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By Celia Mcghie All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


Scarlette is a small town girl who is starting at Oxblood college her father is a washed up drug addict and her mum died at a young age due to gang related warfare when she meets Sin she is instantly drawn to him but to her dismay he doesn't "do feelings" but will he change his mind or will Scarlette end up broken hearted?

Chapter 1

Chapter 1 welcome to oxblood

Oxblood the finest school in the country it’s my dream come true after everything that happened I thought louis would never let me leave but I know it’s just a matter of time before he finds something to complain about with all of his damn background checks on everything and everyone it’s a wonder I have ANY friends. “Be good and safe no messing about or you will be out of here before you can say FBI” louis says with a scowl on his face going from cheek to cheek and eyebrow to eyebrow “yes brother whatever you say brother can I go now?” I say with bored tone in my voice “don’t sass me young lady I love you bye…” he trails off as I run to try and find my dorm “16A 16A 16A oh where is it 13B 18F where am i?” at that moment I bump into a tall pale skinned man and fall to my knees “oh I’m so sorry” I whimper as I grab my things and stand back up and brush myself off I look up to see a tall chiseled man around the age of 18 he has no Tee shirt on and is showing off his beautiful tattoos and his perfectly formed chest a smile creases up from his lips at the sight of me blushing and laughs “Haha hi I’m Sin” “H-hi Sin” I whisper still shocked at this beautiful man standing before me “you know I’m having a party tonight at the guys dorm you’re more than welcome to come” “oh um I don’t usually go to parties b-but I guess since you asked so nicely I’ll go just this once” “awesome see ya there umm but I didn’t catch your name” “oh um I’m scarlette” I say dazed from the conversation going on right now “I like that name but I’m going to call you sunshine from now on ok” “oh ok” I smile wearily “see ya round Sunshine” he calls as he turns and walks away damn he’s hot I say to myself I must have been louder than I thought because at that moment I turn around to see a girl with long wavy brown hair giving me a huge grin “Hi I’m callie and you must be Scarlette Its very nice to meet you scarlette” she says grabbing my hand and shaking it profusely “um hi who are you again” “oh excuse my manners” says the girl “I’m callie and I’m your roomie I thought you might get a bit lost seeing as our dorm doesn’t have a number sign on it so I came to look for you then I saw you talking to that hot sophomore Sin he’s like toats adorbs” “sure whatever you say” I say smiling awkwardly “are you going to that party tonight roomie?” she asks “uh yeah I guess seeing as Sin asked me to go “oh you’re soooo lucky” Callie moans “no boys ever ask me to go to parties” “I wonder why” I mutter under my breath “what was that?” asks Callie sounding rather annoyed “oh uh nothing Callie we should be getting to our rooms don’t you think?” “oh yeah OK” she replied cheerily.


“OMG this party’s epic!!!” screams Callie over the loud techno music (not that I was listening) I scan the room looking for Sin until I see a blond haired girl in a pink and very short dress all over him a sudden rage rushed through me I wanted to go over and punch whoever that stupid skank was why am I getting jealous it’s not like I like him or anything but something drew me towards those beautiful blue eyes they were like full moons on a crisp clear spring night

I couldn’t help the feelings I had towards him he was just so attractive it made my heart melt NO snap out of it Scarlette Sin is a sophomore there is no way in hell he would go to you so drowning in my own woes I head over to the bar where I’m greeted by a short tanned guy in a sport jersey and some baggy jeans he looks over at me and says “hi I’m oliver I’m Sin’s best friend and you must be the one he refers to as “Sunshine” aye?” you smile to yourself and reply “yup that’s me but my name is Scarlette” “ah such a beautiful name you know you’re even more perfect in person” “ah so I see Sin has been talking about me?” “yes he has speaking of which oh balls I’m late sin told me to tell you to head to the upstairs department at 11:00 but it’s 11:15 you better run Sin doesn’t like to be left waiting “as Oliver finishes his sentence I run up the stairs and into the bedroom closest to the stairs frankly I’m glad to be away from him he’s kinda a creep. As I sit on the bed to catch my breath I notice a toppless guy sitting at the desk facing away from me he says in a low gruff voice “I see Oliver got the message to you late as always though you really can never rely on him that’s a valuable lesson to learn young one” “OK if you say so” I reply still catching my breath “so I assume you’re wondering why I summoned you here” he says seductively turning around to catch my eye “uh yeah sure” I stutter still wheezing from the sprint up the stairs “well you see I have a proposition” says Sin standing up and passing across the small room “and that is?” I say finally able to breathe easy again he pauses for a minute as if he is rethinking his decision then he finally sits next to me and spurts out of nowhere “I want to take advantage of you….”

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