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Dreams And Desires

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Ever since she was a little girl, Olivia has been plagued by vivid dreams of a world she could never quite explain. Then, she became an adult, she started to engage in relationships, one night stands, and a dull sentimental life who never made her feel complete. While she began to awaken to new fantasies and sensations, she barely dared to explore thme in her everyday life, fearing the judgements, not knowing how to ask and where to look. But when she started to dream of a dark, seductive vampire who pretends to know all of her hidden desires, everything changed.

Romance / Erotica
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Just A Dream

Ever since she was a little girl, Olivia has been plagued by vivid dreams of a world she could never quite explain. There were just dreams, of course, nothing to worry about... right ? Then, she became an adult, then, she started to engage in relationships, one-night stands, and a dull sentimental life that never made her feel complete. While she began to awaken to new fantasies and sensations, she barely dared to explore them in her everyday life, fearing the judgements, not knowing how to ask and where to look. But at night, everything was different. And that night, she started dreaming of a dark, seductive man, no, not a man...

He stood tall, well over six feet, with a lean and muscular build that hinted at both speed and strength. His skin was pale and flawless, like marble bathed in moonlight, but his eyes were dark and piercing, like pools of obsidian. They seemed to gleam with an inner light, drawing you in and holding you captive. His hair was as black as the night sky, with just a hint of a wave to it, falling over his forehead and framing his face in a way that was both wild and elegant. His features were sharp and angular, with high cheekbones, a straight nose, and full lips that seemed almost too perfect to be real. His demeanor was confident and commanding, exuding a dangerous allure that was impossible to resist. He moved with a grace that was both fluid and predatory, like a panther on the prowl. There was no mistaking him for anything but what he was: a powerful and irresistible vampire, both beautiful and deadly. But something was even more dangerous about him, and it was the first thing he ever told her

“You seem lost little girl, why don’t you let me see the desires and erotic fantasies you try to run away from ?”

“I don’t have any hidden erotic fantasies” she lied with a serious tone

“I can see your mind, you might not realize it yet, but why don’t we make a deal about it ? I’ll show you what you truly want, and in return....”

He trailed off, leaving her breathless with anticipation. And she realized just how true his words were, because when he reached out to pull her into his embrace, her body instinctively leaned toward him. How did... how was he so fast ? He caught her against his chest without moving a muscle, trapping her arms above her head against the cold black stone wall of the castle.

“In return, you will let me love you” he whispered into her ear.

She shivered under his words.

“How ?” She asked him

“With my tongue, my lips, my hands, my body, and one day, who knows... my heart”

And before her protests could get far, he lowered his lips to hers. It happened so fast that she couldn’t even react, let alone move away when his mouth crushed down on hers. His mouth tasted of mint and spice and she had no time to wonder if he’d poisoned her, or tried to lure her into some sort of trap when she realized that she could feel his bloodlust pouring out from his mouth, through their kiss. And when he pulled back, smiling with amusement at her surprise, he brushed aside a lock of hair, revealing her neck. There, where her pulse beat wildly with desire, her throat looked absolutely perfect. His eyes started to glow, a soft crimson that shone in his eyes. She didn’t dare to breathe when he lifted her chin with one hand, his long fingers splayed over her collarbone, brushing the flesh there lightly.

“If I want you to come back to me, I need to taste you” he said softly, running his tongue along the pulse point that throbbed beneath her neck.

Then, with surprising gentleness, he pressed his lips against her neck, sucking deeply, until he felt the tension ease out of her shoulders. And when she finally managed to speak again, the words came out raggedy and desperate, her voice husky with emotion.

“Please... please touch me...” She was crying now, overwhelmed by lust, fear, and longing. The sound made his eyes glow brighter.

But he still, he refused to touch her. Instead, he moved away from her.

“Please take this” he said, taking out the necklace from around his neck, and slipping it over her head.

As soon as she felt the weight of it resting against her skin, her whole body shook violently, the heat burning within her body building until she was trembling uncontrollably, unable to control herself from reaching out and touching him. But his hands kept her pinned against the wall. He pressed himself against her, grinding himself against her thigh, his hot breath caressing her bare shoulder. With his lips pressed tightly against her neck, he bit down gently, his teeth digging in and scraping the sensitive skin, until she whimpered. Then she heard his laughter, low and deep and sensual, sending tingles rushing through her body as he drew back and released her. When he raised his gaze, her lips parted in shock. She could see her own reflection in his glowing eyes, the pupils blown wide, her chest rising up and down rapidly with ragged breaths.

“Oh... Oh God.. It’s....” Olivia gasped

“Soon, milady, not now, I don’t want you to surrender so easily” he murmured, kissing her hard again, his hands caressing her sides.

Then, pulling back, he stared directly into her eyes, searching her expression, trying to find some sign of submission in her eyes.

“Milady. I can hear the thoughts racing through your head, you want it too much” he murmured. “And the smell... the scent of your arousal is intoxicating to me”.

And then, his lips met hers again, the taste of him seeping into her mouth, his hands sliding beneath her shirt, caressing her skin with feather light touches. And when Olivia felt his fingers trail across her stomach...

He whispered “I’m your master now”

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