and I will not let any of you tear it down so I will be conducting an investigation personally and whosoever is embezzling funds will not just be fired, He or she will be blacklisted, you will never work in this country ever again! Am I clear?” said President Miller with an obviously angry voice. Empress Group was a leading company in all industries they were in namely: Real estate, Entertainment, construction, Jewelry, Manufacturing industries. Most companies were no match for it, everyone was careful not to have conflicts with it, the President was fearless and had made many companies bow before her.

“ President, we will co-operate with your investigation, we all want the best for the company “ explained Director Smith, he was a well built, tall man with captivating eyes, he was the man President Miller was suspecting but couldn't fire without evidence, he was sly and had always had a problem with being led by a woman, he was also a shareholder with 7% shares and was convinced he was the best leader. “ Thank you Director Smith for your unending dedication to the company “ said President Miller sarcastically.

When the meeting ended, Jessy was headed to her office in the 72th floor when her phone suddenly rang as she smiled and picked it up, “ mom, Can you help me out, what do girls like to receive as gifts? “ asked her son, Brady. She smiled for some time and couldn't help thinking how her son had grown up, how she too had grown up then she answered, “ Brady, you are too young to be asking me these questions, you are still my baby you know" . When Brady heard this reply he immediately responded, “ Mom I am 15 years and I can have a girlfriend, I am not 5 years anymore" the conversation between the mother and son duo lasted for another 8 minutes and Jessy was smiling the entire time, which was a rare sight for Empress Group employees

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