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Chasing Maya

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Note This book cannot be read as a stand-alone. You must read Resisting Xavier before Chasing Maya. ••••••••••• When what had began as a reluctant favour, comes out in the news, Maya's life is threatened. What started as harmless notes quickly evolved into kidnapping with a warning to leave Xavier alone. Trust no one... The list of the offender is endless. It could be a jealous fan of Xavier with an unhealthy obsession, a spiteful ex or just anyone that Xavier has rubbed off on badly. So anyone. Meanwhile, Maya moves into Xavier's house since it was the safest place to be with his security provisions. With their new found resolution to keep their hands to themselves, will they be able to avoid temptation even while they sleep knowing the one they desire is a room away?

Romance / Erotica
Surreal Ink
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A peachy temptation

Maya walked around the house, taking a sip of the juice box Xavier had restocked the fridge with a few days after she came.

She knew he was in the office and it was safe for her to explore the house without the risk of running into him and experiencing the sparks that doesn't ever seem to cease once she was next to him.

She stared at her reflection in the blue clear pool while she dipped a finger inside, surprised that the water was warm.

Deciding that if she just had to lounge around Xavier's house aimlessly like she had nothing doing, which she doesn't, she has to go all the way out.

A brilliant plan formed in her head that involved a little two-piece maroon-colored bikini that Jasmine had bought for her as a go get sex at a beach party present.

Only a thin strap kept the bikini in place and the bottom had a triangular-shaped piece of fabric that barely covered the place between her legs but she figured it was safe since she was the only one inside the main house. The housekeepers had their quarters and the security protocols were out, besides the big meanie Xavier was out anyway so why don't she just indulge in a little beach swim and role-playing where she acts like she had her life all together, was the hottest girl in the state who came visiting her boyfriend and not some woman running away from potential danger.

Mind made up, she dashed upstairs to get her bikini.

Xavier eyed Maya's empty cubicle, reminding himself that she was at home ~ His house, he amended in his head not liking how he felt when he thought about a home with Maya.

All his life had been a revolving preamble on belonging, a sense of peace, someone who understands him, who wants him, like the real him, not the Masked Xavier, and with work, he pretended like his heart didn't crave these things but when he thought of home with Maya in it he realized he still wanted them.

He laughed himself to scorn at the thought of making Maya his home. He knew he'll hurt her, chase her away, being in a relationship with just one woman wasn't in his DNA, having a life with a woman like Maya wasn't his fate.

Trying to concentrate and fix his thought on the important meeting he was going to be attending a few minutes from now, he searched for the contract papers he had signed which he was to turn in at the meeting.

Wardrobes pulled out, rummaged through, and back in. All files on the table searched thoroughly but there was nothing.

Then groaning he remembered that he had forgotten the file in his study at home.

His carelessness and slip-up annoyed him more than it should because more than anything, he was a man in control of his world, he was never tardy, unprepared, or caught off guard so why was his life running anticlockwise ever since he met Maya.

He exhaled and then grabbing his keys went back to get the files.

Maya sighed, a goofy grin on her face as she immersed herself completely in water and decided to try out a commercial she had seen a month ago she came out of the water. Droplets of water on her body as she strutted beside the pool.

She could have sworn she heard an audible gulp come from behind her, but when she turned she met Xavier's cold gaze.

Her eyes widened in shock as she hadn't expected to see him at all.

Remembering how revealing her bikini would look, and how she was almost naked in front of him, she rushed for her little-sized towel. It didn't do much but as she wrapped it around her body, securing it with a knot she felt less revealed.

Then because she was a coward she muttered words she didn't understand herself and made a run for the house. She enters her room closing herself inside and leaning against the door wondering why he was even back home and why with her tough luck he had caught her strutting half-naked?

Her cheeks were flushed with the memory of seeing him behind her but she knew what had hurt her wasn't the thought that he had seen her naked, it was because there wasn't even an ounce of desire in his eyes.

~I don't want him to desire me, she lied to herself.

She knew she wasn't his type, he preferred perky hand-sized breasts on a bikini than a woman like her who didn't live off salad and other untasty diet meals.

So why did the coldness in his eyes, the way his gaze had not even trailed to her body even once like it repulsed him, as he maintained eye contact with her pained her, the thought she was unattractive in his sight made her want to bawl and roll on the floor?

What was the ache she felt and why could she feel tears pooling down her cheek? She asked herself disoriented, tired, and drained.

Never had it crossed Xavier's mind that he'll be met with such a sight. The little trashy fabric she wore only reminded him of all he was trying so hard to Forget.

All the images of that night at the hotel came rushing back as he saw her spilling cleavages, which his body had immediately reacted to.

As she sauntered, her round soft ass bouncing oblivious to the fact that she had an audience he doubted that he could resist the urge to grab her, maybe just turn her over at the gazebo and fuck her senseless.

His self-control was almost shredded as she bit her lower lip, rushing to grab a piece of fabric that did nothing to hide the swell of her breast, that didn't make him unsee how pebbled her nipples were betraying just how much she wanted him.

He wanted to storm into her room, tell her to shove the little friendship treaty she had made in the office into any available hole or just call it a bad joke then kiss her, driving her into a state of Oblivion.

Showing her with his lips, his hands, his groans how much her presence tormented him and how impossible it was for her to consider they could be friends when he had wet dreams about her.

But he didn't do any of the following, he went to his study, picked the file he had forgotten and flee the house.

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