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Unexpected attachments

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Yasmin's goal in life was always to keep her head down and get through it. But what happens when the truth doesn't stay hidden.

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Dragging my suitcase I walk towards the enormous hotel in front of me. I huff as I reach the reception. Why did they have to make such a big event of it? I wonder. Shaking my head I rid myself of those thoughts. The receptionist smiles at me.

“Hi, I’m with the Grant-Barlow wedding party. Could you please tell me where my room is?”

“Your name miss?”

“Yasmin Dalavi.” She typed it in and searched for my room. I was probably the only one who arrived today. The rest of the family must have been here for a few days already. It’s my cousin Freya’s wedding. She’s the most extroverted person I know. So when I heard she called everyone a week before the wedding it didn’t surprise me a bit. And with me being the most introverted person in the family, it put me in a lot of frustrating situations.

She finds the reservation on my name and hands me the keycard with instructions to the room. I thank her and head to the elevators. Hoping I don’t bump into any family members I head up to my room. After a 4 hour flight I was completely drained and needed a bit of rest before I had the energy to see them. Sometimes I wonder if I was born in the wrong family. Or if I was switched in the hospital. Every family member that I know is loud and energetic, loves to talk about everything. And me on the other hand, the more I can avoid someone the better. Leaving my suitcase by the bed the first thing I do is open the curtains and take in the view from my room. The plus point of this all was the view I had from my room. Smiling, I open the balcony door as I take in the sight in front of me. Walking back into the room I let my body fall on the bed and marvel on the softness.

It didn’t take long for my peaceful surroundings to be disturbed. Groaning I leave the new found comfort in the warm blankets and drag myself to the door. As soon as I open the door I get enveloped in the tightest hug ever.

“You’re finally here. I missed you.”

“Can’t breathe Freya…” I managed to wheeze out and she loosened her grip. She rolls her eyes and walks into the room. Jumping on the bed she pulls me along and I end up beside her.

“So how was the flight? Why didn’t you tell me you’d already arrived?” She inquired.

“The flight was meh. And I was tired. I wanted to rest a bit before calling you. Besides, you were probably too preoccupied with your wedding activities.”

“You know I’m never too busy for you right.” Turning to her my eyes leave the spot on the ceiling I was staring at, only to find her staring at the ceiling too.

“I know.”

“So now that you’re here… do not leave me alone with Aunt Melanie. She’s driving me crazy.” I laugh hearing her say that. Melanie is our crazy aunt who loves to put us in awkward positions or as questions we couldn’t possibly have the answer to. I know one time Freya and I were opening presents and she came up to us to say ‘good luck, you’re really going to need it’ with such a menacing smile that made us panic about what she meant. It wasn’t till two days later that we found out she bought us a video game.

The ringing of a phone brought me back from those thoughts. Freya answered and by her answers she seemed to be talking to her fiancé. I take it as a cue and take a quick shower. Feeling refreshed I get out of the bathroom only to find Freya pacing through my room.

“What happened?” she stopped in her tracks when she heard my voice and whipped her head to me.

“It’s a mess. It’s all ruined.” She exclaimed dramatically as she waved her hands around.

“Hey… breathe Freya… breathe in breathe out. Come here, sit down and tell me what happened? You were fine a few minutes ago.” She took a few deep breaths before she calmed a bit.

“They… The store I bought my dress from misplaced it…”


“I don’t have a dress Yasmin.. How am I going to get married now?”

“Hey… don’t start panicking again. Did you call and tell them to find it as soon as possible?”

“I did, they said they can’t find it anywhere. I’m going to cry, Yass.. It was an exclusive from Nimiva’s latest collection. I mean I know it wasn’t the most extravagant or expensive one but it was so beautiful. And now it’s all ruined.” She started hyperventilating again.

“Freya, breathe. I’ll handle it okay?” She looked at me. “Stop worrying and tell me the name of the shop and I’ll make sure they deliver the dress okay. Everything is going to be fine. Okay?” she slowly nodded. She took out her phone and texted me the information. “Good. Now go downstairs and do something to relax. Go to the spa or something.” I absentmindedly said as I started typing on my phone.

“Freya, can you show me the dress?” I asked while she was pacing around the room. Her head snapped up as she heard my voice.

“Huh? Yeah sure.” She showed me the picture as she talked about it.

“Okay. Now go relax and let me take care of it.” She looked a bit skeptical but gave in and walked out.

“I really am happy to see you.” She said right before leaving the room I smiled at her. Sighing, I pulled out my phone and dialed the bridal shop’s number she sent to me.

“Jane’s bridal shop, how can I help you?” a woman’s high-pitched voice came through the speaker. Which made me wince and pull the phone away from my phone.

“Hi, yes I called about a dress. The order was placed by Freya Grant...”

“Like I told Miss Freya, the manufacturer didn’t deliver the dress and when we called, they said that there had been a problem. So I’m afraid there is nothing I can do.” she didn’t even let me finish talking.

“Can I talk to the manager of the store?” That woman is seriously getting on my nerves right now.

“He’s not available.”

“You know what. Never mind.” I rolled my eyes as I cut the call. Scrolling through my contact list I search for Kai’s number. Most people think that I'm the personal assistant of a famous wedding dress designer, Nimiva, since thats what I tell them. But only a handfull know that Nimiva is just the brand name I use when I design dresses. I'm not comfortable in the roll of being the boss that's why I pose as my own secretary. Kai is one of my workers and also a friend who accidently knew the truth about me.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at a wedding, why are you calling me?” he said as soon as he picked up.

“I am at the wedding. There has been an issue with my cousin’s dress. Can you track down what went wrong with the order?”

“Yeah sure. Where was the order placed from?”

“Uuh let me check… It say’s Jane’s bridal shop.” I look at Freya’s chat and read the name out loud. After a few typing sounds I expect an answer but he doesn’t respond.


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