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A Luna's Unexpected Destiny

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**For a limited time only** "I have a girlfriend at home, ready to be my chosen mate and my Luna. I Alpha Grey Mcfadden reject you Branwen Jones of the Rosyn Pack". I still felt my insides ripping at the thought of my mate rejecting me after sleeping with me. The bond is rejected but it still will affect both of us for some time. “Werewolf pregnancies only lasted 3 months and unless I lived in a cave there was no way I could hide that. ”I smiled gently at Nathan "I've got to book into hospital today, is it ok if you cover for me?" -----------

Romance / Adventure
Mezzy Hitch
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“Drexar, We cannot let this play out…I cannot see my wolves die out”

“Mother, what can we do?”

“If there won’t be a Royal family for the wolves in the future then there will be no wolves. My children are crying for a new destiny where they thrive and my heart cannot take that path again. I will go back and plant a seed in fate's talons. My wolves deserve a future”

Drexar looked at his mother, the mother to all. She was the most beautiful wolf that any have seen. To him and to all the wolves that reside with their humans on Earth. They obey without questioning as she is their Alpha. She loves us all, Drexar smiled as best as he could with his wolf mouth. The Mother transformed herself easily into a human with a bright white toga wrapped around her body. Humans would surely think her stunning in this form but Drexar just grunted and sat waiting for her next orders.

“Drexar you are my confidante, my special companion. I have never sent you to Earth, but I must. I need Grey to have the strongest Alpha Wolf that I know. His parents never had that in their line and usually my children are passed down the line when a member of the family has died. The ribbons of time have strangled the possibility out of the family lineage and Grey either needs the Alpha wolf or he shall perish as an Omega that his father has killed. I will place Yashinka in Branwen. They have not had their wolves yet as they are children, so this will put the drops in the river to ripple out the problems that hurt our existence in the future”

“Yes Mother”

She looked at him kindly and patted him on his head. She would fight for us, that is why she is our Goddess.

“Oh and Drexar?”

“Yes Mother?”

“When you pass into the descendent Ray, make sure that he is an Alpha, he will not just be a Mage”

Drexar bowed his head “Of course Mother, my humans will always end up being Alphas”

Drexar was made by the Mother especially to be her companion and he couldn't be anything but a strong Alpha.

“I will make more wolves to go in the McFadden line. Go now my companion and guide Grey back to Branwen, send Yashinka to me”

Drexar stepped back and bowed his head again in reverence.

“I will serve you forever Mother”

She smiled at him and turned back to the shining globe that appeared in front of her.

She put her hand to it to see the pictures showing how the future will play out now that she has had her hand in it.

“Yes, my children will not die out if I do this, they will be kept safe”

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