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I’m you’re star and you’re my star

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Quinn, a smart girl who studies in sapphire high, knows nothing about love at all. Nor is she interested in love…suddenly meets a boy who transferred from another school. The boy, Nathaniel, knows nothing about live either. Will this be both of their first time to find out about love? Or the hurt in love?

Romance / Other
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Chapter 1

A tape recorder, a note and map. That’s all we get?

‘Cmon, let’s get to work and escape, I can’t afford to lose!’ Avery starts blurting and bossing us to go around and do certain stuff. ‘Quinn, you go and try to find the next note to find the key and get us out of this place, Roger and I will try to understand what the tape recorder wants us to do.’ She says and I do a small salute before getting to work.

I go to the corner to try and find the note to finally help us out of this place or else my worst nightmare shall take place…let’s get to work.

I look through the wooden drawers first, inside and under them. I’ve watched too many movies to think there’d be a note hiding under the drawer.

‘Oh Quinn…do it as serious as you can sweetheart! I do not want to face the consequences!’ Roger says. I nod and continue for the search on how to get us out of here.

4 minutes have passed, and I have found nothing at all. I try and find a place to sit down and rest, and I see a box, which was sort of like…Pandora’s box. If I opened it, what if some bad things like misery and evil fly out of the box? Oh come on Quinn don’t be stupid. Just open the box already. I thought.

I open the box to find a piece of paper. With shock and relief I take out the piece of paper slowly, and open it gently with care.

‘Lift up the box’ it says. Uhm…O-Kay. I lift up the box to find another piece of paper. I do the same with the previous note and open it gently with care.

It was…blank. Wow. I give up frustratedly and threw both notes under the night lamp on the table next to me. I massage my temples and give out a low sigh. I try and give another look at the notes to see if anything else has happened. Nothing

Wait. What’s that? I see words on the paper. I quickly snatch the paper to try and see what the words said, nothing. What? I try putting it under the night lamp again and the words come back.

‘Break the mirror near the TV’ it says. Umm sure, I’d love to break things right now.

I grab the nearest thing to a hammer which was a big knife being displayed near the cupboard opposite the room

‘What in the actual heck are you doing Quinn?’ Avery shoots me with a ‘are you okay?’ look. Instead of answering her, I ignore her and shoot her back with a smirk. Before she could say anything else, The big knife was already flying towards the big mirror.

The crashing of the glass bits fell on the floor and made a loud violent sound.

‘What the heck Quinn?!’ Roger yelled. And of course as stubborn as I am, I ignore him and tried searching for at least something in the pile of broken glass.

‘Seriously, Quinn, what are you doing?’ Avery questions me with an ugly look plastered on her face. ‘Yeah. Just tell us what you’re looking for so that we can help you and get our butts out of this place as soon as possible.’ Roger then says.

‘There’s no need for that now.’ I say. ‘Because…I have already found what I’m looking for.’

I say while holding up a golden key and a note. ‘Let’s get our butts outta here yeah?’ I hold up the key and the note.

‘Hold up first, what does that note say?’ Roger asks. I then hand him the note, and unlike me, he violently opens the note and starts reading aloud

‘Congratulations for you have found the quickest way to escape.’

Holy shit. ‘The quickest way to escape’? So you’re saying…we could have been here for…hours and hours and hours, but we’ve, I MEAN I, have found the quickest way out of here? Damn…I’m good.

‘Cmon, let’s get outta here.’ I say throwing the key in the air and catching it back into my hand.

As we got out of the room we heard a noise that sounded like a victory bell.

‘Congratulations! You have escaped the escape room within 36 minutes! What a record!’ The speaker blurted out.

‘We did it!’ Avery and Roger exclaimed.

‘And all because of me.’ I mutter under my breath.

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